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This type of a protagonist is totally immune to romantic and sexual advances. He/she can't read the atmosphere at all. This protagonist may be a genius but still can't understand the feelings of anyone towards him/her until a clear confession is made. Even then he/she needs to ask for a confirmation about it and think for a while to understand what that means. The people who are in love with this protagonist can do everything to make him/her understand, from occasional kisses to even having sex under poor excuses (like transfering mana etc) but they have no chance to be understood, none at all...


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Similar Traits

Donkan Personality41%
Childhood Friend Role18%
Deredere Personality18%
Kind Personality18%
Cooking Engages in17%
Relaxed Personality17%
Friendly Personality17%
Younger Sister Role16%
Teasing Engages in16%
Twin Tails Hair16%
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes16%
Proactive Personality16%
Kouhai Role16%
Energetic Personality16%
Straight Hair15%
Hard Worker Personality15%
Refined Personality15%
Popular Role15%
Ponytail Hair15%
Ahoge Hair15%