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Novels (6 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius6937.026.93
Sunrider: Liberation Day3947.066.91
Shining Song Starnova3356.966.86
Sunrider Academy8486.266.29
Shining Song Starnova: Idol Empire00.006.26

Tags (168 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Captain Protagonist22.955.66
Starship Combat22.735.44
White Haired Protagonist32.585.33
Mecha Pilot Heroine22.855.02
Manager Protagonist22.755.00
Pragmatic Heroine32.004.82
Mercenary Heroine22.094.70
Japanese Voice Acting (For Non-OJLVNs)22.004.67
Energetic Heroine52.374.54
Mecha Combat22.754.52
Soldier Heroine22.324.15
Turn Based Strategy Game22.514.12
Dojikko Heroine32.004.10
Orphan Heroine32.134.10
Assassin Heroine21.944.06
Scientist Heroine22.233.98
Officer Protagonist13.003.92
Combat Capable Friends22.883.86
Kendo Club12.573.84
Engineer Heroine12.503.74
Genius Heroine32.393.72
Coodere Heroine32.463.55
Tactician Protagonist13.003.55
Shy Heroine32.323.53
Student Council Member Protagonist12.863.51
Japanese Idols13.003.48
White Haired Heroine32.453.47
Medical Doctor Heroine22.003.45
Difficulty Settings12.673.44
Officer Heroine12.503.42
High School AU12.003.28
Voice Only Parts12.503.25
Future Setting in a Fictional World12.673.21
Swimming Club12.673.17
Laid-back Heroine12.003.13
Sister Support Character12.833.13
Indecisive Protagonist12.143.08
Smoker Heroine12.503.08
Heroine with Ahoge22.663.02
School Festival12.752.96
Student Club President Heroine12.572.93
Science Fiction22.952.93
Transfer Student Protagonist12.862.92
Bokukko Heroine22.002.91
Leader Heroine12.122.91
Modern Tsundere Heroine22.142.89
School Sports Club Member Heroine12.862.88
Chuunibyou Heroine12.002.85
Fighting Princess Heroine12.002.83
Class President Heroine12.752.82
Hint Corner12.002.72
Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character12.802.71
Soldier Protagonist12.202.71
Half-Japanese Heroine12.002.67
Colored Name-tags22.502.66
Multiple Songs12.002.63
Heroine With Kansai Accent12.002.63
Low Sexual Content22.002.63
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine42.302.60
Game Over22.152.55
Emotionless Heroine12.252.51
Perverted Heroine22.002.50
Marriage Ending13.002.49
Multiple Credit Rolls11.672.48
Lots of Choices22.002.46
Twin Tail Heroine32.472.44
High School Student Protagonist22.862.41
Fictional World12.672.41
Pre-rendered Backgrounds12.002.40
Map Movement22.462.37
Idol Heroine12.672.36
Music Recollection13.002.31
Student Council President Heroine12.572.30
Heroine with Catsuit11.502.28
Meaningless Choices21.252.24
Short Sexual Scenes12.252.22
Deredere Heroine13.002.22
Proactive Protagonist12.752.18
High School22.722.18
Non-Japanese Voice Acting12.332.17
Arrogant Heroine12.002.16
Miko Heroine12.672.16
Fighting Heroine12.802.15
Only Virgin Heroines22.702.10
Food Discussions11.752.08
Tsundere Heroine21.672.07
Dating Simulation12.002.04
Protagonist with Sexual Experience12.172.03
Otaku Heroine12.002.03
Bad Ending(s)22.202.02
Adult Protagonist22.282.01
One True End13.001.98
Brother/Sister Romance12.431.98
Attempted Rape11.331.95
Missionary Position32.271.92
Brother/Sister Incest11.501.90
Colored Texts12.001.88
Outdoor Sex31.971.86
Photographic Backgrounds12.711.86
Adult Heroine22.141.86
Linear Plot12.671.83
More Than Seven Heroines21.001.83
Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine13.001.80
Genre Shift11.251.80
Slice of Life12.001.79
Heroine with Big Breasts22.001.79
Modern Day Japan12.831.76
Dark Skinned Heroine12.001.75
Fighting Protagonist11.801.75
Simulation Game11.671.74
Heroine with Swimsuits12.001.73
Late Sexual Content11.671.72
Student Heroine22.881.69
Under the Same Roof12.711.69
Heroine with Sexual Experience21.381.68
Few Choices12.331.66
Bad Endings with Story12.001.61
Sex in Water12.001.52
Protagonist with a Face32.291.51
Pettanko Heroine11.671.50
Yandere Heroine20.571.49
Unlockable Hero(ine)11.001.45
Super Deformed CG's11.571.41
High School Student Heroine22.001.40
Multiple Endings32.181.38
Hetare Protagonist10.831.34
Breaking the Fourth Wall11.001.26
Unlockable Routes11.331.24
Quickie Fix Position12.001.22
Modern Day11.171.18
Unlockable Side Stories11.001.14
Doggy Style21.501.06
Reverse Cowgirl11.000.90
Single Boobjob11.000.88
Male Protagonist52.500.85
Other Perspectives11.000.80
Naked Sprites11.000.73
Single Blowjob11.000.72
Sexual Content21.750.70
Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town10.330.55

Traits (380 total)

Pressure Suit Clothes3157.70
Piloting Engages in2127.63
Mecha Pilot Role2176.84
Comrade Role2166.61
Swimsuit Clothes4125.70
Revolutionary Role255.44
Drinking Engages in3175.02
Mercenary Role254.89
Sex with Protagonist Only Engages in (Sexual)2114.78
Patriotic Personality244.77
Loyal Personality3124.57
Military Uniform Clothes2104.56
Uniform Clothes294.55
Soldier Role284.51
Antagonist Role394.40
Ware Personality134.25
Pragmatic Personality354.22
Commander Role274.22
Third Person Personality464.15
Researcher Role244.01
Villain Role273.98
Wristband Clothes163.92
Producer Role123.75
Competitive Personality243.69
Jibun Personality223.67
Student Council Vice President Role333.62
Sailor School Uniform Clothes3103.58
School Band Member Role123.57
Sniper Role223.52
Serious Personality393.52
Group Sex of Several Females Engages in (Sexual)133.50
White Hair4123.50
Pleated Skirt Clothes2103.50
Atashi Personality353.46
Kendo Engages in233.46
Short-tempered Personality353.41
Honorable Personality243.38
Sniper Rifle Items223.36
Lieutenant Role223.36
Suspended Animation Subject of223.34
Uchi Personality223.34
Energetic Personality383.32
Ambitious Personality233.29
V Bangs Hair393.27
Grey Eyes363.24
Loud Personality333.23
Pirate Role223.19
Scientist Role333.17
Flirting Engages in443.14
Tominagi Engages in (Sexual)333.10
Boobjob Subject of (Sexual)443.08
Cravat Clothes143.07
Nature Lover Personality333.07
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes563.07
Investigation Engages in243.07
Taciturn Personality343.07
Mechanic Role223.06
Captain Role223.02
Bikini Clothes373.01
Teasing Engages in363.00
One Piece Swimsuit Clothes342.99
Singing Engages in232.97
Confident Personality242.95
Holds Grudges Personality222.91
Secretive Personality232.88
Carefree Personality352.88
Lace Garter Belt Stockings Clothes222.88
Mischievous Personality442.87
Teasing Subject of442.86
Lesbian Sex Engages in (Sexual)172.84
Otaku Personality232.84
Assassin Role222.83
Schoolmate Role142.83
Vindictive Personality222.83
Criminal Role222.82
Crop Top Clothes142.82
Deredere Personality242.81
School Band Leader Role112.80
Spiky Bangs Hair4152.80
Hime Cut Hair332.80
Doggy Style Engages in (Sexual)442.78
Forced Public Nudity Subject of (Sexual)122.78
Violet Hair4102.77
Sexual Harassment Engages in222.77
Genius Personality332.75
Old Body232.74
Childhood Friend Role482.74
Lace Band Thigh-high Stockings Clothes222.73
Musician Role222.72
Katana Items332.67
School Kendo Club President Role112.65
School Sports Club Member Role122.65
Sex on Beach Engages in (Sexual)222.64
Disappearance Subject of222.64
Drum Items112.63
Competition Engages in122.63
Wavy Hair362.61
Shy Personality442.61
Moustache Hair232.58
Tsundere Personality332.58
Sidehair Hair3132.57
School Science Club President Role112.57
Reverse Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)222.56
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)442.56
Coodere Personality222.55
Full Sister Role442.54
Blunt Bangs Hair452.53
Watashi Personality362.53
Kouhai Role242.52
Senpai Role242.50
Twin Tails Hair592.49
High Heeled Shoes Clothes222.49
Daughter Role342.49
Antisocial Personality222.48
Bun Hair232.48
Yo Personality112.48
Insightful Personality222.48
Outgoing Personality332.48
Smart Personality242.47
Sex in Water Engages in (Sexual)242.47
Missionary Engages in (Sexual)332.46
Superhuman Role122.45
Revenge Engages in222.45
Older Brother Role332.44
Parted to Side Hair482.44
Stubborn Personality332.44
Lab Coat Clothes332.44
School Swimming Club President Role112.43
Scarf Clothes332.43
Blue Eyes5202.43
Violent Personality222.42
Warrior Role222.42
Pet Owner Role122.41
Long Beard Hair112.41
Brave Personality222.41
Coat Clothes132.41
Arrogant Personality332.40
Straight Hair4112.40
Red Hair452.39
Book Items222.38
Bass Guitar Items112.37
Jacket Clothes442.35
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)5172.34
Medical Doctor Role222.33
Young-adult Body3192.31
Cyan Eyes332.30
Miniskirt Clothes282.30
Overweight Body222.29
Ara Ara Personality112.28
Friendly Personality352.27
Sweater Clothes132.27
Cuffs Clothes222.26
Nurse's Cap Clothes222.26
Optimist Personality222.26
Blue Hair362.25
Curious Personality222.24
Student Council President Role222.20
Classmate Role252.20
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)352.19
Shoulder-length Hair4102.19
Strange Personality222.18
Nurse Uniform Clothes222.18
Hardworker Personality332.17
Ringlet Hair222.17
Tomboy Personality222.17
Full Brother Role222.17
Collar Clothes332.15
T-shirt Clothes242.14
Beard Hair222.14
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes282.14
Ponytail Hair562.11
Genre Savvy Personality112.10
Romantically Indecisive Personality112.10
Mutual Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)122.09
Airhead Personality122.09
Misanthrope Personality112.09
Alcohol Abuse Engages in112.09
Strict Personality222.08
Orange Hair232.07
Student Role332.07
Birthday Celebration Subject of112.05
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)332.05
Ahoge Hair242.04
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)452.04
Younger Appearance Body122.03
Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)222.03
Guitar Items112.02
Turtleneck Tank Top Clothes112.01
Proactive Personality222.01
Boku Personality222.01
Workaholic Personality112.00
Dancer Role112.00
Younger Sister Role332.00
Bob Cut Hair221.99
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)481.99
Naive Personality221.98
Chuunibyou Personality111.97
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)351.97
Coach Role111.96
Cooking Engages in231.96
Green Eyes461.95
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)221.95
Nipple Sucking Engages in (Sexual)121.94
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)251.94
Unpopular Role111.94
Slim Body4381.94
Baker Role111.93
Kind Personality451.93
Red Eyes341.93
Rebellious Personality111.92
Host(ess) Role111.91
Pervert Personality221.91
Short Hair5231.91
Symbol Eyes111.89
Waist Length+ Hair4111.88
Stoic Personality221.87
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)4111.87
Tareme Eyes251.86
Volleyball Engages in111.86
Olive Body121.86
Coward Personality111.85
Pet Role111.85
Prisoner Role111.85
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)221.85
Widower Role111.85
Politician Role111.83
Disappointment Subject of111.83
Reverse Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)221.82
Pink Hair331.82
Queen Regnant Role111.82
Shirt Clothes141.81
Hair Ribbon Clothes221.81
Amber Eyes351.81
King Role111.79
Dog Role111.79
Teen Body5221.79
Keikogi Clothes111.78
Overconfident Personality111.78
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)131.78
Round Eyes111.78
Pianist Role111.76
Secretary Role111.76
Curtained Hair131.75
Kansai-ben Personality111.75
Black Hair471.74
Bridal Carry Subject of111.74
High School Student Role291.73
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)441.71
Dishonest Personality111.70
Hand Fan Items111.69
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)251.68
Modern Tsundere Personality111.67
Cynic Personality111.67
Actor Role111.67
Peaked Cap Clothes111.67
Distrustful Personality111.66
Ribbon Tie Clothes231.66
Dancing Engages in111.65
Ankle-Strap Shoes Clothes111.65
Sceptre Items111.65
Ignorant Personality111.64
Closet Pervert Personality111.63
Incest Engages in (Sexual)121.63
Violet Eyes341.62
Moving Engages in111.62
Stuffed Toy Items111.62
Half-Japanese Role111.61
Jitome Eyes111.61
Heterochromia Eyes111.61
Black Eyes221.60
Famous Role111.60
School Uniform Clothes4111.59
American Role111.59
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes231.59
Vaginal/Anal Sexual Toys Subject of (Sexual)121.59
Blond Hair351.58
Footjob Subject of (Sexual)111.58
Sanpaku Eyes Eyes111.58
Suit Clothes121.58
Flustered Personality111.58
School Swimsuit Clothes111.58
Tracksuit Clothes111.58
Fur Body111.57
Watakushi Personality111.56
Idiot Personality111.56
Nipple Sucking Subject of (Sexual)121.56
Public Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)111.55
Big Breasts Body221.55
Mask Clothes111.54
Anal Plug Tail Subject of (Sexual)111.54
Class President Role111.54
Tominagi Subject of (Sexual)221.54
Off-The-Shoulder Shirt Clothes111.53
Self-sacrifice Engages in111.53
Adult Body221.53
Seventh Posture Engages in (Sexual)111.53
Robot Role111.53
Student Club Member Role111.52
Lolita Clothes111.52
Headband Clothes221.52
Necktie Clothes231.50
Hairpin Clothes221.50
Lazy Personality111.50
Glasses Clothes231.49
Gothic Clothes111.49
Illness Subject of111.49
Kid Body221.48
Cruel Personality111.47
Pale Body5461.46
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)131.46
Crown Clothes111.46
Assertive Personality111.45
Smoking Engages in111.45
Emotional Personality111.44
Gamer Role111.44
Long Hair361.44
Robe Clothes111.44
Scar Body111.43
Thick Eyebrows Hair111.43
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)231.43
Cold-hearted Personality111.41
Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)221.41
Rude Personality111.40
Brown Hair571.40
Miko Role111.40
Boyfriend Role111.40
Selfish Personality111.40
Jealous Personality111.39
Rival Role111.39
Sports Uniform Clothes111.38
Blunt Personality111.38
Ojousama Role111.38
Transfer Student Role111.38
Cleaning Engages in111.37
Funny Personality111.37
Ankle Socks Clothes111.37
Swimming Engages in111.36
Slicked Back Hair111.36
Princess Role111.36
Shaggy Hair111.34
Quickie Fix Engages in (Sexual)111.34
Standing Sex Engages in (Sexual)111.33
Planning Engages in111.33
Clumsy Personality111.33
Hidden Eyes111.33
Mature Personality111.33
Immature Personality111.32
Puffy Sleeves Clothes111.32
Fang Body111.31
Antenna Hair111.31
Nipple Teasing Subject of (Sexual)111.31
Timid Personality111.30
Miko's Dress Clothes111.29
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)121.28
Handjob Subject of (Sexual)111.26
Brown Eyes231.24
Sword Items111.22
Father Role111.22
No Bangs Hair111.21
Hair Flower Clothes111.21
Mysterious Personality111.20
Makeup Body111.20
Muscular Body111.19
Footjob Engages in (Sexual)111.16
Bracelet Clothes111.11
Choker Clothes111.10
Short (obsolete) Body111.09
Refined Personality111.09
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes111.03
Hair Tie Clothes111.01
Gloves Clothes111.00
Seventh Posture Subject of (Sexual)111.00
Grey Hair110.98
Hosome Eyes110.94
Tsurime Eyes110.93
Parted in Middle Hair110.89
Friend Role110.88
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)110.83
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)110.81
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)110.81