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Game contains choices that allow you to pick more than one answer from the same list, either all at once, or successively. One popular example is, you may be asked to search for something, and presented with a list of several locations where it may be, and if you are incorrect, but the protagonist still has time, you'll be asked again if there is somewhere else you'd like to look. (You may or may not have to eventually pick every option on the list.) A second popular example is interrogation scenarios when you must question someone - this may be yourself, trying to remember something, in which case you're presented a list of things to think over. (Again, you may or may not have to eventually pick every option on the list; there may be an "I'm Done" option.) A third example would be that you need to perform a team task, and are asked which 2 or more other heroines whose help you'd like. This may determine anything from success of the task, to gaining relationship value for everyone you choose to take along. Do not use this tag for Map Movement, or member selection in games with RPG elements.


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Similar Traits

Amnesia Subject of18%
Homicide Subject of17%
Ponytail Hair15%
Shirt Clothes15%
Trousers Clothes15%
Teasing Engages in14%
Belt Clothes14%
Friend Role14%
Kind Personality14%
Vest Clothes13%
Murder Engages in13%
Black Hair13%
Parted to Side Hair13%
Green Eyes13%
Sharp-tongued Personality13%
Bracelet Clothes13%
Boku Personality13%
Blond Hair13%
Necklace Clothes13%
Adult Body12%