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Novels (150 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
My Fake Boyfriend47.386.38
Sinful Roses47.756.37
Time Only Knows28.956.36
Supernatural Investigations29.006.35
Attack of the Dead28.506.34
Doctor's Orders47.256.33
Stepsister Shock!110.006.33
The Spellbinding Kiss47.256.33
My Crazy High School Romcom!37.006.31
Love is a Canvas27.506.30
Princess of the Dead27.256.30
Spellbound Schoolgirls!17.006.30
My Elemental Girlfriend17.006.30
My Rental Girlfriend46.686.30
A Kiss from Death37.006.30
Devil Beauty & Animal Cuties!17.006.30
My Charming Butler27.006.29
Protect My Love27.006.29
After School Romance36.006.29
My Devil Girlfriend25.606.29
Heart of the Fox46.756.29
My Elf Girlfriend16.006.28
My Wolf Girlfriend16.006.28
Vows of Eternity26.756.28
Death School17.006.28
My Nurse Girlfriend26.506.28
Gyakuten Alice ~Fushigi no Kuni no Joou-sama~106.486.27
My High School Detective26.506.27
Gangs of the Magic Realm17.006.27
Lethal Engagements26.506.27
Steal My Heart36.476.27
The Swords of First Light26.506.27
Wizard Tower17.006.27
My Dog Girlfriend26.656.27
Love is Our Specialty!26.656.27
Be My Match17.006.27
The Lost Fate of the Oni36.336.26
My Ghost Girlfriend17.006.26
Arahitogami ni Koikogare36.336.26
My Zombie Girlfriend16.006.26
In Between Love & Death36.336.26
My Sweet Shifter25.006.26
Kiss of Darkness26.256.26
My Ninja Girlfriend46.256.26
The Pet Doctor's Secret36.336.26
Fateful Forces16.306.26
Sakura Scramble!26.506.26
Save Her From the Zombies!26.006.26
Be Her Hero16.006.25
Prestigious Passions26.006.25
Destined Memories36.006.25
Moonlight Wishes36.006.25
Gyakuten Genji Monogatari66.336.25
Seduced by the Mafia46.136.25
Ano Hi no Kimi ni Koi o Shite ~Moto Kare Paradise~15.006.24
An Otaku like me has 2 Fiancees?!26.006.24
Gossip School35.836.24
Fugitive Desires15.006.24
Darkness Myth ~Igyou no Kamigami to Kyuu Shihaisha~15.006.24
Mythical Hearts15.006.24
Making the Perfect Wedding35.836.24
The House of Grudge15.006.24
My Video Game Girlfriend55.926.23
My Sweet Stepsisters25.356.23
Re: High School15.006.23
Devilish Charms66.006.23
The Lost Prince Pirates15.006.23
My Foxy Girlfriend15.006.23
My Assassin High School15.006.23
Kiss of the Wendigo14.006.22
University of the Dead14.006.22
Twilight Lovers45.756.22
Nocturne of Nightmares75.866.22
Koi no Curry Sawagi14.006.22
Supernatural Sweethearts16.006.22
Mall of the Dead45.506.21
Loyalty for Love35.336.21
My Mystic Dragons35.506.21
Freshman Fantasies25.006.21
Deceitful Devotions45.506.21
Awakening of the Eclipse25.006.21
The Chains of Enchantment45.586.21
Sins of the Everlasting Twilight35.336.21
Yaoi Beast Boys13.006.20
My Bitter Sweet Romance13.006.20
Omnibus Princess13.006.20
Twilight School65.676.20
My Angel Girlfriend25.006.20
Nyan Kare65.336.20
She's My Vampire17.006.20
It's a Dog's Love55.486.19
My Pure Boyfriend55.206.19
Electronic Emotions45.256.19
Dances with Destiny45.256.19
My Time Traveling Girlfriend45.256.19
Twilight Crusade34.976.19
My Reaper Girlfriend24.706.19
My Kemono Girlfriend45.256.19
Twilight Hunters35.736.19
My Devil Lovers12.006.18
Twilight Romance105.836.18
Itoshiki Mafia ni Hanataba o65.176.18
My Mafia Girlfriend45.256.18
Twilight Fangs23.956.17
Summer of Memories44.956.17
My Cat Girlfriend85.636.17
Everlasting Alchemists55.286.17
My Twin Romance75.866.16
My Sweet Ghost44.406.16
The Fate of Wonderland44.886.16
My Mermaid Girlfriend34.506.16
Xceed ~Chou Nou Ren'ai~11.006.16
Welcome to Folklore Manor23.506.16
Shinobi Koi Ki55.006.16
Lost Memories34.336.15
Imouto Scramble105.146.14
My Magical Girlfriends54.886.14
Tenkuu no Rosario75.136.12
My Ambitious Girlfriend44.256.12
Phantom Hearts33.676.12
Haunted Heartbeats44.136.12
My Billionaire Girlfriend44.006.10
The House of Silence64.706.10
My Fake Marriage33.176.09
My Dragon Girlfriend64.676.09
Heisa Gakuren ~Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu~105.206.09
Deal to my Heart64.506.09
My Robot Girlfriend75.076.08
The Chain Witches43.556.07
Soul of Yokai32.676.06
Grimm's Princess ~Douwa Hime~115.106.05
Undead Destiny205.406.05
Immortal Heart64.236.05
Demigods of Destiny64.136.04
Death Game63.836.03
Koi no Jiken wa Totsuzen ni104.806.02
Otouto Scramble175.356.01
Oukyuu no Shugosha-tachi145.076.01
Twilight Blood74.506.00
Angelic Kisses74.005.99
Elemental Prince195.165.98
Koi Iro After School84.235.97
My Hotel Romance63.405.96
Mangetsu no Yoru ni wa Goyoujin194.985.95
My Maid Girlfriend: Romance You Choose194.925.94
Kimi ni Sasageru Kiseki00.005.35
Blue Moon Princess00.000.00
Private SP ~Himitsu no Kare wa Sennyuu Sousa-chuu~00.000.00
Ai to Inbou no Seridia00.000.00
Mugen no Anastasia00.000.00

Tags (334 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Vampire Hunter Hero32.337.13
Arrogant Hero42.006.82
Inumimi Hero23.006.77
Executive Hero22.506.60
God Hero32.836.23
Vampire Hero52.406.13
Coodere Hero52.006.13
Catboy Hero42.256.12
Actor Hero42.005.95
Elemental Beings23.005.95
Half-human Hero22.505.85
Co-worker Hero42.255.83
Otome Game962.285.72
Musician Hero52.005.51
All Adult Heroes101.755.47
Shopkeeper Hero22.005.44
Werewolf Hero32.175.39
Flirtatious Hero42.005.37
Wealthy Hero52.005.35
Gangster Protagonist22.005.31
Thief Hero22.755.27
Oni Hero22.255.18
Hero with Wings22.505.11
Oni Heroine22.255.06
Amnesiac Protagonist42.385.05
Energetic Heroine82.005.04
All Heroes Are Protagonist's Brothers13.005.00
Demon Hero32.334.96
Non-twin Heroine Sisters32.674.95
Siscon Hero22.004.83
Dogboy Hero13.004.82
Gangster Heroine13.004.82
Writer Protagonist32.004.81
Angel Hero22.254.78
Mythical Setting13.004.75
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero62.004.73
Contemporary Fantasy22.504.70
Royal Hero42.004.68
Gangster Hero22.004.63
Protagonist from a Different World32.504.61
Hero(ine) Selection32.674.61
University Student Protagonist82.004.61
Heroine with a Braid42.004.59
Knight Hero22.504.51
All Heroines are Protagonist's Sister(s)23.004.50
Greek Mythology22.004.49
Non-blood-related Brother Hero22.164.46
Inumimi Heroine13.004.44
Haunted House22.004.44
High School Student Protagonist152.134.43
Salaryman Protagonist32.004.36
Tsundere Heroine102.004.30
Medium Heroine21.504.27
Zombie Heroine13.004.27
Hero with Eye Covering Hairstyle22.004.24
Egyptian Mythology12.504.24
Medical Doctor Hero22.254.23
Kemonomimi Heroine42.004.21
Celtic Mythology12.004.15
Protagonist's Boss as Hero22.004.13
Non-human Hero22.504.10
Phantom Thieves13.004.09
Shy Heroine52.004.09
Butler Hero22.004.02
Adult Hero52.004.02
Police Officer Protagonist22.004.02
Magic School22.504.00
Twin Tail Heroine152.073.97
Werewolf Heroine13.003.95
Catgirl Heroine32.223.94
Doggirl Heroine22.003.94
Airhead Hero12.003.89
Engineer Hero12.003.89
Transfer Student Protagonist22.503.87
Waitress Heroine32.333.86
Poor Protagonist22.003.85
Princess Protagonist22.003.85
Superhero(ine) Protagonist13.003.84
Ojousama Protagonist13.003.84
Female Protagonist812.073.79
Former All-girls School13.003.78
Pirate Hero12.003.77
Nekomimi Hero12.503.76
Youkai Hero12.673.76
Dragon Hero12.503.74
University Student Hero22.003.74
Playboy Hero13.003.73
Witch Heroine22.503.72
Crime Family13.003.72
Okama Hero12.003.72
Student Club President Heroine22.003.71
High School Student Hero21.503.66
Secret Identity22.503.64
Fairy Hero12.003.63
Vampire Protagonist13.003.62
Martial Artist Hero12.003.59
Waiting Staff Protagonist13.003.59
Cthulhu Mythos12.673.56
Messiah Protagonist12.003.55
Non-Binary Characters21.503.54
Portrait Orientation13.003.53
Off Screen Sex Only12.003.52
Elementary School Student Hero12.003.52
Assassin Hero12.673.51
Werewolf Protagonist12.003.49
Dandere Hero12.003.49
Bodyguard Protagonist12.503.47
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine102.103.46
Tsundere Hero22.003.45
Protagonist's Non-blood-related Sister as a Heroine32.673.44
Nurse Protagonist12.003.43
Middle School Student Hero12.003.43
Robot Hero12.503.42
Demon Heroine22.503.41
No Sexual Content1142.003.41
Dojikko Heroine22.003.40
Knight Protagonist13.003.39
Hotblooded Hero12.003.38
Masochist Hero12.003.38
Teacher Hero22.003.36
Spy Hero12.003.36
Shinigami Hero12.003.36
Extremely (un)Lucky Heroine12.003.34
Hero with Glasses32.003.32
Incubus Hero12.003.32
Body of Water12.003.32
Photographer Hero12.003.30
Protagonist's Ex as a Hero12.003.30
Emotionless Hero12.003.30
Bunnyboy Hero12.003.30
Gamer Protagonist13.003.29
Half-Japanese Hero12.003.28
Comical Hero12.003.28
Detective Work22.503.27
Western-style Mansion22.503.27
Mermaid Heroine12.503.25
Sexual Innuendo22.003.24
Fighting Hero13.003.24
Twin Brothers as Heroes12.503.23
Soldier Protagonist13.003.23
Murder Mystery31.673.22
Immortal Hero12.003.22
Alien Hero12.003.22
Shinobi Hero12.003.21
Maid Protagonist12.503.20
Italian Mafia12.003.19
Yuki-onna Heroine12.003.18
Gothic Romance12.003.15
Scientist Hero12.003.12
Mischievous Hero12.003.12
Occult Club12.003.10
Shota Hero22.003.10
Sacred Treasure12.003.09
Under the Same Roof42.503.09
Cook Hero12.003.07
Bodyguard Hero12.003.05
Life and Death Drama22.503.05
Nameable Protagonist92.113.04
Otaku Hero12.003.02
Knife/Dagger Combat12.003.02
Monster Hunter Heroine12.003.01
Writer Hero12.003.01
Brother/Sister Romance22.753.00
Heroine from a Different World12.003.00
Jump Scares12.003.00
Reverse Trap Protagonist12.003.00
Half-demon Heroine12.003.00
Dating Simulation22.002.99
Hero with Heterochromia12.002.99
Sadist Hero12.002.99
Ghost Hero12.002.98
Extremely (un)Lucky Protagonist12.002.98
Vampire Heroine13.002.94
Assassin Protagonist12.002.94
Fictional Beings13.002.92
Orphan Protagonist22.002.91
Shinigami Heroine12.002.91
Shy Hero12.002.90
Co-worker Heroine13.002.89
Angel Heroine13.002.89
Heroine with Jeans12.002.89
Pretending Hero12.002.89
Haraguro Hero12.002.88
Battle Royale12.002.87
Bodyguard Heroine12.002.86
Childhood Friend Support Character12.002.86
Food Discussions13.002.85
Orphan Heroine13.002.84
Student Hero22.002.84
Princess Heroine22.002.83
Youkai Heroine12.002.81
Athlete Hero12.002.79
Orphan Hero12.002.79
Kemonomimi Hero12.002.79
Delinquent Heroine12.002.78
Artist Protagonist12.002.77
Cheerleader Heroine12.002.75
Hero with Eyepatch12.002.74
Soldier Hero12.002.74
Imouto-type Heroine22.002.74
Dying Heroine12.002.72
Father Support Character13.002.71
Cheerful Hero12.002.71
Major Antagonist12.002.67
Maid Heroine22.502.66
Interracial Romance12.002.64
Heroine with Ahoge22.002.63
White Haired Heroine22.002.63
Ghost Heroine12.502.60
Romancing a Family12.502.59
Villainous Hero12.002.57
High School51.602.57
Modern Day Tokyo12.002.55
Spelling Errors12.002.54
Bookworm Heroine12.002.53
Part-time Job12.002.52
Heroine with Eye Covering Hairstyle12.002.49
Arranged Marriage12.002.47
Post Apocalyptic Earth12.002.46
Elf Heroine12.502.45
Strong Female Protagonist12.002.44
Timid Heroine12.002.44
Student-Teacher Romance12.002.43
Otaku Protagonist12.002.41
Japanese Mythology12.002.40
Fairy Tale12.002.37
Class President Heroine12.002.35
White Haired Hero12.002.34
Clock Tower11.002.29
Dark Skinned Hero12.002.29
Adult Protagonist32.002.28
Character Profiles12.002.28
Oyaji Hero12.002.27
Ojousama Heroine22.002.26
Slice of Life Drama12.002.25
Love Triangle12.002.24
Ponytail Heroine22.002.23
Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character12.002.23
Trap Heroine12.002.22
Protagonist with Psychological Problems12.002.22
Robot Heroine12.002.22
Transfer Student Heroine12.002.18
Arrogant Heroine12.002.16
Brief Branches Only12.002.11
Hero with a Sword11.502.08
Student Council President Heroine12.001.98
No Gallery12.001.98
Nurse Heroine12.001.96
Unlockable Choices12.001.94
Airhead Heroine12.001.92
High School Student Heroine42.001.91
Teacher Protagonist12.001.90
Early Branching Plot12.001.88
Forbidden Love12.001.88
Idol Hero11.001.86
Coodere Heroine12.001.84
Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine13.001.80
Protagonist's Senpai as a Heroine12.001.78
Boy x Boy Romance12.001.76
Student Heroine32.001.72
Kissing Scene12.001.65
Friendship Ending11.001.49
Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki12.001.49
Male Protagonist442.011.47
Modern Day Japan12.001.44
Highly Animated Sprites11.001.40
Descriptions of Violence11.001.38
Branching Plot12.001.34
Alternate Dimensions11.001.31
Time Travel11.001.30
Dragon Heroine10.671.25
Loli Heroine12.001.22
Past Setting in a Fictional World11.001.20
Protagonist with a Face22.001.17
Proactive Protagonist11.001.14
Low Sexual Content11.001.13
Multiple Endings22.001.10
Non-blood-related Brother/Sister Incest10.330.46

Traits (222 total)

Humanoid (Non-human) Body285.93
Mafia Role265.21
Oni Role255.07
Hunter Role144.54
Step Brother Role144.45
Non-blood-related Son Role144.25
Angel Role143.89
Slit Pupils Eyes143.58
Pointed Ears Body273.58
Protective Personality253.32
Loner Personality233.29
Horns Body243.24
Son Role143.16
Tsurime Eyes493.10
Nameable Role443.08
Relaxed Personality553.00
Wings Body132.99
Hosome Eyes382.97
Sharp-tongued Personality132.91
Magician Role242.87
Tanned Body132.86
Marriage Proposal Engages in122.79
Multicolored Hair232.75
Stoic Personality342.74
Han'you Role112.68
Younger Brother Role132.68
Siscon Personality222.65
Taciturn Personality232.64
Short-tempered Personality132.64
Red Hair662.60
Snake Role112.57
Coodere Personality222.55
Wire Weapon Items112.53
Sanpaku Eyes Eyes122.51
Teasing Engages in242.48
Forked Tongue Body112.47
Older Brother Role132.44
Young-adult Body8222.42
Red Eyes662.33
Spiky Hair232.31
Feather Boa Clothes112.31
Smoking Engages in222.30
Tengu Role112.29
V Bangs Hair242.29
Yuki-onna Role112.27
Forward Knot Obi Clothes112.27
Blue Hair562.25
Pendant Earrings Clothes222.24
Prayer Beads Clothes112.24
One-horned Body112.23
Straight Hair392.22
Long Tongue Body112.21
Tattoo Body122.20
White Hair442.19
Blunt Personality222.19
Tall (obsolete) Body232.18
Pendant Necklace Clothes232.16
Off-The-Shoulder Kimono Clothes112.14
Ore-sama Personality112.10
Antagonist Role122.10
Magatama Clothes112.10
Non-Binary Personality112.10
Stethoscope Items112.10
Younger Appearance Body222.03
Platform Shoes Clothes112.02
Proactive Personality222.01
Green Hair332.01
Gloves Clothes132.00
Breakup Subject of111.98
Librarian Role111.98
Alchemist Role111.98
Feather Accessory Clothes111.97
Discrimination Subject of111.97
Amber Eyes461.96
Teasing Subject of121.95
Blond Hair681.94
Effeminate Personality111.94
Stubborn Personality221.93
White Eyes111.92
Moody Personality111.91
Arrogant Personality221.90
Absentminded Personality111.89
Muscular Body221.89
Baggy Pants Clothes111.87
Wavy Hair331.86
Black Hair781.84
Cyan Eyes221.82
Pink Hair331.82
Violet Eyes551.80
Coat Cape Clothes111.80
Narcissist Personality111.79
Hero Role111.79
Capri Pants Clothes111.78
Overconfident Personality111.78
Kemonomimi Hat Clothes111.77
Flirting Subject of111.76
Mini Hat Clothes111.76
Friendly Personality231.76
Androgynous Body111.75
Choker Clothes121.75
Necktie Clothes141.74
Marriage Proposal Subject of111.74
Haraguro Personality111.73
Kind Personality341.73
Elementary School Student Role111.73
Short (obsolete) Body221.73
Office Worker Role111.71
Feathery Wings Body111.71
Attempted Homicide Subject of111.69
Prince Role111.69
Smart Personality221.69
Youkai Role111.67
Modern Tsundere Personality111.67
Cynic Personality111.67
Energetic Personality221.66
Whimsical Personality111.66
Blue Eyes671.66
Ankle-Strap Shoes Clothes111.65
Sports Engages in111.65
Blouse Clothes121.64
Ignorant Personality111.64
Kimono Clothes121.63
Spoiled Personality111.63
Attempted Murder Engages in111.63
Witch Role111.61
Suspenders Clothes111.61
Black Eyes221.60
Detective Role111.60
Shrug Clothes111.59
Vampire Role111.58
Bookworm Personality111.57
Talkative Personality111.57
Middle School Student Role111.56
Yandere Personality111.55
Grey Hair221.55
Lolita Clothes111.52
Book Items111.50
Sly Personality111.50
Glasses Clothes331.49
Short Hair5111.49
Trap Body111.49
Medical Doctor Role111.47
High School Student Role361.47
Mary Jane Clothes111.45
Kidnapping Subject of111.45
Brown Eyes241.44
Tiny Braid Hair111.44
Optimist Personality111.43
Honor Student Role111.42
Brocon Personality111.41
Curious Personality111.41
Skirt Clothes121.41
Hazel Eyes111.40
Selfish Personality111.39
Jealous Personality111.39
Green Eyes331.39
Cross-dressing Engages in111.38
Ojousama Role111.38
Childhood Friend Role121.37
Flirting Engages in111.35
Mature Personality111.33
Cardigan Clothes111.33
Immature Personality111.32
Over The Knee Socks Clothes111.32
Fingerless Gloves Clothes111.32
Airhead Personality111.32
Ribbon Tie Clothes121.32
Fang Body111.31
Strict Personality111.31
Antenna Hair111.31
Timid Personality111.30
Pretending Personality111.29
Eye Covering Hair111.27
Teen Body481.25
String Ribbon Tie Clothes111.25
Naive Personality111.25
Hat Clothes111.24
Hoodie Clothes111.24
Loyal Personality111.23
Reserved Personality111.23
Scarf Clothes111.22
Brown Hair551.21
Coat Clothes111.20
Mole Body111.20
Makeup Body111.20
Ponytail Hair221.19
Twin Tails Hair121.19
University Student Role111.19
Olive Body111.17
Cape Clothes111.16
Grey Eyes111.15
Tareme Eyes121.14
Shorts Clothes111.14
Popular Role111.14
Sweater Clothes111.13
Carefree Personality111.11
Refined Personality111.09
Daughter Role111.07
Sidehair Hair221.07
Serious Personality111.06
Pale Body4141.03
Long Hair331.03
Earrings Clothes110.99
Blunt Bangs Hair110.98
Cooking Engages in110.98
Big Breasts Body110.98
Adult Body110.97
Pantyhose Clothes110.95
Hairpin Clothes110.94
Kid Body110.93
T-shirt Clothes110.92
Fighting Engages in110.90
School Uniform Clothes130.89
Ahoge Hair110.88
Slim Body140.85
Waist Length+ Hair120.83
Violet Hair110.80
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes110.79
Shirt Clothes110.78
Parted to Side Hair110.77
Miniskirt Clothes110.72
Shoulder-length Hair110.63