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Traits Summary

Highest Rated

Taiwanese Role8.35
Permanent Blank Eyes Eyes8.35
Time Loop Subject of8.30
Summoning Engages in8.30
Vietnamese Role8.28
Temporary Protagonist Role8.28
Shogun Role8.27
Neuroticism Subject of8.25

Most Novels

Brown Hair8,837
Long Hair8,215
Short Hair8,070
Pale Body7,824
Blue Eyes7,783
Waist Length+ Hair7,319
Blond Hair7,284
Black Hair7,204

Lowest Rated

Sexual Slavery (Consensual) Subject of (Sexual)6.60
Double-ended Dildo Subject of (Sexual)6.68
Sexual Corruption Subject of6.68
Group Sex of Several Females Engages in (Sexual)6.74
Spit-roast Subject of (Sexual)6.75
Inflated Belly Subject of (Sexual)6.76
Slave Collar Clothes6.76
Spit-roast Engages in (Sexual)6.78

Most Characters

Pale Body34,020
Slim Body24,880
Teen Body22,714
Short Hair21,085
School Uniform Clothes19,732
Brown Hair17,929
Long Hair15,434
High School Student Role15,216