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This character has sex in a butterfly position. Apply this trait to the penetrating partner and apply i1700 to the penetrated partner. In a sexual context, "butterfly" may refer to a specific position in which the receiving partner lies down, face up, while the penetrating partner stands or kneels on a lower surface. However, this trait (or one of its child traits) should be used for any position in which the receiving partner lies down, face up, while the penetrating partner kneels, squats or stands in front of them with their torso mostly upright. The receiving partner may have their hips raised up or rotated slightly. The penetrating partner may kneel or stand on a lower surface than the receiver so that they are not too high up. If the penetrating partner is supporting themselves over the top of the receiving partner, consider using the missionary trait instead. If the penetrating partner is standing and the receiving partner's hips are raised far above their shoulders, consider using the piledriver trait instead.Example 1 - Penetrating partner standing on a lower surfaceExample 2 - Seventh PostureExample 3a, Example 3b - Tominagi


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