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This character uses a whip. The word whip describes two basic types of tools:- A long stick-like device, usually slightly flexible, with a small bit of leather or cord, called a "popper" or a "cracker," on the end. Depending on length and flexibility, this type is often called a riding whip, riding crop or "bat". It is also sometimes called a "horsewhip" or "horse whip". The other type of whip is a long tapered flexible length of single-strand or plaited (braided) material (usually leather) with a stiff handle. Some whips of this type include the bullwhip and the stockwhip. Each design has many variations and lengths for different purposes, often with different names. As well as these traditional whip types designed for use on animals, there are whip designs that had historic uses for inflicting pain on humans, such as the "cat o' nine tails", knout and others. These devices are used as flogging instruments, a means of control, corporal punishment or torture.


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Similar Traits

Dominatrix Role22%
Whipping (BDSM) Engages in (Sexual)21%
Sexual Sadism Engages in (Sexual)15%
Sexual Dominant Role14%
Latex Long Gloves Clothes12%
Shoejob Engages in (Sexual)12%
Latex Clothes11%
Pegging Engages in (Sexual)10%
Latex Thigh-high Boots Clothes10%
Cock and Ball Torture Engages in (Sexual)10%
Strap-on Dildo Clothes8%
Peaked Cap Clothes8%
Wax Play Engages in (Sexual)7%
Thigh-high Boots Clothes6%
Torture Engages in6%
Prostate Massage Engages in (Sexual)6%
Rope Bondage Engages in (Sexual)6%
Orgasm Denial Engages in (Sexual)5%
Evening Gloves Clothes5%
Pale Body5%