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This character engages in deep-throating. Apply this trait to the character taking their partner's penis into their mouth, and apply Subject of (Sexual) >> Deepthroat to the character whose penis is being stimulated. Deep-throating is a sexual act in which a character takes their partner's entire erect penis deep into their mouth, past the epiglottis and into the throat. The practice is a type of fellatio, a form of oral sex.


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Rance X -Kessen-
Rance X -Kessen-
  • Antihero Protagonist
  • High Fantasy
  • Leader Protagonist
  • Comedy Rape
  • Major Antagonist
Rating 8.97659 Users
Saint Dorei Gakuen 2
Saint Dorei Gakuen 2
  • Sexual Re-orientation
  • Slave Auction
  • Yakuza Heroine
  • Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation)
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Soukou Akki Muramasa
Soukou Akki Muramasa
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Kenzen! Hentai Kouboku no Tsutome
Kenzen! Hentai Kouboku no Tsutome
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  • Promiscuity
  • Voice Saving
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Fate/stay night
Fate/stay night
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  • 2000s
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  • Hint Corner
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Kuroinu 2 ~In
Kuroinu 2 ~In'yoku ni Somaru Haitoku no Miyako, Futatabi~
  • Being in Heat
  • Merchant Heroine
  • Blowbang (One Mouth Multiple Penises)
  • Stuck-in-Wall Sex
  • Public Use (Choukyou or Non-Consensual)
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9-nine- Yukiiro Yukihana Yukinoato
9-nine- Yukiiro Yukihana Yukinoato
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  • Suspense
  • Spelling Errors
  • Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character
  • Thriller
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Tegome ni Sareru Kyuunin no Otome
Tegome ni Sareru Kyuunin no Otome
  • Nude Filter
  • More Than Seven Heroines
  • Defloration During Common Route
  • Medical Doctor Heroine
  • Twin Handjob
Rating 7.3458 Users
Mama×Holic ~Miwaku no Mama to Ama Ama Kankei~
Mama×Holic ~Miwaku no Mama to Ama Ama Kankei~
  • Yuki-onna Heroine
  • Oni Heroine
  • Non-human Heroine
  • Incest Roleplay
  • Heroine with Children
Rating 8.53320 Users
Tetsu to Ra II ~Haiboku no Jotei~
Tetsu to Ra II ~Haiboku no Jotei~
  • Single Hole Multiple Fisting (obsolete)
  • Open Gag
  • Vaginal Fisting
  • Pubic Hair Option
  • Metal Bondage
Rating 7.4448 Users

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Gokkun Engages in (Sexual)35%
Female Ejaculation Engages in (Sexual)31%
Nipple Teasing Subject of (Sexual)27%
Sex in Front of an Audience Engages in (Sexual)26%
Ahegao Engages in (Sexual)26%
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)26%
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)25%
Bukkake Subject of (Sexual)25%
Non-consensual Erotic Humiliation Subject of (Sexual)25%
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)23%
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)23%
Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation) Subject of (Sexual)23%
Vaginal + Anal Penetration Subject of (Sexual)22%
French Kiss Engages in (Sexual)22%
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)22%
Vaginal Gaping Engages in (Sexual)22%
Mindbreak Subject of (Sexual)22%
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)21%
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)21%
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)21%