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Tags (339 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Heisei Era32.566.18
Multiple Songs32.875.29
Guide Heroine21.885.02
Group of Friends52.714.96
Foolish Friend52.294.90
Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town52.474.89
Changeable Font62.004.85
Childishly Violent Heroine42.164.78
Slice of Life82.514.74
Optional Gameplay22.514.70
Post Apocalyptic Earth32.604.70
Future Earth32.254.67
Friendship Route22.654.66
White Haired Heroine82.014.49
Date Display72.834.46
Protagonist with Voice Acting122.384.45
Student Club Member Heroine32.134.41
Varying Ending Songs22.894.39
Multi-Selection Choices22.404.38
Varied Title Screens42.854.37
Russian Heroine22.504.36
Built-in Encyclopedia42.274.35
Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting42.144.31
Middle School Student Heroine22.504.26
No Romance Plot52.184.25
Unlockable Event32.444.24
School Life Comedy42.584.24
Lots of Choices72.514.22
Unlockable Gallery42.214.17
Heroine with Flat Chest (Non-Loli)22.504.16
Hard Science Fiction22.074.16
No Opening Movie72.034.15
Forced Auto-Read Sections31.334.14
Sports as Gameplay Element13.004.12
Mother Support Character42.264.06
Music Recollection62.274.06
Airhead Heroine42.414.03
Backlog Jump32.364.02
Pure Love Story32.614.01
No Common Sense Heroine22.534.00
Loli Support Character22.103.99
Heroine with Intake Hairstyle32.313.97
Protagonist's Girlfriend as a Heroine32.353.97
Food Discussions41.593.95
Robot Protagonist13.003.95
Heroine with a Fang32.113.95
Genre Shift22.563.94
Singer Heroine22.163.93
Bookworm Heroine22.383.90
Joke Endings31.553.89
Unlockable Routes52.823.89
Shy Heroine42.303.86
Choices with 4 or More Options32.153.85
Multiple Opening Movies21.973.85
Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki82.173.83
Occult Club12.933.81
Immortal Hero12.873.79
Friendship Ending22.633.78
Student Club President Heroine22.143.78
Emotionless Heroine22.553.78
Early Branching Plot42.113.73
Low Sexual Content42.363.73
Unlockable Choices32.563.71
Unlockable Epilogue22.503.70
Protagonist's Kouhai as a Heroine42.363.69
Linear Plot62.383.69
Near Future13.003.69
Proactive Protagonist42.223.67
Heroine with Ahoge42.183.67
Enforced Playing Order42.013.64
Boke Heroine12.253.59
Immortal Protagonist12.873.59
Gacha Game12.673.58
Timid Protagonist13.003.56
Robot Heroine22.453.52
Unlockable Hero(ine)22.333.51
Skippable Gameplay13.003.49
Branching Plot72.573.49
Science Fiction51.833.47
Comical Hero12.363.45
Tactician Heroine12.403.42
Ponytail Heroine52.223.42
AI Heroine13.003.40
More Than Seven Endings52.573.39
Kinetic Novel92.463.39
Unnamed Protagonist22.403.38
Few Event CGs22.663.36
Modern Tsundere Heroine32.063.35
Foreigner Heroine22.553.35
Librarian Heroine12.503.34
Immortal Heroine12.873.34
Episodic Story32.443.34
Fast Mini-games22.423.31
Classic Tsundere Heroine32.143.30
Haraguro Hero12.553.30
Delinquent Protagonist12.203.28
Orphan Protagonist22.803.28
Skip to Choices12.213.28
Meaningless Choices32.083.27
High School Student Protagonist72.183.27
Sexual Fantasizing21.923.24
Drama Club12.303.24
Central Heroine22.643.24
Combat with Exotic Weapons12.203.23
Coodere Heroine32.103.23
Bad Endings with Story51.903.22
Donkan Protagonist32.003.20
High School72.133.15
Mayadere Heroine12.003.14
Based on an Anime12.803.14
Sexual Innuendo22.003.14
Arrogant Heroine22.073.12
Poor Protagonist12.833.12
Voiced Narration12.863.11
Family Life Comedy12.333.09
Religious Heroine12.403.09
Virtual Reality13.003.08
Serious Protagonist12.703.07
Shooter Game12.003.06
Twin Sister Support Character12.173.06
Pragmatic Protagonist12.623.05
Student Club Member Protagonist12.673.05
School Sports Club Member Heroine21.643.04
Off Screen Sex Only12.003.03
Father Support Character22.023.02
Discipline Committee Leader Heroine12.003.00
Under the Same Roof42.682.97
Long-distance Relationship12.002.97
Twin Sisters as Heroines22.222.94
Contemporary Fantasy12.502.93
Protagonist with a Sprite42.562.93
Heroine with Tights31.422.93
Half-Japanese Heroine12.432.92
Student Council Member Heroine12.602.91
More Than Seven Heroines22.492.91
Genius Heroine22.182.89
White Haired Protagonist12.402.89
Fictional Modern Day Japanese Countryside12.502.88
Coming-of-Age Drama12.332.88
Side Portraits61.882.88
Literary Adaptation13.002.88
Heroine with Eyepatch12.522.87
Twin Tail Heroine61.962.87
School Dormitory13.002.85
Gamer Protagonist12.502.85
Portrait Orientation13.002.85
Gauge Display12.832.84
Time Loop13.002.81
Unique Routes12.832.81
Protagonist in Relationship23.002.80
Single Ending32.302.80
Other Perspectives62.032.80
Delinquent Hero11.832.78
Bad Ending(s)51.972.76
Map Movement32.502.76
Musician Heroine12.642.76
Protagonist's Rival as a Heroine12.382.76
Sickly Protagonist11.872.74
Energetic Heroine21.902.74
Modern Day Japan32.592.73
Protagonist's Senpai as a Heroine22.302.73
Long Common Route12.822.73
Cousin Romance12.262.73
Sex with Protagonist Only42.752.72
Dormitory Manager Heroine11.612.71
Trap Support Character12.002.69
Class President Heroine12.542.65
Butler Support Character12.042.64
Spy Heroine11.782.63
Protagonist's Senpai as a Hero12.002.62
Child Support Character12.002.61
Adult Protagonist42.692.61
Vertically Oriented Text12.002.61
Loli Heroine51.932.61
Dungeon Crawling Game21.062.60
Personal Armed Combat12.002.59
High School Student Heroine102.252.56
Sprite Viewer12.752.55
Blind Choices12.002.55
Hero(ine) Selection12.672.55
Orphan Heroine12.672.55
Student Heroine62.742.54
Heroine with Spats12.002.54
Skip Scenes12.332.54
One True End22.662.51
Scenario Selection13.002.50
Spontaneous Sex Scenes12.502.50
Timid Heroine12.212.50
100% Completion Bonus11.832.49
Only a Single Heroine52.042.47
Muscular Hero12.002.45
Heroine with Wings12.062.45
Deredere Heroine21.922.45
Sister Support Character12.002.44
More Than Seven Heroes12.142.42
Student Club12.222.41
Protagonist with a Face152.412.40
Protagonist's Boss as a Heroine11.832.38
Straight Lolicon22.172.38
Heroine With Kansai Accent12.002.38
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero12.692.35
Transfer Student Heroine12.322.34
Mentor Support Character11.522.33
No Sexual Content172.452.32
Bokukko Heroine12.692.31
Unarmed Combat11.872.31
Slice of Life Comedy12.502.31
Protagonist as the Only Male12.142.30
Student Council President Heroine12.642.29
Late Sexual Content12.752.27
Chosen Choices Marking12.002.25
No Character Sprites13.002.24
Life and Death Drama12.932.24
Astronomy Club11.142.21
Cousin Incest12.172.21
Student Protagonist22.792.19
Non-human Heroine12.002.19
Legwear Footjob21.502.17
Heroine with Eye Covering Hairstyle11.672.17
Pistol Combat11.502.16
Protagonist's Cousin as a Heroine12.242.12
Fortune-teller Heroine11.122.11
All-girls School12.002.10
Multiple Endings112.282.08
Brief Branches Only12.002.06
Only Younger Heroines12.002.05
Multiple Route Mystery21.092.05
Normal Scene Recollection12.002.03
Early Sexual Content22.382.03
Nameable Protagonist32.542.03
Perverted Heroine21.502.03
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine22.712.02
Hero with Glasses12.332.01
Oneesan-type Heroine12.192.00
Short Sexual Scenes12.002.00
Fake Options11.291.99
No Backlog12.001.99
Otaku Heroine12.001.98
Tomboy Heroine21.331.98
Single Handjob22.001.98
Student Hero12.001.97
Idol Heroine12.001.96
Lots of Event CGs12.001.95
Single Footjob21.751.95
Bisexual Protagonist11.471.95
Space Station11.001.91
Kanji Puns11.001.89
Multiple Protagonists12.501.86
Brother Support Character11.501.85
Brief NVL Scenes21.121.84
Heroine with Small Breasts (Non-Loli)12.001.82
Fighting Heroine12.181.82
Christian Church11.001.82
Only Virgin Heroines22.251.79
Twin Handjob11.501.77
Existential Crisis11.121.76
Single Blowjob32.001.75
Unlockable Side Stories11.891.70
Standing Sex31.501.68
Hint Corner11.001.67
Has Window Transparency Setting11.001.65
Tsundere Heroine12.331.65
Game Over12.001.60
Missionary Position31.671.57
Kissing Scene12.001.56
Adult Heroine13.001.52
Female Protagonist32.331.49
Clumsy Heroine11.001.43
Intercrural Sex12.001.38
Vaginal Fingering12.001.37
Sitting Sex21.501.37
Small Breast Sizes Heroine (Non-Loli)11.001.32
Single Boobjob12.001.25
Male Protagonist202.441.13
Ojousama Heroine11.181.07
Heroine with Big Breasts12.001.05
Outdoor Sex12.001.02
Naked Sprites11.310.83
Sexual Content21.710.83
Quickie Fix Position11.000.73
Only Avoidable Sexual Content10.150.37

Traits (873 total)

Baseball Glove Clothes6108.82
Comrade Role1438.59
Half Updo Hair10158.00
Table tennis Engages in197.88
School Occult Club Member Role487.52
Butt Monkey Role9107.39
Teasing Subject of15577.12
Drawing Engages in7156.89
Loud Personality12186.81
Fishing Engages in6106.77
Strange Personality14286.62
Swimming Engages in7276.55
Shopping Engages in6236.55
Computering Engages in7126.48
Atashi Personality11286.45
Ignorant Personality14146.33
Idiot Personality9166.31
Narcolepsy Subject of446.28
Roommate Role6226.25
Loafers Clothes5346.20
Blunt Personality11236.14
Funny Personality9216.12
Cynic Personality10126.11
Mobile Phone Items8206.01
Short Body10135.98
Outgoing Personality14285.97
Pet Owner Role9145.91
Food Lover Personality11165.87
Boku Personality15255.86
Schoolmate Role11255.84
Eleventh Grader Role4185.84
Airhead Personality15215.83
Delinquent Role8105.82
Scissors Items555.82
Ore Personality15335.80
Turtleneck Sweater Clothes4155.78
Watashi Personality16895.77
Chain Jewellery Clothes5115.77
Reserved Personality11265.77
Baseball Engages in285.76
Disciplinarian Personality775.76
Charismatic Personality10125.76
Infamous Role665.75
Teasing Engages in15435.73
Mischievous Personality14245.70
Blogger Role445.68
Childishly Violent Personality775.64
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)13585.61
Rival Role9155.57
Short-tempered Personality12185.57
Pleated Skirt Clothes10475.54
Third Person Personality6135.54
Sex with Protagonist Only Engages in (Sexual)6225.53
Domestic Violence Subject of775.53
Chuunibyou Personality665.49
Carefree Personality16285.48
Blazer School Uniform Clothes5115.47
Baseball Bat Items455.46
Time Loop Subject of185.43
Clumsy Personality10165.42
Hair Ribbon Clothes16235.41
Reading Engages in7125.41
Wings Clothes775.39
Tall Body5105.38
Mature Personality10165.37
Genius Personality9145.36
Violent Personality7115.36
Naive Personality14205.35
Kouhai Role9295.35
Photography Engages in585.34
Stoic Personality15225.32
Military Boots Clothes145.31
Curious Personality7135.31
Camera Items475.29
Cautious Personality495.29
Docile Personality6125.29
Flat Chest Body5105.28
Ankle Boots Clothes4115.28
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality10125.25
Rubber Band With Beads Clothes6105.25
Stubborn Personality12195.24
Honest Personality11165.24
Sports Shoes Clothes7175.22
Book Items10105.21
Immature Personality9145.19
Hardworker Personality12275.19
Bad Student Role475.18
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes8305.18
Senpai Role12265.15
Antisocial Personality795.15
Stuffed Toy Items685.14
Tsukkomi Role575.14
Lazy Personality8105.13
Pet Role665.13
Nature Lover Personality795.11
Bag Items685.10
Gardening Engages in475.10
School Occult Club President Role335.10
Sailor School Uniform Clothes7305.09
Apron Clothes13265.09
Discipline Committee Member Role555.08
Emotional Personality11115.08
Friend Role11555.08
Volunteer Worker Role335.07
Fur Trim Clothes365.07
Refined Personality11245.06
Rude Personality11125.05
Whistle Items445.04
Sexual Fantasy Engages in (Sexual)775.01
Tsurime Eyes13394.98
Domestic Violence Engages in554.98
Small Breasts Body8144.97
Boots Clothes6194.95
Jacket Clothes11284.92
Russian Role564.91
Notebook Items554.91
Eyepatch Clothes684.91
Class President Role684.91
Sleepyhead Personality664.90
Fighting Engages in8434.90
Masculine Speech Personality134.90
Tareme Eyes181014.89
Spiky Bangs Hair191214.88
Desu Personality554.87
Antenna Hair4124.87
Smart Personality14244.86
Scythe Items154.86
Knee-high Socks Clothes13374.85
Sexual Fantasy Subject of (Sexual)574.82
Sweater Clothes11184.82
Motorsports Engages in134.82
Triplet+ Sister Role134.82
Androgynous Body664.81
Insightful Personality584.80
Mysterious Personality12154.80
Sarcasm Engages in464.77
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes13194.77
Relaxed Personality10174.77
Stargazing Engages in334.76
Skirt Clothes12384.74
Tenth Grader Role574.73
Left Handed Body334.71
Journalist Role554.71
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes9124.71
Cycling Engages in444.70
Gamer Role594.69
Muscular Body8154.68
Strict Personality8114.67
Kindergartener Role334.67
Hosome Eyes9294.67
Timid Personality8114.66
Odango Hair584.65
Towel Clothes694.65
Skipping School Engages in244.64
Competitive Personality774.64
Eye Covering Hair5124.64
Hairpin Clothes12294.63
Dog Person Personality334.62
Water Gun Items134.62
Trousers Clothes14374.62
Shy Personality9164.58
Altruistic Personality684.58
Grey Hair11254.57
Straight Hair171144.57
Younger Appearance Body7114.56
Tomboy Personality794.55
Japanese (Expatriate) Role334.55
Daughter Role10194.54
Ribbon Tie Clothes12424.54
Electric Guitar Items134.54
Loner Personality664.53
Half-Japanese Role464.52
Friendly Personality14364.52
Pantyhose Clothes14254.52
Proactive Personality6114.50
Guitarist Role244.50
Multicolored Hair694.49
Sharp-tongued Personality684.48
Cyan Eyes7144.48
Hazel Eyes584.48
Kid Body13274.47
Dyed Hair354.46
Sun Hat Clothes444.46
Headband Clothes14234.45
Tsundere Personality9104.44
Violin Items234.42
Pen Items444.42
Cape Clothes6134.41
Hand Fan Items554.41
Sex in School Infirmary Engages in (Sexual)464.39
Hotblooded Personality574.38
Classmate Role11354.38
Serious Personality9174.38
Brooch Clothes464.37
Kitsuneme Eyes674.37
Shorts Clothes10134.36
Wise Personality554.36
Transfer Student Role584.35
Commander Role184.34
Sanpaku Eyes Eyes564.34
Kind Personality19594.34
Online Chatting Engages in144.33
Dandere Personality334.33
Court Shoes Clothes374.32
Weakness Subject of554.32
Ara Ara Personality334.32
Cooking Engages in11214.32
Spiky Hair6124.31
Ahoge Hair14284.31
Gloves Clothes8194.31
Sidehair Hair17854.29
Honor Student Role574.29
Atai Personality124.28
Atakushi Personality224.28
White Hair12234.28
Formal Shirt Clothes154.28
Mahjong Engages in144.26
Bikini Clothes9184.26
Beret Clothes684.25
Intake Hair8134.25
Katana Items684.25
Boar Role224.25
Miniskirt Clothes14554.24
Classic Tsundere Personality454.23
Backpack Items444.23
Gakuran Clothes454.23
Umbrella Items444.22
School Baseball Club Member Role134.21
Energetic Personality11154.20
Popular Role6124.19
Animal Pajamas Clothes124.18
Cat Person Personality334.17
Tank Top Clothes13174.17
Confident Personality694.16
Guide Role334.15
Wavy Hair13214.15
Violet Hair16344.15
Basketball Engages in144.13
Twin Tails Hair18434.13
Singer Role244.12
Shopkeeper Role564.12
Religious Extremist Personality224.12
Pink Eyes4124.11
Parted in Middle Hair13244.11
Patriotic Personality134.09
Medium Breasts Body5104.08
Athletics Engages in554.08
Washi Personality234.08
Thigh Band Clothes144.08
Hair Tie Clothes11164.06
BL Fan Personality334.05
Blue Hair15314.05
Hoodie Clothes994.05
Alcohol Abuse Engages in334.05
Tiny Braid Hair664.04
Loyal Personality994.03
Fainting Subject of554.03
Thick Eyebrows Hair664.02
Utility Belt Clothes134.00
Bob Cut Hair784.00
Gloomy Personality234.00
Talkative Personality553.99
Capelet Clothes143.99
Knee-high Boots Clothes273.98
Ankle Length Hair263.97
Hat Clothes883.96
Footjob Subject of (Sexual)553.96
Necktie Clothes15363.96
Musician Role443.96
Bookworm Personality553.96
School Newspaper Club Member Role333.95
Jeans Clothes6103.95
Swimsuit Clothes453.95
Swim Shorts Clothes443.94
Childhood Friend Role10233.94
Cloak Clothes663.92
Binoculars Items223.92
Lonely Role453.91
Librarian Role333.91
One Piece Swimsuit Clothes473.90
Body Ribbon Clothes553.89
Multilingual Role333.88
Sports Jersey Clothes333.88
Bandages Clothes453.88
Cleaning Engages in563.87
Granddaughter Role443.87
Daydreamer Personality333.85
Sports Engages in443.85
Ribbon Hair Wrap Clothes333.85
Massage Engages in333.84
Competition Engages in243.84
Tarot Cards Items223.83
Decorative Belt Clothes363.82
Band Leader Role223.82
Eccentric Personality243.81
Hakama Clothes353.81
Parted to Side Hair11313.81
Old Body563.81
Twin Braids Hair673.80
Shirt Clothes12273.79
Patterned Thigh-high Stockings Clothes333.78
Ponytail Hair11303.75
Kimono Clothes7113.75
Honorable Personality353.75
Protective Personality673.74
Bun Hair673.73
Dress Clothes16213.73
White Eyes133.72
Taciturn Personality663.72
Cross Design Clothes443.71
String Ribbon Tie Clothes273.70
Old-fashioned Personality333.70
Cardigan Clothes563.70
Legwear Footjob Engages in (Sexual)333.69
Olive Body583.69
Red Eyes10213.69
Cheerful Personality663.69
Tall (obsolete) Body483.68
Amber Eyes14373.68
Big Breasts Body8163.68
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes14403.67
Standing Sex Engages in (Sexual)663.67
Barefoot Clothes333.66
Fang Body563.66
Cruel Personality553.66
Microphone Items333.66
Chibi Only Body123.65
Pacifist Personality333.65
Scarf Clothes773.65
Head of a Sect Role223.64
Fur Body443.64
School Cooking Club Member Role223.63
Repeater Role223.63
Rain Coat Clothes223.63
Missionary Engages in (Sexual)773.61
Wristband Clothes453.60
Nipple Sucking Engages in (Sexual)473.59
Orphan Role573.59
Curtained Hair12163.59
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes353.59
Cold-hearted Personality453.58
Necklace Clothes7103.58
Round Eyes333.57
Arrogant Personality473.56
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes13213.56
Blouse Clothes8103.56
Overall Clothes333.55
Blade Items123.55
Older Sister Role693.55
Money Lover Personality333.54
German Role333.54
-ssu Personality223.54
Robot Role443.53
Dog Role333.53
Narcissist Personality333.52
Seventh Posture Engages in (Sexual)443.51
Full Brother Role553.51
Goggles Clothes333.50
Beard Hair553.48
Piggyback Ride Subject of333.47
High School Student Role15873.47
Shinai Items223.46
Half-orphan Role243.46
Black Eyes9103.46
Hair Loopies Hair333.45
Orange Hair693.45
Masochist Role123.44
Singing Engages in443.44
Handjob Subject of (Sexual)663.44
Knee Pad Clothes123.44
Drummer Role223.44
Student Club President Role233.43
Adult Body9113.43
Duel Engages in333.42
Yangire Personality123.42
Bell Clothes443.41
Violet Eyes13283.41
Superstrength Role123.40
Red Hair10123.40
Kigurumi Engages in123.40
Part-time Worker Role553.40
Quickie Fix Engages in (Sexual)553.39
Mary Jane Clothes343.38
Donkan Personality333.38
Blue Eyes19683.38
Peaked Cap Clothes333.37
Pink Hair5123.36
Green Hair993.36
Sweets Lover Personality443.35
Ane Act Role123.35
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)663.35
Helmet Clothes233.34
Butler Role333.34
Teacher Role583.33
Ware Personality223.33
Feathery Wings Body133.33
Butterfly Engages in (Sexual)443.32
Uchi Personality123.32
Waist Length+ Hair22743.31
Drinking Engages in563.30
Furry Tail Body443.30
Discipline Committee Leader Role223.30
Angel Role233.29
Unemployed Role223.28
Secretive Personality343.28
Cross Necklace Clothes243.27
Bow Tie Clothes443.27
Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)553.26
Full Sister Role573.26
Rifle Items223.25
Nightgown Clothes333.25
-shi Personality113.24
Sports Uniform Clothes343.23
Grey Eyes363.21
Half-naked Clothes233.20
Womanizer Personality333.20
Poor Role333.20
Motorcycle Items223.20
Belt Clothes4103.20
Coodere Personality333.19
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)663.19
Knife Items233.17
Word Repetition Personality123.17
Tracksuit Clothes333.16
Sandals Clothes243.16
Scientist Role133.16
School Swimsuit Clothes333.15
School Science Club Member Role223.15
Quiet Personality223.14
Green Eyes13223.14
Mirror Sex Engages in (Sexual)333.14
Driving Engages in233.14
Kemonomimi Hood Clothes223.14
Ornament Hanging from Clothes Clothes123.14
Sloppy Personality123.14
Blond Hair16343.14
Violinist Role223.13
Low Self-esteem Personality443.13
Oversized Clothing Clothes123.13
Watakushi Personality333.12
Hair Flower Clothes453.11
Bracelet Clothes363.11
School Uniform Clothes141023.10
Student Club Member Role333.10
Horns Clothes123.10
Dormitory Manager Role223.09
Son Role443.09
Military Uniform Clothes343.08
No Name Role333.08
Side Tail Hair453.07
Clone Role223.06
Lace-up Shoes Clothes223.06
Short Shorts Clothes343.06
Planning Engages in443.05
Pajamas Clothes453.05
Muteness Subject of223.05
Smoking Pipe Items223.05
Teen Body211823.04
Puffy Sleeves Clothes243.04
Brown Eyes9283.03
Single Parent Role223.03
Twelfth Grader Role333.02
Pervert Personality553.02
High Heeled Shoes Clothes233.02
Boobjob Subject of (Sexual)443.01
Wealthy Role353.01
Pocket Square Clothes222.99
Gothic Clothes332.99
Gang Leader Role222.98
Hacker Role222.97
Canteen Items112.97
Wachiki Personality112.97
Twin Sister Role242.96
Nephew Role222.96
Younger Sister Role572.96
Absentminded Personality222.96
Seventh Posture Subject of (Sexual)472.96
Monocle Clothes222.94
Blunt Bangs Hair572.94
Healer Role122.93
Glasses Clothes9142.93
Half-brother Role222.91
Bun Covers Clothes122.91
T-shirt Clothes782.91
Slim Body222232.91
Nail Polish Body442.91
Pessimist Personality222.90
Geta Clothes222.90
Sleeveless Mini-dress Clothes122.90
Baseball Cap Clothes122.89
Brown Hair17702.88
Ex-boyfriend Role222.88
Robe Clothes132.87
Walking Stick Items222.87
Ribbon Headband Clothes222.86
Shoulder-length Hair9222.85
Tiny Body122.85
Coat Cape Clothes122.85
Shadowed Eyes222.85
Long Hair14452.84
Capri Pants Clothes222.83
Scooter Items112.83
Cyan Hair232.81
Clinical Depression Subject of222.81
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)592.80
Braided Headband Hair222.80
No Bangs Hair242.80
Half-Skirt Clothes222.79
Tanned Body232.79
Scar Body332.79
Kansai-ben Personality222.79
Archery Engages in222.79
Kendo Engages in222.78
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)7122.77
Neighbor Role332.77
Hair Beads Hair222.76
Yukata Jacket Clothes112.76
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)552.76
Injury Subject of332.75
Handgun Items232.74
Thigh-high Boots Clothes232.73
School Baseball Club President Role112.73
Amnesia Subject of232.73
Ojousama Role232.72
Trench Coat Clothes122.72
Psychic Role122.72
New Type School Swimsuit Clothes122.72
Half-sister Role122.72
Aunt Role222.71
Braided Crown Hair122.71
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)5102.71
Slit Dress Clothes122.70
Kanzashi Clothes122.70
Hood Clothes222.69
Stylish Personality122.69
University Student Role142.69
Footjob Engages in (Sexual)442.69
Tail Clothes222.68
Non-blood-related Mother Role222.68
Cook Role222.67
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)5272.66
Drum Items112.66
Flying Engages in122.66
Lace Band Thigh-high Stockings Clothes222.66
Cravat Clothes232.65
Stockings Clothes122.65
Researcher Role122.65
Habit Clothes222.63
Cousin Role232.63
Short Hair14722.62
Conductor Role112.62
De gozaru Personality112.62
Slingback Shoes Clothes112.62
Allergies Subject of112.62
Kemonomimi Hair222.61
Sensitive Personality222.60
Scalpel Items112.60
Virtual Avatar Role112.60
Crystal Ball Items112.60
Nameable Role332.60
Headphones Clothes222.59
Hidden Eyes232.59
Paw Boots Clothes112.58
Furisode Jacket Clothes112.56
Earrings Clothes452.56
Dancing Engages in222.56
Ambitious Personality222.55
Ouji Style Clothes112.55
Jitome Eyes222.55
Heterochromia Eyes222.54
V Bangs Hair352.54
Black Hair9212.54
One-Word Vocabulary Personality112.53
Weight Loss Subject of112.53
Sessha Personality112.53
Savior Complex Personality112.52
Closet Pervert Personality222.52
Surgical Mask Clothes112.49
Middle School Student Role222.48
Tiger Role112.48
Vest Clothes142.47
Evening Gloves Clothes332.47
Nipple Sucking Subject of (Sexual)452.46
Stubble Hair222.45
Ninja Role222.45
Insanity Subject of122.44
Young-adult Body10222.44
Lolita Clothes222.44
Henpecked Personality112.43
Older Brother Role332.41
Deredere Personality332.40
Gas Mask Clothes112.40
Judo Engages in112.40
Mask Clothes222.40
Off-The-Shoulder Shirt Clothes122.40
Wings Body122.40
Skirt Suit Clothes332.39
Bass Guitar Items112.39
Shogi Engages in112.39
Polearm Items112.38
Ball Items112.38
Eighth Grader Role112.37
Spats Clothes222.37
Brave Personality122.36
Strapless Dress Clothes222.35
Mole Body332.34
Swordsmanship Engages in122.33
Mayadere Personality112.33
Illustrator Role112.32
Suit Clothes442.32
Archeologist Role112.31
Short (obsolete) Body332.31
Cuffs Clothes222.30
Sunglasses Clothes222.30
Unlucky Personality112.29
Suitcase Items112.29
Social Anxiety Disorder Subject of112.29
Gorget Clothes112.27
Halberd Items112.27
Ring Clothes222.26
Anilingus Subject of (Sexual)122.26
Paint Clothes112.26
Doll Items112.26
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)552.25
Technician Role112.25
Optimist Personality222.25
Turtleneck Leotard Clothes112.25
Indian Role112.24
Overweight Body222.24
Braid Hair Tie Hair112.22
Archaic Dialect Personality112.22
Hime Cut Hair222.22
Student Council President Role222.22
Phobia Subject of112.22
Sleeveless Leotard Clothes112.22
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)6102.21
Anilingus Engages in (Sexual)122.21
Online Streamer Role112.19
Bassist Role112.19
Selfish Personality222.18
Submachine Gun Items112.18
Mittens Clothes112.18
Ankle Socks Clothes122.17
Temporary Protagonist Role112.16
Video Camera Items112.16
Kimono Jacket Clothes112.16
Pantyjob Subject of (Sexual)112.16
Choker Clothes332.16
NEET Role112.16
Bindi (Mark) Body112.15
Laptop Items112.15
Unarmed Fighting Engages in122.15
Kemonomimi Headband Clothes222.15
Bedridden Subject of112.15
Humble Personality112.15
Sports Visor Clothes112.14
Jealous Personality222.13
Feather Boa Clothes112.12
Younger Brother Role222.11
Body Painting Body112.11
Tube Top Bra Clothes112.10
Sniper Rifle Items112.10
Flirting Engages in222.10
Desu wa Personality112.10
Bowl Cut Hair112.09
Ore-sama Personality112.08
Over The Knee Socks Clothes222.08
Brother-in-law Role112.08
Security Guard Role112.08
Fingerless Gloves Clothes222.08
Feathers Body112.08
Pale Body222502.07
Hikimayu Hair112.07
Mother Role332.07
Paw Gloves Clothes112.07
One-eyed Eyes112.07
Multiple Tails Hair112.06
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)552.06
Naked (Not Sexually Involved) Engages in (Sexual)112.06
Fortune Teller Role112.05
Moustache Hair222.05
Maid's Dress Clothes332.04
Older Appearance Body112.04
Tennis Outfit Clothes112.04
Warawa Personality112.03
Fishnet Thigh-high Stockings Clothes112.03
Guitar Items112.03
Medication Engages in112.01
School Music Club Member Role112.01
Blazer Clothes221.99
Pseudonym Role111.99
Comic Artist Role111.99
Multicolored Eyes Eyes111.98
Illegitimate Child Role111.98
Widow's Peak Hair111.98
Dancer Role111.97
Straw Hat Clothes111.97
Epaulette Clothes111.97
Massage Subject of111.97
Bird Role111.97
Superhero Role111.97
Coder Role111.96
Hetare Personality111.96
Engineer Role111.95
Braided Bun Hair111.95
Detached Sleeves Clothes121.95
Sewing Engages in111.94
Grandson Role111.94
Lab Coat Clothes221.94
Mechanic Role111.94
Broom Items111.94
Italian Role111.94
Sword Items221.93
Romantic Personality111.93
Sleeveless Dress Clothes111.91
Band Member Role111.91
Idealist Personality111.90
Axe Items111.89
Hikikomori Role111.89
Foreign Exchange Student Role111.89
Turtleneck Dress Clothes111.89
Slit Skirt Clothes111.88
Eye Mask Clothes111.88
Rebellious Personality111.88
Slippers Clothes111.87
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)441.87
Observant Personality111.87
Teal Eyes221.86
Dual-Wield Weapon Items111.86
Sleeveless Sweater Clothes111.86
Inferiority Complex Subject of111.85
Painter Role111.85
Obsessive Personality111.85
Non-blood-related Father Role111.85
Greatsword Items111.85
Claw Body111.84
Rebellion Engages in111.84
Garter Clothes111.84
Grandfather Role111.83
Volleyball Engages in111.83
Arm Warmers Clothes111.83
Dagger Items111.82
Child Abandonment Subject of111.82
Runaway Role111.82
Fingerless Evening Gloves Clothes111.82
Fox Role111.81
Keikogi Clothes111.81
School Athletic Club Member Role111.81
Student Council Vice President Role111.81
Bukkake Subject of (Sexual)331.81
Religion Engages in111.81
Flat Cap Clothes111.80
Widower Role111.80
Artificial Intelligence Role111.79
Pantyjob Engages in (Sexual)111.78
Terminal Illness Subject of111.78
Kemonomimi Hat Clothes111.78
Model Role111.77
Split Personality Subject of111.77
Ninja Suit Clothes111.76
Middle Sister Role111.76
Band-aid Clothes111.76
Garnet Eyes221.76
Pre-Story Death Subject of111.75
Consumption of Porn Engages in (Sexual)111.75
Assassin Role111.75
Cunnilingus Engages in (Sexual)221.75
Maid's Headdress Clothes221.74
Mind Control Engages in111.74
Collar Clothes221.73
Lolita Hairband Clothes111.73
Whip Items111.73
Witch Hat Clothes111.73
Shop Clerk Role111.73
Puffy Personality111.72
Ex-girlfriend Role111.72
Yamato Nadeshiko Role111.72
Elementary School Student Role111.71
Family Oriented Personality111.71
Pendant Necklace Clothes221.70
British Role111.70
Exhibitionist Role111.70
Bandanna Clothes111.69
Arm Cuffs Clothes111.69
Tennis Engages in111.68
Childbirth Engages in111.68
Non-blood-related Daughter Role111.68
Obedient Personality111.67
Living Alone Role111.67
Chinese Role111.67
Dishonest Personality111.66
Modern Tsundere Personality111.66
Ankle-Strap Shoes Clothes111.66
Gradient Colored Hair Hair111.65
Actor Role111.65
Leggings Clothes111.65
Religious Personality111.64
Shawl Clothes111.64
Gym Shorts Clothes111.63
Leotard Clothes111.63
Whimsical Personality111.63
Servant Role111.62
Survival Subject of111.62
Assault Subject of111.61
Handbag Items111.61
High Heeled Boots Clothes111.60
Suspenders Clothes111.60
Samurai Role111.59
Pragmatic Personality111.59
American Role111.59
Famous Role111.58
Flower Clothes111.57
Freckles Body111.57
Moving Engages in111.57
Martial Arts Engages in111.56
Bodyguard Role111.56
Tabi Clothes111.56
Bald Hair111.56
Detective Role111.56
Cat Role111.54
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)571.54
Wounding Subject of111.53
Torn Pantyhose (damaged) Clothes111.53
Superhuman Role111.52
Sexual Masochism Engages in (Sexual)111.52
Warrior Role111.52
Chinese Dress Clothes111.51
Trap Body111.51
Possessive Personality111.50
Bisexual Role111.50
Torn Clothing Clothes111.50
Teal Hair111.49
Illness Subject of111.49
Accident Subject of111.48
Watch Clothes111.47
Armband Clothes111.47
Big Breast Sizes Body221.47
Bracer Clothes111.46
Hospitalization Subject of111.46
Medical Doctor Role111.46
Sundress Clothes111.46
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)331.45
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)331.45
Spaulders Clothes111.44
Bullying Subject of111.44
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)441.44
Lace Lingerie Clothes111.42
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)331.41
Cross-dressing Engages in111.39
Pendant Earrings Clothes111.38
Ringlet Hair111.37
Homosexual Role111.32
Investigation Engages in111.31
Cosplay Engages in111.30
Small Breast Sizes Body111.27
Pretending Personality111.27
Butterfly Subject of (Sexual)221.26
Yukata Clothes111.26
Braid Hair111.24
Kemonomimi Body111.24
Crop Top Clothes111.21
Coat Clothes111.20
Father Role111.19
Pointed Ears Body111.18
Doggy Style Engages in (Sexual)111.17
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)221.16
Magician Role111.12
Sex in Classroom Engages in (Sexual)111.10
Mini-dress Clothes111.10
Girlfriend Role111.10
Student Role111.03
Pregnancy Subject of110.96
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)110.79