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March, 1956. Tokyo; a metropolis finally starting to recover ten long years after Japan's defeat in the War. Private eye Tokisaka Reiji accepts a strange request from a girl in Inokashira Park. "I want you to look for something. Me. My true self." Meanwhile, a series of bizarre murders is plaguing the area, one where young women are disappearing, only to turn up dead and maimed with their wombs torn out. Seeking assistance on the case, Detective Uozumi Kyozo called up his old friend and former coworker, Reiji. Ouba Girls Academy; a school on the outskirts of Hoya City. Reiji's little sister attends this school, where two young women have mysteriously vanished. Saeki Tokio, the vice principal, calls in Reiji to investigate their disappearance, giving him his third case. Reiji infiltrates the academy as a substitute teacher to glean information from the students - but that's when he meets her once again. Kuchiki Toko - his first clients, the girl who asked him to search for her true self. Her manner is distinctly boyish as she remarks: "Heya - so we meet again, Mr. Detective." The body count continues to rise. What should be a simple search for some students is staring to grow out of control. For some reason, the number of missing people and unidentified bodies don't match up. Who will be chosen as the next victim? As the endless cycle of tragedy continues, what mysteries lie behind these new cases? Behind a similar series of murders from six years ago? Perhaps one girl's smile might await beneath the shell of tragedy... [From MangaGamer]

Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode
Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode
  • Shouwa Era
  • 50's
  • Past Tokyo
Rating 8.321,058 Users
Cartagra ~Tsuki kurui no Yamai~
Cartagra ~Tsuki kurui no Yamai~
  • 50's
  • Shouwa Era
  • Past Tokyo
Rating 7.421,119 Users
Saya no Uta
Saya no Uta
  • Gore Filter
  • Antihero Protagonist
  • In Medias Res
Rating 8.168,256 Users
G-senjou no Maou
G-senjou no Maou
  • Figure Skater Heroine
  • Ladder Structure
  • Tactician Support Character
Rating 8.477,194 Users
Swan Song
Swan Song
  • Natural Disaster
  • Societal Collapse
  • Autistic Heroine
Rating 7.661,843 Users
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
  • Dystopia
  • Sunflowers
  • Pragmatic Protagonist
Rating 8.244,548 Users
Fate/Stay Night
Fate/Stay Night
  • In-game Sexual Content Toggle
  • Sacred Treasure
  • Mayadere Heroine
Rating 8.668,725 Users
Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-
Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-
  • Fictional Island Near Future Japan
  • Amusement Park
  • Blind Choices
Rating 8.574,832 Users
Project Pastorate
Project Pastorate
    Rating 5.414 Users
    Sakura MMO
    Sakura MMO
    • Softcore
    • Gaming
    • Protagonist from a Different World
    Rating 5.0824 Users
      Rating 5.253 Users
      Dimension of Monster Girls
      Dimension of Monster Girls
      • Protagonist from a Different World
      • Naga Heroine
      • Monster Girl Heroine
      Rating 5.4215 Users
      Memento of Spring
      Memento of Spring
      • Kinetic Novel
      • Female Protagonist
      Rating 5.443 Users
      Ningyou no Kizuato
      Ningyou no Kizuato
      • Disappearance
      • Portrait Orientation
      • Thriller
      Rating 5.5820 Users
      CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare-
      CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare-
      • Multiple Opening Movies
      • No Gallery
      • Kinetic Novel
      Rating 5.508 Users
        Rating 5.249 Users

        Tags (91 total)

        Past Tokyo2.912.928.50
        Shouwa Era2.703.028.16
        Heroine with Monocle2.193.307.23
        Blind Choices2.912.427.04
        School Art Club2.253.127.03
        Multi-Selection Choices2.502.666.64
        Painter Heroine2.432.646.41
        Smoker Protagonist2.582.456.33
        Private Detective Protagonist3.002.106.29
        Descriptions of Violence2.842.055.82
        Built-in Encyclopedia2.871.995.72
        Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character2.642.145.64
        Writer Heroine2.062.715.58
        Unlockable Gallery2.502.235.58
        Detective Work2.941.855.44
        Heroine with Psychological Problems2.532.155.43
        Psychological Problems2.312.335.39
        Murder Mystery2.911.855.38
        Heroine With Kansai Accent2.202.365.18
        Open Ending(s)2.562.025.17
        Multiple Route Mystery3.001.715.14
        All-girls School2.551.954.97
        Smoker Heroine1.942.464.77
        School Nurse Support Character1.912.404.59
        KiriKiri Engine2.331.904.42
        High Amount of Bad Endings2.501.744.35
        Proactive Protagonist2.671.624.34
        Interactive Adventure Game2.671.624.33
        Brief NVL Scenes2.651.624.29
        Short Sexual Scenes2.211.944.28
        Heroine with Kimono2.421.754.24
        Date Display2.831.484.19
        Drug Use1.862.224.13
        Ejaculation Choice2.641.554.08
        Heroine with Beauty Mark2.301.774.08
        Lots of Event CGs2.251.804.06
        Bad Endings with Story3.001.344.03
        Protagonist with Sexual Experience2.231.804.00
        Waitress Heroine2.161.843.98
        Dojikko Heroine1.872.083.88
        Game Over2.591.473.80
        Unlockable Event2.001.863.72
        Spontaneous Sex Scenes1.802.063.71
        Lots of Choices2.401.533.68
        Medical Doctor Heroine1.702.143.63
        Adult Protagonist2.871.243.55
        Unlockable Choices2.001.733.46
        Student Council President Heroine1.941.763.41
        Heroine with Sexual Experience2.321.463.40
        More Than Seven Endings2.421.353.28
        Bad Ending(s)2.751.173.23
        Unlockable Routes2.331.373.20
        Other Perspectives2.681.153.08
        Vertically Oriented Text1.322.323.06
        Map Movement2.371.273.01
        Enforced Playing Order1.671.632.72
        Adult Heroine2.171.092.36
        Bathroom Sex1.891.252.36
        Bisexual Heroine1.002.352.35
        Ojousama Heroine1.671.362.28
        Student Heroine2.770.812.25
        Only Bad Endings1.002.042.04
        Outdoor Sex2.100.962.01
        Multiple Endings2.800.671.88
        Sex in Public Places1.671.051.76
        Kyonyuu Heroine2.120.831.75
        Branching Plot1.860.931.72
        Low Sexual Content1.001.601.60
        Anal Sex1.880.791.48
        Protagonist with a Face1.810.731.32
        Male Protagonist2.880.381.10
        Sexual Content1.620.450.72

        Traits (194 total)

        Schoolmate Role71.974.10
        School Art Club Member Role32.833.92
        Medical Doctor Role42.113.40
        Lab Coat Clothes61.743.39
        Detective Role32.363.27
        Investigation Engages in41.953.14
        Black Eyes71.473.05
        Friend Role91.313.02
        Painter Role22.682.95
        Painting Engages in22.672.94
        Drawing Engages in22.602.86
        Adult Body51.432.56
        Grief Subject of22.282.50
        Refined Personality41.552.50
        Teasing Subject of31.782.47
        Watashi Personality51.362.43
        Reading Engages in22.192.41
        Young-adult Body180.802.35
        Ribbon Tie Clothes61.212.35
        Kimono Clothes41.462.34
        Smoking Engages in22.132.33
        Novelist Role13.362.33
        Parted to Side Hair61.142.21
        Hosome Eyes41.372.20
        Boobjob Subject of (Sexual)22.002.20
        Cleaning Engages in21.992.18
        Tomboy Personality21.972.17
        Black Hair120.842.16
        Guide Role13.122.16
        Mature Personality21.962.16
        Beard Hair21.952.14
        Smart Personality31.542.14
        Teasing Engages in31.542.13
        Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)21.872.05
        Employer Role12.952.05
        Teacher Role31.472.03
        Missionary Engages in (Sexual)21.852.03
        Cooking Engages in31.462.03
        Infiltration Engages in12.922.02
        Proactive Personality21.822.00
        Suit Clothes31.442.00
        Bartender Role12.881.99
        Doggy Style Engages in (Sexual)21.811.99
        Older Brother Role21.811.99
        Inferiority Complex Subject of12.841.97
        Holds Grudges Personality12.811.95
        Mole Body21.761.93
        Acquaintance Role12.771.92
        Clinical Depression Subject of12.771.92
        Sidehair Hair60.991.92
        Grandfather Role12.741.90
        Pessimist Personality12.741.90
        Uncle Role12.741.90
        Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)60.971.89
        Old-fashioned Personality12.711.88
        Monocle Clothes12.701.87
        Employee Role12.691.86
        Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)21.671.83
        Not a Virgin Role21.671.83
        Kansai-ben Personality12.551.77
        Kind Personality41.091.76
        Weakness Subject of12.521.74
        Brown Eyes60.901.74
        Intercrural Sex Subject of (Sexual)12.511.74
        Disappearance Subject of12.511.74
        Actor Role12.511.74
        Average Height Body70.831.74
        Writer Role12.501.73
        Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)31.251.73
        Sarcasm Engages in12.491.73
        Non-blood-related Daughter Role12.481.72
        Short Hair170.591.71
        Non-blood-related Mother Role12.461.71
        Kendo Engages in12.461.71
        Zouri Clothes12.441.69
        Reverse Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)12.431.69
        Poor Role12.421.68
        Charismatic Personality12.421.68
        School Nurse Role12.421.67
        Yamato Nadeshiko Role12.411.67
        Apron Clothes21.511.66
        Brown Hair110.671.66
        Goatee Hair12.371.64
        Loud Personality12.361.64
        Tominagi Engages in (Sexual)12.341.62
        Famous Role12.341.62
        Half-Japanese Role12.341.62
        Secret Identity Role12.331.62
        Seventh Posture Subject of (Sexual)21.471.62
        Police Role12.331.61
        Talkative Personality12.321.61
        Straight Hair41.001.61
        Gloves Clothes21.451.60
        Tabi Clothes12.271.58
        Widow Role12.261.57
        Seventh Posture Engages in (Sexual)12.241.55
        Short Bangs Hair12.241.55
        Butterfly Engages in (Sexual)12.231.54
        School Sports Club Member Role12.221.54
        Curly Hair21.371.51
        White Hair21.371.51
        Ponytail Hair31.081.50
        Headband Clothes21.361.50
        Necktie Clothes31.081.50
        Betrothed Role12.151.49
        Hotblooded Personality12.151.49
        Shoulder-length Hair40.921.49
        Glasses Clothes31.071.48
        High School Student Role70.701.46
        Sex with Others Engages in (Sexual)12.091.45
        Slim Body130.551.44
        Ojousama Role12.061.43
        Low Self-esteem Personality12.061.43
        Docile Personality12.031.41
        Curtained Hair21.281.41
        Handgun Items12.031.41
        Standing Sex Engages in (Sexual)12.011.39
        Full Brother Role12.001.39
        Old Body12.001.38
        Student Council President Role11.981.37
        Atashi Personality11.981.37
        Younger Brother Role11.971.37
        Planning Engages in11.941.34
        Protective Personality11.931.34
        Beret Clothes11.931.33
        Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.921.33
        Pale Body240.411.32
        Blazer Clothes11.911.32
        Pretending Personality11.891.31
        Handjob Subject of (Sexual)11.881.31
        Moustache Hair11.881.30
        Eye Covering Hair11.861.29
        Dress Clothes21.181.29
        Anal Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.861.29
        Nipple Sucking Engages in (Sexual)11.841.27
        Shirt Clothes21.141.25
        String Ribbon Tie Clothes11.811.25
        Drinking Engages in11.811.25
        Mischievous Personality11.801.25
        School Uniform Clothes70.601.25
        No Bangs Hair11.791.24
        Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)11.781.23
        Scarf Clothes11.781.23
        Pervert Personality11.771.23
        Muscular Body11.761.22
        Waitstaff Role11.761.22
        Coat Clothes11.751.22
        Mysterious Personality11.741.21
        Arrogant Personality11.741.20
        Ore Personality11.741.20
        Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)21.101.20
        Cunnilingus Engages in (Sexual)11.721.19
        Long Hair40.731.17
        Wife Role11.671.16
        Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)30.831.15
        Popular Role11.661.15
        Choker Clothes11.651.15
        Kouhai Role11.641.14
        Sweater Clothes11.631.13
        Blue Eyes30.791.10
        Older Sister Role11.581.09
        Mother Role11.581.09
        Green Eyes20.991.09
        Full Sister Role11.571.09
        Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)30.781.08
        Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes11.561.08
        Sailor Suit Clothes11.551.08
        Sex in Water Engages in (Sexual)11.551.07
        Serious Personality11.541.07
        Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)20.941.04
        Tall Body11.491.03
        Energetic Personality11.491.03
        Hair Tie Clothes11.471.02
        Younger Sister Role11.471.02
        Nipple Sucking Subject of (Sexual)11.461.01
        Grey Hair11.420.99
        Pregnancy Subject of11.420.98
        Pantyhose Clothes11.360.94
        T-shirt Clothes11.330.92
        Parted in Middle Hair11.320.91
        Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)11.290.90
        Skirt Clothes11.280.89
        Friendly Personality11.280.88
        Classmate Role11.240.86
        Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)11.200.83
        Waist Length+ Hair20.750.82
        Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.170.81
        Missionary Subject of (Sexual)11.160.80
        Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes11.150.80
        Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)11.130.79
        Miniskirt Clothes11.040.72
        Spiky Bangs Hair11.020.71
        Blond Hair10.880.61
        Teen Body10.570.39