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This character is a singer. A singer is a person who uses his or her voice to produce music. Singers are often accompanied by musicians and instruments, while other people sing for pleasure. Vocal skill is usually a combination of innate talent and professional training. Use this trait ONLY for professional singers or students of a singing class. For other characters who do sing in games, like music club or band members in a regular school, use the singing trait.


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Similar Traits

Singing Engages in22%
Band Member Role19%
Guitarist Role16%
Guitar Items15%
Idol Role12%
Famous Role12%
Microphone Items11%
Band Leader Role9%
Musician Role9%
Electric Guitar Items8%
Headphones Clothes5%
Actor Role5%
School Band Member Role5%
Net Idol Role5%
Popular Role5%
Pale Body5%
Bracelet Clothes4%
Teen Body4%
Slim Body4%
Earrings Clothes4%