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In the first half of 20th century, Rokuhara Shogunate rules Japan with an iron fist of robotic suits of armor called Tsurugi, while the West wants to turn Japan into another military base. A policeman called Kageaki Minato arrives into a city of Kamakura to solve various different cases involving Tsurugi users (or Mushas), and when all other means are proven useless, defeats them with a skillful use of his own Tsurugi, the bloody red Muramasa. But he doesn't do that out of justice. He only wants to atone for his past sins and to defeat the most powerful Musha, one known as the Silver Star. “The devil I shall meet, the devil I shall cut. The saint I shall meet, the saint I shall cut.” This is the phrase that Kageaki says when fusing with Muramasa, and this is the phrase that tells both his past and his future…

Soukou Akki Muramasa: Janen Hen
Soukou Akki Muramasa: Janen Hen
  • Vertically Oriented Text
  • Anthology
  • Unlockable Routes
Rating 6.5089 Users
Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”
Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”
  • Mercenary Support Character
  • Carryover Save
  • Mercenary Protagonist
Rating 8.79483 Users
Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”
Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”
  • Arcology
  • Carryover Save
  • Mercenary Protagonist
Rating 8.35536 Users
Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo,
Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo,
  • Kanji Puns
  • Autumn
  • Reunion
Rating 7.98200 Users
Kajiri Kamui Kagura
Kajiri Kamui Kagura
  • Vertically Oriented Text
  • Unarmed Fighting Heroine
  • Onna Bugeisha Heroine
Rating 7.58115 Users
Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai - Under the Innocent Sky.
Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai - Under the Innocent Sky.
  • Existential Crisis
  • Delusion
  • Comedic Love Triangle
Rating 8.17222 Users
Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin
Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin
  • Dream
  • Naginata Combat
  • Meiji Era
Rating 7.68131 Users
Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-
Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Family Feud
  • School Art Club
Rating 8.57269 Users

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Tags (82 total)

No Sense of Direction Heroine2.253.157.10
Relationship Chart2.832.476.98
Vertically Oriented Text2.942.326.81
Chekhov's Gun2.003.226.44
20th Century2.172.856.19
Politician Heroine2.003.076.14
Samurai Hero2.002.775.54
Short Sexual Scenes2.831.945.48
Sword Combat2.861.925.48
Police Officer Protagonist2.112.595.47
Officer Heroine2.002.695.37
Combat Capable Friends2.672.005.35
Sword Wielding Heroine3.001.785.35
Orekko Heroine2.002.635.26
Mecha Pilot Heroine2.002.625.24
Varying Ending Songs2.172.325.03
Dark Skinned Characters2.112.364.98
Descriptions of Violence2.402.054.92
Multiple Songs2.002.424.85
Low Sexual Content3.001.604.80
Episodic Story2.801.614.52
Unlockable Gallery2.002.234.46
Villainous Heroine2.002.174.35
Past Setting in a Fictional World2.401.744.17
Secret Identity2.002.064.11
Protagonist with Voice Acting2.891.363.94
Mind Control2.001.903.80
Music Recollection2.001.863.72
Unlockable Event2.001.863.72
Hard Science Fiction1.442.523.63
Unlockable Choices2.001.733.46
Multiple Route Mystery2.001.713.43
One True End2.361.443.39
Ojousama Heroine2.381.363.25
Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character1.502.143.20
Classic Tsundere Heroine1.601.832.93
Voice Replay2.001.382.77
Unlockable Routes2.001.372.74
Donkan Protagonist1.401.942.71
Only Virgin Heroines2.111.252.64
Mad Scientist Support Character1.002.602.60
100% Completion Bonus1.002.602.60
Game Over1.641.472.40
Adult Heroine2.201.092.40
Other Perspectives2.001.152.30
Detective Work1.121.852.07
Branching Plot2.140.931.98
Unlockable Bonus Content1.001.841.84
Protagonist with a Face2.380.731.74
Student Heroine2.000.811.62
Multiple Protagonists1.001.521.52
Reverse Cowgirl1.001.351.35
Male Protagonist2.750.381.05
Outdoor Sex1.000.960.96
Doggy Style1.200.760.92
Clothing Damage0.501.630.81
Anal Sex1.000.790.79

Traits (373 total)

Politician Role62.665.17
Sly Personality92.245.15
Commander Role112.045.08
Noble Role92.074.77
Sharp-tongued Personality72.154.48
Planning Engages in91.944.47
Murder Engages in91.934.44
Katana Items81.924.22
Patriotic Personality33.034.20
Moustache Hair81.884.14
Wise Personality42.564.12
Hosome Eyes191.374.10
Kimono Clothes151.464.04
Friendly Personality201.283.88
Antagonist Role61.953.79
Servant Role42.333.75
Foreigner Role42.283.66
Assassin Role32.603.61
Witch Hat Clothes32.603.61
Funny Personality52.003.58
Overall Clothes32.583.57
Investigation Engages in51.953.50
Beard Hair51.953.50
Flying Engages in32.523.49
Fighting Engages in131.323.47
Adult Body101.433.43
Mysterious Personality61.743.38
Arrogant Personality61.743.38
Based on a Real Person Role61.733.37
Plate Armor Clothes51.843.30
Stoic Personality61.693.30
Witch Role32.363.28
Tall Body81.493.28
Spiky Hair61.683.27
Spoiled Personality32.353.26
Refined Personality71.553.23
Black Eyes81.473.23
Strange Personality41.993.21
Bald Hair32.283.16
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality32.243.11
Possessive Personality32.233.10
Mechanic Role22.813.09
Acquaintance Role22.773.05
Military Uniform Clothes41.883.03
Warrior Role32.183.03
Gloves Clothes71.453.02
Dress Clothes121.183.02
Grandfather Role22.743.01
Hotblooded Personality32.152.98
Loyal Personality41.832.95
Average Height Body320.832.92
Hero Role22.662.92
String Instrument Items14.162.88
Rude Personality32.062.86
Duel Engages in22.592.85
Stubborn Personality41.762.84
Cold-hearted Personality32.042.83
Hair Ribbon Clothes51.572.82
Wand Items22.562.81
Carefree Personality51.572.81
Handgun Items32.032.81
Suit Clothes61.442.81
Kansai-ben Personality22.552.81
Pointed Ears Body41.742.79
Mass Murder Engages in22.542.79
Kid Body71.342.78
Serious Personality51.542.76
Genius Personality31.982.75
Uniform Clothes31.982.74
Whimsical Personality22.492.74
Granddaughter Role22.482.72
Pragmatic Personality22.452.70
Cape Clothes41.672.69
Distrustful Personality22.442.68
Taciturn Personality31.922.66
Belt Clothes61.362.65
Short-tempered Personality31.912.65
Strict Personality31.912.65
Dark Body31.902.64
Shorts Clothes41.642.64
Clumsy Personality31.902.64
Jacket Clothes51.462.62
Snowballing Engages in (Sexual)13.782.62
Antenna Hair31.892.62
American Role22.352.58
Sports Engages in22.352.58
Green Hair51.432.56
Police Role22.332.56
Waga Personality13.682.55
Brown Eyes160.902.54
Spiky Bangs Hair111.022.53
Wire Weapon Items13.652.53
Hispanic Role13.652.53
Assault Rifle Items13.622.51
Outgoing Personality31.802.49
Idiot Personality22.252.48
Superhuman Role22.242.46
Reserved Personality31.782.46
White Hair51.372.46
Jibun Personality13.532.45
Short Body41.522.45
Headband Clothes51.362.44
Robot Role22.202.42
B Cup Body22.192.41
Lolita Clothes22.192.41
Kind Personality81.092.40
Tareme Eyes91.032.36
Altruistic Personality22.152.36
Swordsmanship Engages in22.142.35
Honorable Personality22.112.32
Treason Engages in13.342.31
Teal Hair22.102.31
Mascot Character Role13.312.29
Blunt Personality22.092.29
Black Hair140.842.29
Green Eyes90.992.28
Kitsuneme Eyes22.072.28
Shaggy Hair22.062.26
Young-adult Body160.802.26
Cyan Hair22.052.26
Blade Items13.242.25
Sniper Role13.232.24
Electric Guitar Items13.222.23
Gang Member Role13.212.23
Shirt Clothes61.142.22
Rival Role22.022.22
Curly Hair41.372.21
Flirting Engages in22.002.20
Old Body22.002.19
Older Sister Role31.582.19
Submachine Gun Items13.152.18
Hidden Eyes21.982.18
Throwing Knife Items13.142.18
Yangire Personality13.142.18
Onmyouji Role13.132.17
Tomboy Personality21.972.17
Misanthrope Personality13.102.15
Red Eyes51.202.14
Magatama Clothes13.082.14
Teasing Engages in31.542.13
Villain Role21.942.13
Sniper Rifle Items13.062.12
Parted in Middle Hair41.322.12
Sandals Clothes21.922.11
Immature Personality21.922.10
Airhead Personality21.912.10
Knee-high Socks Clothes41.302.09
Warawa Personality13.022.09
One-eyed Eyes13.022.09
Pink Hair41.302.09
Pretending Personality21.892.08
Sorcerer / Sorceress Role12.992.07
Waist Length+ Hair150.752.07
Yakuza Role12.992.07
Rifle Items12.962.05
Envious Personality12.952.05
Trousers Clothes41.272.04
Civil Servant Role12.942.03
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes31.462.03
V Bangs Hair31.462.03
Miko's Dress Clothes21.842.02
Librarian Role12.892.00
Grandson Role12.892.00
Twin Braids Hair21.822.00
Naive Personality21.811.99
Moody Personality12.861.98
Orphan Role21.801.97
Gang Leader Role12.811.95
Hat Clothes21.761.94
Necktie Clothes51.081.93
Sword Items21.761.93
Blond Hair80.881.93
Deredere Personality21.751.92
Guitarist Role12.761.91
Living Doll Role12.761.91
Hair Flower Clothes21.741.91
Glasses Clothes51.071.91
Smoking Pipe Items12.741.90
Olive Body21.731.90
Tsurime Eyes31.371.90
Hairpin Clothes31.371.89
Slim Body300.551.88
Wealthy Role21.711.88
Pacifist Personality12.701.87
Long Hair120.731.87
Monocle Clothes12.701.87
Sarashi Clothes12.701.87
Mentor Role12.701.87
Vindictive Personality12.681.86
Flirting Subject of12.661.85
Priestess Role12.661.84
Red Hair31.321.84
Model Role12.651.83
Walking Stick Items12.641.83
Blue Hair41.141.83
Terminal Illness Subject of12.631.82
Bracelet Clothes21.651.81
Police Officer Uniform Clothes12.611.81
Narcissist Personality12.611.81
Flat Cap Clothes12.611.81
Band-aid Clothes12.601.81
Amber Eyes51.011.80
Singer Role12.601.80
Criminal Role12.601.80
Shy Personality21.621.78
Russian Role12.571.78
Curtained Hair31.281.78
German Role12.561.77
Short Hair190.591.77
Donkan Personality12.551.77
Disguise Engages in12.541.76
Lolita Hairband Clothes12.541.76
Death Subject of21.601.76
Teen Body210.571.75
Hardworker Personality21.601.75
Dishonest Personality12.531.75
Kemonomimi Hat Clothes12.521.74
Torture Engages in12.511.74
British Role12.511.74
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)70.831.73
Classmate Role31.241.72
Prince Role12.481.72
AA Cup Body21.561.71
Sailor Suit Clothes21.551.71
Loner Personality12.461.71
Musician Role12.451.70
Chinese Role12.451.70
Kanzashi Clothes12.441.69
Hand Fan Clothes12.441.69
Classic Tsundere Personality12.431.68
Cynic Personality12.421.68
Charismatic Personality12.421.68
Ribbon Tie Clothes31.211.68
Headphones Clothes12.411.67
Betrayal Engages in12.401.67
Necklace Clothes21.511.66
Student Role21.511.66
Kemonomimi Hair12.401.66
No Name Role12.391.65
Mecha Pilot Role12.371.64
Bag Items12.371.64
Suspenders Clothes12.361.64
Ignorant Personality12.361.64
Stuffed Toy Items12.351.63
Knife Items12.351.63
Orange Hair21.481.62
School Uniform Clothes140.601.62
Famous Role12.341.62
Bookworm Personality12.331.61
Younger Sister Role21.471.61
Maid's Dress Clothes21.471.61
Bikini Clothes21.461.60
Scientist Role12.311.60
Insanity Subject of12.311.60
Brown Hair100.671.60
Tracksuit Clothes12.291.59
Bodyguard Role12.291.59
Sidehair Hair40.991.59
Pale Body460.411.58
Yandere Personality12.281.58
Brave Personality12.261.57
School Swimsuit Clothes12.261.57
Eyepatch Clothes12.241.56
Violent Personality12.241.55
Shapeshifting Engages in12.241.55
Swimsuit Clothes12.231.55
High School Student Role80.701.54
Blue Eyes60.791.54
Middle School Student Role12.221.54
Cruel Personality12.211.53
Shopkeeper Role12.201.53
Reading Engages in12.191.52
Bandages Clothes12.191.52
Non-human Role12.191.52
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)40.941.52
Third Person Personality12.171.50
Kidnapping Subject of12.171.50
Emotional Personality12.161.50
Singing Engages in12.161.49
Chinese Dress Clothes12.151.49
Sweets Lover Personality12.151.49
Pantyhose Clothes21.361.49
Ring Clothes12.141.48
Smoking Engages in12.131.47
Medical Doctor Role12.111.46
Overweight Body12.111.46
Miniskirt Clothes31.041.44
Robe Clothes12.081.44
Idol Role12.071.43
Low Self-esteem Personality12.061.43
Cloak Clothes12.051.42
Bow Tie Clothes12.031.41
Towel Clothes12.031.41
Ankle Socks Clothes12.021.40
Selfish Personality12.021.40
D Cup Body12.021.40
Soldier Role12.011.40
Unarmed Fighting Engages in12.011.40
Hime Cut Hair12.001.39
Hazel Eyes12.001.39
Straight Hair31.001.39
Miko Role11.991.38
Cleaning Engages in11.991.38
Student Council President Role11.981.37
Ringlet Hair11.981.37
Schoolmate Role11.971.37
Mature Personality11.961.36
Nail Polish Body11.951.35
Cardigan Clothes11.941.35
Protective Personality11.931.34
Honest Personality11.911.32
Tsundere Personality11.871.30
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)11.871.29
Boku Personality11.861.29
Cosplay Engages in11.861.29
Sports Shoes Clothes11.851.28
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)21.161.27
Nipple Sucking Engages in (Sexual)11.841.27
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes21.151.27
Proactive Personality11.821.26
Father Role11.811.25
Drinking Engages in11.811.25
Panties Clothes11.801.25
Mischievous Personality11.801.25
Bun Hair11.791.24
Teasing Subject of11.781.24
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)11.781.23
Pervert Personality11.771.23
Mole Body11.761.22
Muscular Body11.761.22
Waitstaff Role11.761.22
Coat Clothes11.751.22
Side Tail Hair11.721.19
Ponytail Hair21.081.19
Relaxed Personality11.701.18
Footjob Engages in (Sexual)11.691.17
Twin Tails Hair21.071.17
Teal Eyes11.691.17
Not a Virgin Role11.671.16
E+ Cup Body21.031.13
Pink Eyes11.611.11
Daughter Role11.591.10
Mother Role11.581.09
Intake Hair11.571.09
Violet Eyes20.991.09
Full Sister Role11.571.09
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)30.781.08
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes11.561.08
Smart Personality11.541.07
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)20.971.07
Garter Belt Stockings Clothes11.521.05
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)20.961.05
Collar Clothes11.511.04
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes20.951.04
Energetic Personality11.491.03
Peeing Engages in (Sexual)11.471.02
Hair Tie Clothes11.471.02
Earrings Clothes11.471.02
Teacher Role11.471.02
Cooking Engages in11.461.01
Grey Hair11.420.99
Pubic Hair Hair11.400.97
Lesbian Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.380.95
T-shirt Clothes11.330.92
Friend Role11.310.91
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)11.210.84
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)11.210.84
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.170.81
Violet Hair11.140.79
Parted to Side Hair11.140.79
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)11.130.79
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)11.100.76
Shoulder-length Hair10.920.64