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This game features one or more heroines with zettai ryouiki. "Zettai Ryouiki" consists of socks reaching over the knees, a short skirt, and an exposed thigh area between the socks and the skirt. Zettai ryouiki can refer to just the exposed thigh area, or to the combination of high socks, short skirt and exposed thigh. It can be a sexual fetish. Note that proper zettai ryouiki requires the socks to reach above the knee. Examples include Rin from Fate/stay night, Nayuki from Kanon, Miyu from Kimi ga Aruji and every girl from Zettai Ryouiki!.


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Similar Traits

Thigh-high Stockings Clothes17%
Twin Tails Hair15%
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes13%
Miniskirt Clothes13%
Blond Hair13%
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)13%
Violet Eyes13%
Blue Eyes12%
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)12%
Waist Length+ Hair12%
Pink Hair12%
Green Eyes12%
Violet Hair12%
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)12%
Blue Hair12%
Long Hair12%
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)12%
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)12%
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)11%
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)11%