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Antagonist is the character in a story who is playing plot-defining role against the protagonist i.e. can be considered his enemy. This visual novel features one or more antagonists playing a major role in the story and the protagonist trying to overcome them is a crucial part of the plot. Note that antagonists are not necessarily villains as well. The enemies of a g354 for example can easily be morally good and still be antagonists.


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Amputation Subject of64%
Trench Coat Clothes58%
Insanity Subject of54%
Antisocial Personality52%
Therapist Role51%
Homicide Subject of49%
Husband Role46%
Dao Items45%
Planning Engages in45%
Murder Engages in45%
Sandals Clothes45%
Pretending Personality44%
Neuroticism Subject of44%
Avoidable Death Subject of43%
Rape Engages in43%
Temporary Protagonist Role43%
Boku Personality43%
Bob Cut Hair43%
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)43%
Snowballing Engages in (Sexual)42%