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A footjob is performed on this character. Apply Engages in (Sexual) > Footjob to the performing character. A footjob is the act of rubbing one's feet on a partner to stimulate or excite them. In most cases, the performer uses their feet to rub a man's penis. Sometimes the recipient is a woman, and the performer uses their feet to rub the recipient's vulva.NSFW Example


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Similar Traits

Boobjob Subject of (Sexual)41%
Handjob Subject of (Sexual)39%
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)36%
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)35%
Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)34%
Quickie Fix Engages in (Sexual)33%
Standing Sex Engages in (Sexual)32%
Doggy Style Engages in (Sexual)31%
Reverse Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)31%
Seventh Posture Engages in (Sexual)30%
Missionary Engages in (Sexual)30%
Tominagi Engages in (Sexual)29%
Spoons Engages in (Sexual)27%
Intercrural Sex Subject of (Sexual)27%
Butterfly Engages in (Sexual)27%
Anal Sex Engages in (Sexual)26%
Twin Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)25%
Cunnilingus Engages in (Sexual)25%
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)25%
Reverse Missionary Engages in (Sexual)25%