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Traits Summary

Highest Rated

Major Role8.46
Taiwanese Role8.40
Letter Writing Engages in8.35
Time Loop Subject of8.30
Vietnamese Role8.30
Permanent Blank Eyes Eyes8.30
Anthropomorphized Inanimate Object Role8.30
Paralysis Subject of8.29

Most Novels

Brown Hair9,032
Long Hair8,373
Short Hair8,312
Pale Body8,218
Blue Eyes7,986
Waist Length+ Hair7,494
Blond Hair7,454
Black Hair7,395

Lowest Rated

Sexual Slavery (Consensual) Subject of (Sexual)6.63
Double-ended Dildo Subject of (Sexual)6.66
Sexual Corruption Subject of6.72
Spit-roast Subject of (Sexual)6.76
Slave Collar Clothes6.77
Spit-roast Engages in (Sexual)6.78
Inflated Belly Subject of (Sexual)6.78
Wax Play Engages in (Sexual)6.79

Most Characters

Pale Body35,443
Slim Body25,546
Teen Body23,338
Short Hair21,761
School Uniform Clothes20,079
Brown Hair18,514
Long Hair15,885
High School Student Role15,467