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This character is a boy who looks like, or is usually mistaken, for a girl. Dressing and acting like a girl is optional. "Trap" does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation but only the physical appearance. This trait is used for works that frame a male character as female in order to "trap" the player, or for those VNs with the characters that explicitly identify as "traps". For gender ambiguous body types use Androgynous instead. Do not apply the trait to transgender characters, as that is a separate fetish. A possible exception could be allowed, if the character starts as a Trap and later transitions during the course of the story.


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Similar Traits

Cross-dressing Engages in58%
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality45%
Male on Male Sex Engages in (Sexual)20%
Frot Engages in (Sexual)17%
Effeminate Personality13%
Breast-Pads Clothes12%
Handjob Subject of (Sexual)11%
Group Sex of Several Males Engages in (Sexual)10%
Wig Hair10%
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)10%
Feminization Subject of9%
Forced Cross-dressing Subject of9%
Autobukkake Subject of (Sexual)9%
Onahole Subject of (Sexual)8%
Boku Personality8%
Younger Brother Role8%
Male on Male Sex Only Engages in (Sexual)8%
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)8%
Pegging Subject of (Sexual)8%
Teen Body7%