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This character has a hair pin. A hairpin is a long device used to hold a person's hair in place. The hairpin may be decorative and encrusted with jewels and ornaments, or it may be utiliarian, and designed to be almost invisible while holding a hairstyle in place. Some hairpins are a single straight pin, but modern versions are more likely to be constructed from different lengths of wire that are bent in half with a u-shaped end and a few kinks along the two opposite portions. The finished pin may vary from two to six inches in final length. The length of the wires enables placement in several styles of hairdos to hold the style in place. The kinks enable retaining the pin during normal movements.


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Similar Traits

Slim Body22%
Pale Body22%
Teen Body22%
School Uniform Clothes21%
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)20%
High School Student Role18%
Miniskirt Clothes18%
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)17%
Parted to Side Hair15%
Sidehair Hair15%
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes15%
Knee-high Socks Clothes15%
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)14%
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)14%
Tareme Eyes14%
Ribbon Tie Clothes14%
Pleated Skirt Clothes14%
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)14%
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)14%
Straight Hair14%