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This character takes part in anal sex during a sexual scene. Use this trait on the penetrating partner and i1721 on the receiving partner. Anal sex commonly refers to the sex act involving insertion of the penis into the anus of a sexual partner. The term can also include other sexual acts involving the anus, including pegging, anal–oral sex, fingering, and object insertion.


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Similar Traits

Doggy Style Engages in (Sexual)46%
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)46%
Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)42%
Standing Sex Engages in (Sexual)41%
Quickie Fix Engages in (Sexual)40%
Missionary Engages in (Sexual)39%
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)38%
Handjob Subject of (Sexual)37%
Anal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)36%
Boobjob Subject of (Sexual)35%
Butterfly Engages in (Sexual)34%
Tominagi Engages in (Sexual)33%
Seventh Posture Engages in (Sexual)31%
Spoons Engages in (Sexual)30%
Reverse Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)29%
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)28%
Deepthroat Subject of (Sexual)27%
Twin Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)27%
Male on Male Sex Engages in (Sexual)26%
Footjob Subject of (Sexual)26%