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The blunt person is the realest person you will ever meet, they don't sugarcoat anything and say what the mean: they often come of as rude and even insensitive at times, but they don't have any bad intentions. They aren't afraid of confrontations and will say what they honestly think without beating around the bush. A blunt person can say the truth when others can't or won't point it out. Not to be confused with sharp-tongued. A sharp-tongued person is simply sarcastic & is often comments to tease or annoy someone using the oppositions weak point. A blunt person however is simply brutally honest & very frank about what they think. Most, if not all of the time, their comments are simply the truth. Though they way they convey it is another matter entirely. Different from the normal honest person who's honest in a helpful way and try not to offend the opposition while being honest, a blunt person just say the truth and what they honestly feel or think flat out. Honest has a positive connotation, while blunt has a more negative connotation.


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Sharp-tongued Personality14%
Pale Body11%
Teasing Engages in10%
Stoic Personality10%
Sarcasm Engages in9%
Slim Body9%
Teen Body9%
Rude Personality9%
Friend Role9%
Short-tempered Personality9%
Stubborn Personality9%
Cynic Personality9%
Serious Personality9%
Smart Personality8%
Pragmatic Personality8%
Teasing Subject of8%
Antisocial Personality8%
Loner Personality8%
Proactive Personality7%
Ore Personality7%