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Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. However, while most of the city appears to be rural, there are many traditional city elements as well. While set in a modern setting, the city also gives off a strange sense of nostalgia. Tennouji Kotarou lives here. He's a high school student who has the ability to rewrite his own body; he can become stronger and faster at any time he chooses. He investigates supernatural mysteries with five girls from his school. [Partially taken from Wikipedia]

Little Busters!
Little Busters!
  • Baseball
  • Skippable Gameplay
  • Optional Gameplay
Rating 8.594,694 Users
G-senjou no Maou
G-senjou no Maou
  • Figure Skater Heroine
  • Ladder Structure
  • Tactician Support Character
Rating 8.477,192 Users
Grisaia no Kajitsu
Grisaia no Kajitsu
  • Ladder Structure
  • Boarding School
  • Pragmatic Protagonist
Rating 8.446,409 Users
  • Friendship Route
  • Delinquent Protagonist
  • Boke Heroine
Rating 8.685,281 Users
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
  • Dystopia
  • Sunflowers
  • Pragmatic Protagonist
Rating 8.244,547 Users
Muv-Luv Alternative
Muv-Luv Alternative
  • Genius Support Character
  • Military Base
  • Future Forecasting
Rating 9.154,517 Users
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-
  • Astronomy Club
  • Test of Courage
  • Close-up CGs
Rating 7.843,566 Users
Fate/Stay Night
Fate/Stay Night
  • In-game Sexual Content Toggle
  • Sacred Treasure
  • Mayadere Heroine
Rating 8.668,725 Users

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Tags (74 total)

Occult Club2.932.908.50
Multiple Songs2.752.426.67
Varying Ending Songs2.852.326.60
Gauge Display2.832.336.58
Student Club Member Protagonist2.672.366.30
Unique Routes2.832.226.29
Multiple Opening Movies2.502.476.18
Student Club President Heroine2.672.296.12
Student Club Member Heroine2.762.196.05
Long Common Route2.782.125.89
Heroine with Eyepatch2.562.235.70
Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting2.851.995.67
Built-in Encyclopedia2.761.995.50
Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town2.861.895.41
Class President Heroine2.542.105.34
Group of Friends2.701.955.26
Varied Title Screens2.801.855.17
Student Club2.422.054.97
Butler Support Character2.042.384.85
Classic Tsundere Heroine2.571.834.71
100% Completion Bonus1.802.604.68
School Life Comedy2.611.764.59
Transfer Student Heroine2.321.954.53
Modern Tsundere Heroine2.341.874.37
Heroine with a Fang2.122.044.33
Meaningless Choices2.231.904.24
Shy Heroine2.471.714.23
Heroine with Intake Hairstyle2.251.844.14
Unlockable Hero(ine)
More Than Seven Endings3.001.354.06
Foolish Friend2.121.914.05
Date Display2.731.484.05
Childishly Violent Heroine1.912.104.01
Unlockable Routes2.911.373.99
Pettanko Heroine2.551.573.99
Senpai Heroine2.511.583.96
Mind Screw1.602.473.95
Voice Replay2.801.383.88
Heroine with Ahoge2.451.583.87
Kouhai Heroine2.411.593.82
Airhead Heroine2.211.723.79
Arrogant Heroine1.851.923.56
Choices with 4 or More Options1.791.953.49
Unlockable Choices2.001.733.46
White Haired Heroine2.211.553.43
Ponytail Heroine2.501.343.34
Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki2.451.273.12
High School2.741.123.07
Unlockable Event1.571.862.92
Osananajimi Heroine2.651.092.90
Map Movement2.261.272.87
Joke Endings1.172.352.75
Twin Tail Heroine2.261.082.45
Branching Plot2.640.932.44
Other Perspectives2.031.152.33
Brief NVL Scenes1.241.622.01
No Sexual Content2.880.681.97
Enforced Playing Order1.191.631.94
Protagonist with a Face2.630.731.92
Side Images1.621.141.85
Food Discussions0.822.141.75
Multiple Endings2.500.671.67
Male Protagonist2.940.381.12

Traits (242 total)

Swimming Engages in71.964.07
Computering Engages in42.524.06
Blunt Personality52.093.74
Shopping Engages in42.103.38
Chain Jewellery Clothes32.383.30
Loud Personality32.363.27
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes81.463.22
Mobile Phone Items32.263.13
Familiar Role22.702.97
Pleated Skirt Clothes61.512.94
Tiny Body22.622.88
Teasing Subject of41.782.87
Camera Items22.592.84
School Extraordinary Club Member Role22.582.84
Watashi Personality71.362.82
Refined Personality51.552.78
Spiky Bangs Hair141.022.76
Transfer Student Role31.992.75
Gardening Engages in22.502.75
Atakushi Personality13.952.74
Photography Engages in22.492.74
Spiky Hair41.682.70
Airhead Personality31.912.65
Eye Covering Hair31.862.58
Boots Clothes41.592.57
Proactive Personality31.822.53
AA Cup Body41.562.51
Foreigner Role22.282.50
Outgoing Personality31.802.49
Teasing Engages in41.542.48
Reserved Personality31.782.46
Hosome Eyes51.372.45
Non-human Role22.192.40
Tall Body41.492.40
Tareme Eyes91.032.36
Gamer Role22.152.36
Parted to Side Hair71.142.36
Bikini Clothes41.462.35
School Extraordinary Club President Role13.362.33
Suit Clothes41.442.32
Cape Clothes31.672.32
Curious Personality22.102.31
Wings Body22.102.30
Food Lover Personality22.102.30
Grey Hair41.422.29
Friendly Personality51.282.29
Kouhai Role31.642.28
Sidehair Hair90.992.27
Senpai Role31.622.25
Towel Clothes22.032.23
Classmate Role51.242.23
Whistle Items13.212.23
Scissors Items13.212.23
Rival Role22.022.22
Funny Personality22.002.20
Schoolmate Role21.972.17
Infamous Role13.122.16
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes31.562.16
Kid Body41.342.15
Misanthrope Personality13.102.15
Smart Personality31.542.14
Ore-sama Personality13.052.11
Cycling Engages in12.942.03
Childishly Violent Personality12.932.03
One Piece Swimsuit Clothes21.832.02
Chuunibyou Personality12.892.00
Average Height Body100.832.00
Fishing Engages in12.892.00
Flower / Plant Items12.892.00
Twin Braids Hair21.822.00
Adult Body31.431.98
Mischievous Personality21.801.98
Domestic Violence Engages in12.851.98
Discipline Committee Member Role12.841.97
School Newspaper Club Member Role12.831.96
Notebook Items12.831.96
Pet Role12.831.96
Kind Personality51.091.96
Sun Hat Clothes12.821.96
Pen Items12.821.95
Stubborn Personality21.761.94
Domestic Violence Subject of12.781.93
Hair Flower Clothes21.741.91
Jeans Clothes21.741.91
Ore Personality21.741.91
Smoking Pipe Items12.741.90
Pantyhose Clothes31.361.88
Wealthy Role21.711.88
Desu Personality12.711.88
Monocle Clothes12.701.87
Journalist Role12.641.83
Walking Stick Items12.641.83
Dog Role12.631.83
Friend Role31.311.82
Silent Personality12.611.81
Amber Eyes51.011.80
Shorts Clothes21.641.80
Sweater Clothes21.631.80
Round Eyes12.591.80
Straight Hair51.001.79
Shy Personality21.621.78
Russian Role12.571.78
Wings Clothes12.561.78
Hair Beads Hair12.531.75
Swim Shorts Clothes12.511.74
Necktie Clothes41.081.74
Ahoge Hair31.251.73
Hood Clothes12.501.73
Delinquent Role12.491.73
Carefree Personality21.571.72
Twin Tails Hair41.071.72
Non-blood-related Mother Role12.461.71
Loner Personality12.461.71
Classic Tsundere Personality12.431.68
High School Student Role100.701.68
Poor Role12.421.68
Cynic Personality12.421.68
Short Body21.521.67
Butler Role12.411.67
Competitive Personality12.411.67
Necklace Clothes21.511.66
Apron Clothes21.511.66
Womanizer Personality12.361.64
Ignorant Personality12.361.64
Sports Engages in12.351.63
Driving Engages in12.331.61
Brooch Clothes12.331.61
Tank Top Clothes21.461.60
Gloves Clothes21.451.60
Violet Eyes40.991.59
Furry Body12.281.58
Violet Hair31.141.57
Idiot Personality12.251.56
Eyepatch Clothes12.241.56
Class President Role12.231.54
Pet Owner Role12.221.54
Body Ribbon Clothes12.221.54
Student Club Member Role12.221.54
Nature Lover Personality12.211.53
Shopkeeper Role12.201.53
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes40.951.53
Slim Body150.551.52
Curly Hair21.371.51
Book Items12.171.51
Tsurime Eyes21.371.50
Emotional Personality12.161.50
Gothic Clothes12.161.50
Sharp-tongued Personality12.151.49
Ring Clothes12.141.48
Sunglasses Clothes12.121.47
Tail Body12.111.47
Scar Body12.111.46
Odango Hair12.111.46
Tiny Braid Hair12.101.45
Miniskirt Clothes31.041.44
School Uniform Clothes100.601.44
Kitsuneme Eyes12.071.44
Honor Student Role12.061.43
Cloak Clothes12.051.42
Blue Eyes50.791.42
Cold-hearted Personality12.041.41
Teen Body110.571.41
Neighbor Role12.031.41
Bow Tie Clothes12.031.41
Curtained Hair21.281.41
D Cup Body12.021.40
Childhood Friend Role21.271.39
Wristband Clothes12.011.39
Hazel Eyes12.001.39
Old Body12.001.38
Strange Personality11.991.38
Genius Personality11.981.38
Atashi Personality11.981.37
Ringlet Hair11.981.37
Part-time Worker Role11.971.37
Short Hair90.591.36
Investigation Engages in11.951.35
Beard Hair11.951.35
Nail Polish Body11.951.35
Cardigan Clothes11.941.35
Thigh-high Boots Clothes11.941.34
Protective Personality11.931.34
Fang Body11.931.34
Waist Length+ Hair50.751.34
Taciturn Personality11.921.33
Ribbon Tie Clothes21.211.33
Honest Personality11.911.32
Short-tempered Personality11.911.32
Clumsy Personality11.901.32
Red Eyes21.201.31
Moustache Hair11.881.30
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes11.881.30
Brown Hair60.671.30
Tsundere Personality11.871.30
Dress Clothes21.181.29
Bob Cut Hair11.861.29
Hoodie Clothes11.811.25
Orphan Role11.801.24
Bun Hair11.791.24
High Heels Clothes11.781.24
Pale Body190.411.23
Muscular Body11.761.22
Coat Clothes11.751.22
Mysterious Personality11.741.21
Olive Body11.731.20
Skirt Suit Clothes11.721.19
Relaxed Personality11.701.18
Stoic Personality11.691.17
Popular Role11.661.15
Hardworker Personality11.601.11
Pendant Necklace Clothes11.581.10
Hair Ribbon Clothes11.571.09
Intake Hair11.571.09
Green Eyes20.991.09
Serious Personality11.541.07
Collar Clothes11.511.04
Energetic Personality11.491.03
Orange Hair11.481.02
Hair Tie Clothes11.471.02
Teacher Role11.471.02
Earrings Clothes11.471.02
Maid's Dress Clothes11.471.02
Jacket Clothes11.461.01
Long Hair30.731.01
Blunt Bangs Hair11.441.00
Blond Hair20.880.96
White Hair11.370.95
Hairpin Clothes11.370.95
Headband Clothes11.360.95
Belt Clothes11.360.95
Red Hair11.320.92
Fighting Engages in11.320.91
Parted in Middle Hair11.320.91
Knee-high Socks Clothes11.300.90
Pink Hair11.300.90
Trousers Clothes11.270.88
Young-adult Body20.800.88
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes11.150.80
Ponytail Hair11.080.75
Glasses Clothes11.070.74
E+ Cup Body11.030.71
Black Hair10.840.58