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Traits Summary

Highest Rated

Taiwanese Role8.44
Discrimination Engages in8.42
Mages Organization Member Role8.37
Major Role8.37
Letter Writing Engages in8.35
Paralysis Subject of8.33
Vietnamese Role8.33
Anthropomorphized Inanimate Object Role8.32

Most Novels

Brown Hair9,383
Pale Body8,751
Long Hair8,670
Short Hair8,630
Blue Eyes8,284
Waist Length+ Hair7,739
Blond Hair7,727
Black Hair7,696

Lowest Rated

Double-ended Dildo Subject of (Sexual)6.73
Sexual Slavery (Consensual) Subject of (Sexual)6.73
Sexual Corruption Subject of6.75
Wax Play Engages in (Sexual)6.77
Spit-roast Engages in (Sexual)6.78
Forced Pregnancy Subject of6.79
Inflated Belly Subject of (Sexual)6.80
Nude Modeling Engages in6.80

Most Characters

Pale Body37,600
Slim Body26,656
Teen Body24,045
Short Hair22,559
School Uniform Clothes20,219
Brown Hair19,149
Long Hair16,426
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)15,973