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Age Rating

Tags (146 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Modern Day Shibuya22.906.29
Death Game23.006.27
Built-in Flowchart72.566.04
Escape Game22.975.60
Kana-only Script22.505.16
Blind Choices32.535.06
Playtime Counter32.064.83
Multiple Route Mystery42.914.61
Choices from Other Perspectives22.254.42
Enforced Playing Order52.504.41
Puzzle Game22.864.31
Location Display22.254.30
Interactive Adventure Game52.584.22
Photographic Sprites22.384.09
Ending List32.313.82
Early Branching Plot32.683.75
Journalist Protagonist12.803.75
High Amount of Bad Endings32.463.72
Unlockable Protagonist13.003.70
Alternate Starting Point13.003.67
Hotblooded Protagonist12.803.62
Blind Hero11.963.56
Detective Work23.003.54
Hard Science Fiction21.463.53
Single Save Slot12.783.51
Multiplayer Game12.003.51
Short Common Route12.003.48
Fear of Death21.703.48
Scientist Protagonist12.803.41
Hint Corner13.003.41
Pixel Art22.503.38
Murder Mystery22.843.38
Fake Options21.463.35
Police Officer Protagonist12.803.32
Road Trip12.003.29
Bad Endings with Story32.923.26
Female Protagonist for a Short Time22.003.25
Photographic Backgrounds32.803.17
Choices with 4 or More Options31.233.06
Text Parser12.002.99
Unlockable Epilogue13.002.99
Heroine with Health Issues11.702.96
Realtime 3D12.942.94
Joke Endings12.602.94
Multiple Protagonists22.952.93
Non-Japanese Voice Acting22.072.91
Private Detective Protagonist13.002.89
Soldier Protagonist12.502.89
Game Over31.852.82
Science Fiction22.642.78
One True End22.962.74
Unlockable Choices21.832.71
Bloody Scenes22.012.71
Branching Plot32.782.66
Lots of Choices22.412.65
Unlockable Routes22.502.63
Single Ending22.752.62
White Haired Hero12.502.60
Unlockable Bonus Content21.662.59
Vertically Oriented Text12.002.58
University Student Protagonist21.962.56
Descriptions of Violence12.762.56
Oyaji Hero12.472.56
Pre-rendered Backgrounds12.202.55
More Than Seven Endings22.892.54
Western-style Mansion13.002.52
Body Horror11.252.49
Lots of Event CGs13.002.45
Difficulty Settings11.502.42
Completion Status Indicator12.002.39
Unique Routes12.002.37
No Romance Plot12.672.37
Flat Tints Only13.002.34
Modern Day Japan22.502.34
No Hero(in)es12.002.30
Unlockable Side Stories13.002.28
Bad Ending(s)22.812.27
Other Perspectives23.002.22
No Sexual Content122.772.20
Proactive Protagonist12.792.19
Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting12.002.17
Meaningless Choices21.222.15
Combat with Laser and Beam Firearms11.002.15
Protagonist with Voice Acting21.922.12
Unlockable Event11.832.12
Lip Sync12.112.11
University Student Heroine12.002.10
Interactive Movie11.172.05
White Haired Heroine12.502.04
Multi-Selection Choices11.171.99
Linear Plot13.001.94
Protagonist with a Face52.861.91
Adult Protagonist22.111.88
Open Ending(s)11.471.85
Multiple Endings52.661.80
Brief NVL Scenes12.001.77
Music Recollection12.001.77
Central Heroine11.501.65
Side Images21.331.53
Fast Mini-games11.001.31
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine12.181.29
Female Protagonist22.161.23
Energetic Heroine10.971.21
Colored Texts11.001.18
Nameable Protagonist12.001.10
Male Protagonist122.261.09
Shota Hero10.470.74
Sexual Innuendo10.180.33

Traits (314 total)

Real Actor Body13511.84
Death Game Accessory Clothes2178.86
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)3405.29
Confinement Subject of1124.72
University Student Role6154.72
Overall Clothes354.62
Black Eyes4214.50
Adult Body4244.47
Detective Role264.41
Bracelet Clothes2134.24
Earmuffs Clothes224.07
Side Bun Hair224.02
Office Lady Role244.01
Egyptian Role223.97
Sarcasm Engages in243.96
Moustache Hair473.88
Eccentric Personality143.83
Uncle Role333.72
Military Boots Clothes223.69
Arm Warmers Clothes233.68
Niece Role333.67
Shadowed Eyes133.66
Sanpaku Eyes Eyes243.65
Journalist Role133.64
Bald Hair343.64
Jacket Clothes4113.64
Boots Clothes383.59
Sports Shoes Clothes263.56
High Heeled Sandals Clothes233.56
Vest Clothes593.53
Power Armor Clothes123.52
Outgoing Personality263.46
Suit Clothes1103.45
Husband Role353.44
Ring Clothes343.38
Sunglasses Clothes243.37
Shirt Clothes5183.32
Freckles Body333.29
Pseudonym Role123.27
Curious Personality243.26
Tall Body133.25
Selfish Personality243.22
Shorts Clothes263.21
Yakuza Role123.21
Hoodie Clothes353.19
Vendor Role123.18
Balding Hair123.14
Beard Hair343.13
Leg Warmers Clothes223.13
No Bangs Hair453.12
Police Role133.11
Black Hair8403.10
Gyaru Clothes223.10
Grey Hair483.10
Executive Role233.08
Short-tempered Personality243.05
Muscular Body253.05
Jeans Clothes353.02
Gang Leader Role123.02
Nail Polish Body343.01
Slit Skirt Clothes223.00
Spiky Hair253.00
Turtleneck Dress Clothes122.98
Relaxed Personality252.98
Confident Personality242.93
Parted to Side Hair6132.93
Hotblooded Personality232.93
Necklace Clothes362.92
Friend Role492.92
Turtleneck Sweater Clothes332.91
Brown Eyes6242.90
Flat Cap Clothes122.86
Artificial Intelligence Role122.85
Iranian Role112.85
Terminal Illness Subject of122.84
Cross Necklace Clothes332.82
Arrogant Personality342.78
Rude Personality232.77
Trousers Clothes382.76
Tattoo Body232.76
Funny Personality232.74
Blunt Personality332.72
Young-adult Body5332.72
Boxing Gloves Clothes112.72
Necktie Clothes2112.71
Wise Personality122.70
Hood Clothes222.70
Writer Role122.67
Part-time Worker Role232.66
Immature Personality332.65
Investigation Engages in132.63
Leggings Clothes222.63
Belt Clothes562.61
Glasses Clothes3102.58
Shawl Clothes222.58
Spoiled Personality222.58
Goatee Hair222.54
Half-naked Clothes222.53
High Heeled Boots Clothes222.53
Boku Personality332.52
Scientist Role122.51
Fighting Engages in262.51
Blogger Role112.51
No Name Role122.49
Martial Arts Engages in122.47
Mischievous Personality232.46
Kind Personality392.46
Smart Personality142.45
Friendly Personality262.45
Reserved Personality332.45
White Hair352.44
Mask Clothes122.44
Gas Mask Clothes112.43
Short Bangs Hair222.43
Hair Flower Clothes232.41
Social Anxiety Disorder Subject of112.36
Hospitalization Subject of122.35
Olive Body332.33
Smoking Engages in122.30
Altruistic Personality222.30
Sweets Lover Personality122.29
Shoulder-length Hair4112.28
Food Lover Personality222.27
Robe Clothes122.27
Hip Scarf Clothes112.27
Curtained Hair352.26
Optimist Personality222.25
Pendant Earrings Clothes222.23
Afro Hair112.21
Boxing Engages in112.20
Boyfriend Role222.19
Cheerful Personality222.17
Hardworker Personality332.17
Old Body122.17
Low Self-esteem Personality122.16
Decorative Belt Clothes222.16
Slicked Back Hair222.16
Sandals Clothes222.15
Stutter Personality112.14
Changshan Clothes112.13
Coworker Role122.13
Pixie Cut Hair112.12
Shaggy Hair222.12
Knee-high Boots Clothes222.12
Mascot Character Role112.11
Wrestling Engages in112.10
Mature Personality222.10
Hidden Eyes122.09
Over The Knee Socks Clothes222.09
Energetic Personality232.09
Unemployed Role112.09
Brown Hair6212.09
Quiet Personality112.09
Aloha Shirt Clothes112.08
Airhead Personality222.08
Gang Member Role112.08
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes232.07
Chef's Uniform Clothes112.06
Timid Personality222.06
Honest Personality122.05
Dark Body222.04
Protective Personality122.01
Short Hair5272.01
Ornament Hanging from Clothes Clothes112.00
Multiple Braids Hair111.98
Braided Bun Hair111.97
Beanie Clothes111.97
Naive Personality221.96
Blunt Bangs Hair331.96
Observant Personality111.95
Ponytail Hair451.95
Top Hat Clothes111.95
Rabbit Role111.94
Waitstaff Role121.94
Scarf Clothes221.93
Bartender Role111.92
Idealist Personality111.91
Long Hair4121.91
Blindness Subject of111.90
Makeup Body221.90
Coat Clothes221.90
Bolo Tie Clothes111.89
Leather Jacket Clothes111.88
Slippers Clothes111.88
Nephew Role111.88
Hacker Role111.88
Facial Piercing Body111.87
Grumbler Personality111.87
Old-fashioned Personality111.86
Kid Body331.86
Baggy Pants Clothes111.85
T-shirt Clothes131.85
Pacifist Personality111.84
Coward Personality111.83
Walking Stick Items111.81
Spiky Bangs Hair551.81
Violet Eyes251.81
Green Eyes351.80
Sweater Clothes221.80
Dyed Hair111.79
Parted in Middle Hair231.78
Confinement Engages in111.78
Overconfident Personality111.76
Criminal Role111.76
Secretary Role111.76
Wife Role121.76
Computering Engages in111.74
Aunt Role111.73
Trench Coat Clothes111.72
Arm Cuffs Clothes111.71
Cook Role111.70
Delinquent Role111.70
Stockings Clothes111.69
Disguise Engages in111.68
Helmet Clothes111.67
Cynic Personality111.66
Distrustful Personality111.65
Prostitute Role111.65
Loner Personality111.63
Whimsical Personality111.63
Ignorant Personality111.63
Pragmatic Personality111.61
Loud Personality111.61
Foreigner Role111.60
Chain Jewellery Clothes111.59
Tank Top Clothes221.59
American Role111.58
Competitive Personality111.57
Sidehair Hair341.57
Antisocial Personality111.56
Blue Eyes261.56
Brooch Clothes111.55
Stubble Hair111.55
Idiot Personality111.55
Widow Role111.55
Straight Hair141.55
Manipulative Personality111.53
Violent Personality111.51
Twin Tails Hair331.51
Chinese Dress Clothes111.51
Body Ribbon Clothes111.50
Watch Clothes111.48
Pale Body6491.48
Shopkeeper Role111.48
Wavy Hair221.47
Crown Clothes111.46
Psychological Trauma Subject of111.46
Mobile Phone Items111.46
Kitsuneme Eyes111.45
Honorable Personality111.45
Cruel Personality111.45
Pink Hair221.44
Tiny Braid Hair111.44
Overweight Body111.44
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality111.43
Slim Body5141.43
Blond Hair341.43
Soldier Role111.42
Scar Body111.42
Docile Personality111.41
Skirt Clothes221.41
Waitstaff Uniform Clothes111.40
Ahoge Hair221.40
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes111.38
Multicolored Hair111.37
Dress Shoes Clothes111.37
Strange Personality111.37
Thigh-high Boots Clothes111.36
Son Role111.35
Beret Clothes111.34
Ribbon Tie Clothes221.32
Red Eyes121.32
Dress Clothes221.31
Strict Personality111.31
Tsundere Personality111.29
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes111.27
Twin Braids Hair111.27
Eye Covering Hair111.27
Bun Hair111.24
Waist Length+ Hair441.23
Loyal Personality111.22
Crop Top Clothes111.22
Stubborn Personality111.21
Father Role111.21
Deredere Personality111.20
Mysterious Personality111.20
Pervert Personality111.19
Pajamas Clothes111.18
Teal Eyes111.17
Miniskirt Clothes221.16
Cyan Eyes111.15
Ore Personality111.15
Girlfriend Role111.13
Short (obsolete) Body111.12
Shy Personality111.12
Carefree Personality111.12
Choker Clothes111.10
Death Subject of111.10
Mini-dress Clothes111.09
Pendant Necklace Clothes111.08
Daughter Role111.07
Serious Personality111.05
Teacher Role111.05
Orange Hair111.04
Blouse Clothes111.04
V Bangs Hair110.98
Cooking Engages in110.98
Headband Clothes110.96
Big Breasts Body110.95
Hairpin Clothes110.95
Hosome Eyes110.94
Teen Body140.92
Tareme Eyes110.72
School Uniform Clothes110.45