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This visual novel makes use of microtransactions. Microtransactions are a game mechanic in which a player can buy content within the game with real money. Microtransactions are extremely common in "free-to-play" games, leading to the term "freemium" to describe them. They are most often found in games on mobile platforms, but are not exclusive to them. Rather than paying for content directly, games with microtransactions often require the player to buy amounts of a "premium" currency, which is then exchanged for the content that they want. In visual novels, microtransactions can be implemented in any or all of the following ways (this list is not exhaustive): 1. The player can only read a certain amount of the VN in a single day, but can pay to read more. This is often represented by a "tickets" system in VNs, or a "stamina" or "energy" gauge in other types of games. 2. When the player comes to a choice point, the "best" choice requires the player to pay to select it. This may simply unlock a CG or may be required for a good ending. 3. The player can use money/premium currency to draw random content (side stories, game items, game currency, etc) from a pool. Use g2711 for games that include this mechanic. Do not use this tag for games which have a free prologue then allow you to buy individual routes (these are functionally identical to a demo and a paid game) or for games which have paid side stories or similar bonus content (these are just normal DLC) unless they also contain another type of microtransaction mechanic.


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Similar Traits

Nameable Role8%
Blond Hair5%
Kind Personality5%
Red Eyes5%
White Hair5%
Red Hair5%
Black Hair5%
Wavy Hair4%
Green Eyes4%
Prince Role4%
Mysterious Personality4%
Brown Eyes4%
Young-adult Body4%
Blue Eyes4%
Amber Eyes4%
Hosome Eyes4%
Grey Eyes4%
Customizable Appearance Role4%
Brown Hair4%
Flirting Engages in4%