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Age Rating

Novels (4 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Uso kara Hajimaru Koi no Natsu818.108.07
Fatal Twelve6947.567.55
Shizuku no Oto5996.346.37

Tags (97 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Teacher Support Character13.003.95
Survival Focus12.503.61
Battle Royale13.003.60
Restart from Chapter Index13.003.38
Ending List22.623.32
Battle of Wits13.003.19
Student-Teacher Romance13.003.01
Girl x Girl Romance22.612.95
Ethnically Diverse Cast12.002.91
Modern Day Japan32.692.90
Middle School Student Protagonist12.112.89
White Haired Protagonist12.502.89
Girl x Girl Romance Only22.262.78
Serious Protagonist12.172.75
Slice of Life Drama13.002.74
Normal Scene Recollection13.002.62
Completely Avoidable Protagonist Death12.502.61
Avoidable Death of Protagonist (obsolete)12.332.60
Father Support Character13.002.59
Child Support Character12.002.54
Protagonist with Voice Acting22.682.51
Protagonist with a Sprite32.602.50
Female Friend12.672.49
Descriptions of Violence12.782.48
Mother Support Character13.002.46
Unrequited Love12.002.37
High Amount of Bad Endings12.932.37
Multi-Selection Choices11.502.30
Life and Death Drama13.002.28
Unlockable Event12.002.28
Dark Skinned Characters12.002.23
Loli Support Character11.502.22
Slice of Life13.002.18
High School Student Protagonist22.502.17
Unlockable Gallery12.252.16
Strong Female Protagonist11.862.14
Unlockable Choices12.382.13
Late Branching Plot12.002.09
Built-in Encyclopedia12.002.07
Highly Animated Sprites12.002.03
Bad Ending(s)22.141.99
Branching Plot21.831.98
Bloody Scenes12.381.92
Only a Single Heroine22.691.92
Enforced Playing Order12.001.89
Proactive Protagonist12.001.83
Childhood Friend Support Character11.141.83
Other Perspectives21.941.79
Choices with 4 or More Options11.571.79
Death of Protagonist11.781.75
Unique Routes11.221.69
Coming-of-Age Drama11.001.66
Date Display12.001.64
More Than Seven Endings12.421.63
Female Protagonist32.661.57
Has Window Transparency Setting11.001.57
Brief Branches Only11.201.52
Lots of Choices11.861.52
Kinetic Novel13.001.49
Unlockable Routes11.671.46
Protagonist with a Face32.671.44
Fake Choices10.831.43
No Sexual Content42.661.42
No Romance Plot11.301.31
Bad Endings with Story11.501.28
Game Over11.331.26
Multiple Endings22.461.18
Student Heroine12.331.17
Meaningless Choices11.001.11
High School Student Heroine12.501.06
Super Deformed CG's11.001.05
No Hero(in)es10.600.88
Tsundere Heroine10.860.87
Orphan Heroine10.500.81
Deredere Heroine10.600.75
Male Protagonist12.000.33

Traits (261 total)

Book Items194.90
Investigation Engages in163.61
Braided Crown Hair133.29
Tennis Outfit Clothes123.21
Proactive Personality253.14
Chinese Dress Clothes133.04
Off-The-Shoulder Shirt Clothes132.99
Shopping Engages in232.84
Wavy Hair372.82
Pajamas Clothes242.81
Towel Clothes132.80
Mysterious Personality242.72
Modern Tsundere Personality222.68
Stylish Personality222.65
Relaxed Personality342.64
Androgynous Body122.61
Yukata Clothes132.56
Blunt Personality332.56
Jeans Clothes242.54
V Bangs Hair352.54
Friend Role272.52
Loner Personality222.48
Art Teacher Role112.47
Bun Hair232.47
Antisocial Personality122.44
Choker Clothes342.43
Sailor Suit Clothes112.41
Turtleneck Crop Top Clothes112.39
Reserved Personality232.39
Bookworm Personality222.39
Skirt Clothes352.38
T-shirt Clothes252.36
Smart Personality242.36
Stubborn Personality132.36
Crop Top Clothes232.34
Mary Jane Clothes122.33
Shorts Clothes232.32
Carefree Personality332.32
Sweets Lover Personality222.30
Food Lover Personality222.30
Earrings Clothes242.29
Tall Body222.27
Reading Engages in122.25
Shirt Clothes262.25
Hairpin Clothes242.24
Tsurime Eyes242.22
Indian Role112.21
Classmate Role252.20
Friendly Personality352.20
Apron Clothes132.19
Funny Personality222.19
Sharp-tongued Personality222.18
Bracelet Clothes132.17
Decorative Belt Clothes222.17
Ring Clothes222.16
Ponytail Hair362.14
Taciturn Personality222.13
Amber Eyes372.13
Airhead Personality222.10
Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater Clothes112.07
Uchi Personality112.07
Belt Clothes342.06
Pendant Earrings Clothes222.06
Blouse Clothes232.05
Cufflink Clothes112.05
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes122.05
Shark-like Teeth Body112.03
Honest Personality222.02
Ribbon Tie Clothes142.00
Sash Clothes112.00
Hat Clothes222.00
Pirate Role112.00
Flirting Engages in221.99
Waitstaff Role121.99
Tank Top Clothes231.98
Multiple Braids Hair111.98
Pleated Skirt Clothes231.96
Braid Hair221.95
Cheerful Personality121.95
Blunt Bangs Hair231.94
Italian Role111.92
Beanie Clothes111.90
Sidehair Hair361.90
Confident Personality221.89
Idealist Personality111.88
Adult Body231.88
Coat Clothes221.87
Stoic Personality121.87
Facial Piercing Body111.87
Dark Body121.86
Boots Clothes121.84
No Bangs Hair121.84
Blond Hair371.84
Pink Hair231.84
Painter Role111.83
Mafia Role111.82
Muscular Body221.81
French Role111.81
Fingerless Evening Gloves Clothes111.81
Fishnet Stockings Clothes111.80
Breakup Subject of111.80
Drinking Engages in221.80
Mini Hat Clothes111.80
Breakup Engages in111.80
Rebellious Personality111.79
Moody Personality111.78
Shy Personality221.78
Russian Role111.78
Nightmares Subject of111.78
Multiple Earrings Clothes111.77
Tareme Eyes241.76
School Sports Club Member Role111.76
Kansai-ben Personality111.76
Sleeveless Sweater Clothes111.76
Tube Top Clothes111.76
High School Student Role271.75
Hair Beads Hair111.75
Leather Jacket Clothes111.74
New Type School Swimsuit Clothes111.74
Backpack Items111.74
School Swimming Club Member Role111.70
Pendant Necklace Clothes221.68
Vest Clothes221.68
Energetic Personality121.68
Chinese Role111.67
Stockings Clothes111.67
Researcher Role111.66
Granddaughter Role111.66
Red Eyes331.65
Sister Complex Personality111.65
Necklace Clothes121.65
Competition Engages in111.64
Stuffed Toy Items111.63
High Heeled Sandals Clothes111.63
Daughter Role121.61
Dishonest Personality111.61
Handbag Items111.60
Ghost Role111.60
Transparent Clothes111.60
Eccentric Personality111.59
Younger Sister Role221.58
Suit Clothes121.58
High Heeled Boots Clothes111.57
Watakushi Personality111.57
Gym Shorts Clothes111.55
Cautious Personality111.55
Necktie Clothes231.54
School Uniform Clothes271.53
Pragmatic Personality111.53
Grey Hair121.52
Slim Body2131.51
High Heels Clothes111.50
Executive Role111.50
Stubble Hair111.50
Kid Body221.50
Flirting Subject of111.49
Wrinkles Body111.49
Armband Clothes111.48
Miniskirt Clothes231.48
White Hair221.47
Insightful Personality111.46
Half-orphan Role111.46
Ankle Boots Clothes111.46
Ankle Length Hair111.46
Black Hair251.45
Altruistic Personality111.44
Short Body111.44
Kind Personality231.44
Tiny Braid Hair111.43
Brave Personality111.43
Smoking Engages in111.42
Bow Tie Clothes111.41
Watch Clothes111.41
Green Eyes231.40
Hime Cut Hair111.40
High Heeled Shoes Clothes111.38
Overweight Body111.38
Young-adult Body351.38
Swimming Engages in111.37
Dress Clothes221.37
Cold-hearted Personality111.36
Old Body111.34
Immature Personality111.34
Clumsy Personality111.34
Cravat Clothes111.33
Unarmed Fighting Engages in111.33
Atashi Personality111.33
Slicked Back Hair111.33
Straight Hair231.33
Cardigan Clothes111.31
Violet Hair121.30
Jealous Personality111.30
Blue Hair121.30
Fang Body111.30
Big Breasts Body121.30
Multicolored Hair111.29
Blue Eyes241.29
Teen Body271.28
Homosexual Role111.27
Tall (obsolete) Body111.27
Mature Personality111.27
Blazer Clothes111.27
Pretending Personality111.26
Bob Cut Hair111.26
Younger Appearance Body111.26
Husband Role111.26
Brown Eyes131.25
Eye Covering Hair111.25
Short Shorts Clothes111.24
Boku Personality111.24
Twin Tails Hair121.23
Hair Ribbon Clothes111.23
Scarf Clothes111.23
Hair Flower Clothes111.22
Outgoing Personality111.22
Long Hair241.21
Mischievous Personality111.21
Sports Shoes Clothes111.20
Loafers Clothes111.19
Hoodie Clothes111.19
Short Hair361.18
Small Breasts Body111.18
Parted to Side Hair121.17
Teasing Subject of111.16
Father Role111.16
Cyan Eyes111.16
Nail Polish Body111.15
Violet Eyes221.14
Popular Role111.13
Mini-dress Clothes111.13
Mole Body111.12
Kouhai Role111.12
Pink Eyes111.12
Senpai Role111.11
Ore Personality111.10
Full Sister Role111.09
Makeup Body111.09
Older Sister Role111.08
Refined Personality111.08
Wife Role111.07
Medium Breasts Body111.07
Hard Worker Personality111.07
Pale Body3161.05
Maid's Dress Clothes111.05
Serious Personality111.04
Mother Role111.02
Bikini Clothes111.01
Teasing Engages in111.01
Shoulder-length Hair221.00
Headband Clothes111.00
Pantyhose Clothes110.99
Gloves Clothes110.98
Cooking Engages in110.98
Hair Tie Clothes110.98
Knee-high Socks Clothes110.95
Hosome Eyes110.95
Red Hair110.92
Waist Length+ Hair120.88
Trousers Clothes110.84
Glasses Clothes110.75
Brown Hair120.75