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Traits Summary

Highest Rated

Gender Dysphoria Subject of8.58
Sibling Role8.58
Taiwanese Role8.51
Inheritance Subject of8.50
Fourth Grader Role8.47
Mages Organization Member Role8.47
Sealing Subject of8.44
Demonic Contract Engages in8.44

Most Novels

Brown Hair11,261
Short Hair10,434
Pale Body10,351
Long Hair10,068
Blue Eyes9,781
Black Hair9,441
Blond Hair9,124
Waist Length+ Hair8,780

Lowest Rated

Spit-roast Engages in (Sexual)6.80
Pegging Subject of (Sexual)6.82
Skull-fucking Engages in (Sexual)6.82
Object Insertion Subject of (Sexual)6.84
Sexual Slavery (Consensual) Subject of (Sexual)6.85
Nude Modeling Engages in6.86
Wax Play Engages in (Sexual)6.86
Double-ended Dildo Subject of (Sexual)6.86

Most Characters

Pale Body43,970
Slim Body29,293
Teen Body26,228
Short Hair25,871
Brown Hair22,048
School Uniform Clothes20,819
Long Hair18,586
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)18,480