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Age Rating

Novels (4 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
ACE Academy5947.157.05
Kaori After Story2057.146.90
Ethereal Enigma1536.916.73

Tags (81 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Cousin Support Character13.004.21
Highly Animated Sprites32.924.21
Non-Japanese Voice Acting42.823.96
Gaijin Protagonist12.623.84
Engineer Heroine12.713.84
Foolish Friend22.803.75
Mecha Pilot Heroine12.863.61
Mecha Pilot Protagonist12.833.53
Fictional Futuristic Japanese Town12.173.50
School Sports Club Member Protagonist12.003.32
Lip Sync22.503.26
Only Adult Heroines32.333.17
Lots of Choices32.683.13
Mecha Combat12.573.12
Meaningless Choices31.923.09
Brief Branches Only22.003.06
Heroine from a Different World12.333.01
University Student Hero12.672.90
The Holiday Season13.002.80
Timed Choices13.002.80
Transfer Student Protagonist12.802.76
Protagonist from a Different World13.002.76
Choices with 4 or More Options21.532.67
Combat Capable Friends12.802.63
Protagonist's Girlfriend as a Heroine13.002.61
Multi-Selection Choices11.802.57
Fictional World13.002.57
Slice of Life Comedy13.002.57
Unlockable Gallery13.002.50
Thief Heroine11.672.47
University Student Protagonist21.912.40
University Student Heroine12.832.37
Sword Wielding Protagonist12.332.35
Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character12.332.34
Knight Heroine12.142.32
Past Setting in a Fictional World13.002.32
Mage Heroine12.202.25
Slice of Life21.592.24
Charming Protagonist11.502.22
Fictional Modern Day Japanese Countryside11.602.20
Colored Name-tags22.102.18
Sword Wielding Heroine12.332.16
Modern Day13.002.13
Sexual Innuendo12.002.13
Orphan Protagonist12.402.12
Music Recollection13.002.09
Protagonist in Relationship13.001.99
Quick Time Events11.001.95
Emotionless Heroine11.501.95
Nameable Protagonist32.311.92
Alternate Dimensions11.751.88
Tsundere Heroine12.601.77
Adult Protagonist22.001.68
Only a Single Heroine21.841.59
High School Student Protagonist12.751.55
No Sexual Content42.891.54
Ponytail Heroine12.001.54
Breaking the Fourth Wall11.331.47
More Than Seven Endings12.001.43
Fighting Protagonist11.201.32
Twin Tail Heroine12.001.26
Fighting Heroine11.201.25
Student Heroine12.401.14
Branching Plot11.501.12
Protagonist with a Face22.161.10
Multiple Endings22.191.09
Protagonist with a Sprite11.431.05
Heroine with Big Breasts12.000.98
Male Protagonist42.790.72

Traits (213 total)

Teammate Role265.14
Mecha Pilot Role264.69
Multilingual Role233.81
Teasing Subject of483.77
Comrade Role143.68
University Student Role283.60
Teasing Engages in493.43
Transfer Student Role343.22
Half-Japanese Role233.21
Motorcycle Items223.16
Fighting Engages in3103.09
American Role233.04
Gauntlet Clothes133.04
Competitive Personality233.03
Uncle Role122.91
Nephew Role222.87
Mischievous Personality242.83
Infiltration Engages in122.81
Pianist Role222.80
Assertive Personality332.79
Puffy Personality222.74
Observant Personality122.74
Drawing Engages in222.72
Serious Personality352.70
Tennis Engages in222.70
Smart Personality452.68
Sarcasm Engages in122.64
Short-tempered Personality232.60
Tsundere Personality332.58
Nameable Role332.53
Hard Worker Personality342.50
Cautious Personality122.49
Protective Personality332.42
Friendly Personality262.42
Himedere Personality112.41
Stubborn Personality332.40
Hoodie Clothes232.40
Orphan Role232.37
Knight Role122.32
Leather Armor Clothes112.31
Grey Eyes232.26
Shy Personality332.26
Jeans Clothes332.25
Adult Body242.21
Magician Role132.21
Violin Items112.21
Shinai Items112.20
Stargazing Engages in112.18
Curious Personality122.17
Full Brother Role222.15
Bad Cooking Engages in112.15
School Soccer Club Member Role112.14
Ponytail Hair462.14
Pink Hair342.12
Energetic Personality232.12
School Kendo Club Member Role112.11
Jealous Personality122.10
Driver Role112.09
Genre Savvy Personality112.06
Strict Personality222.05
Legal Guardian Role112.00
Hunter Role111.98
Earrings Clothes131.98
Violinist Role111.98
Proactive Personality121.98
Classmate Role241.97
Detached Sleeves Clothes221.97
Off-The-Shoulder Sweater Clothes111.96
School Uniform Clothes3151.96
Confident Personality121.95
Outgoing Personality221.95
Engineer Role111.94
Sword Items121.94
Scarf Clothes121.93
Soccer Engages in111.93
Humble Personality111.92
Loyal Personality221.90
Older Brother Role221.89
Kind Personality351.89
Idealist Personality111.88
Tassets Clothes111.88
Massage Engages in111.88
Brown Eyes471.87
Mercenary Role111.87
Stoic Personality221.87
Notebook Items111.86
Red Hair331.83
Carefree Personality221.82
Dagger Items111.82
Keikogi Clothes111.82
French Role111.81
Green Eyes351.81
Sweater Clothes221.81
Sleeveless Dress Clothes111.79
Greave Clothes111.78
Pink Eyes221.77
Kendo Engages in111.76
Parted to Side Hair241.76
Niece Role111.75
Student Club President Role111.75
Overconfident Personality111.74
Refined Personality221.73
Tentacle Restraint Subject of111.72
Blond Hair461.72
Friend Role231.72
Young-adult Body381.72
Duel Engages in111.71
Donkan Personality111.69
Black Hair371.69
Teacher Role221.68
Living Alone Role111.67
Cynic Personality111.66
Competition Engages in111.64
Slim Body4181.64
Amber Eyes241.64
Spoiled Personality111.63
Whimsical Personality111.61
Bikini Clothes221.60
High Heeled Boots Clothes111.60
Non-human Role111.60
Foreigner Role111.59
Flirting Subject of111.59
Bullying Engages in111.59
Ambitious Personality111.58
Long Hair471.56
Charismatic Personality111.53
Stubble Hair111.53
Flustered Personality111.52
Dimensional Travel Engages in111.52
Glasses Clothes231.50
Swordsmanship Engages in111.48
Singing Engages in111.48
Honorable Personality111.47
Hotblooded Personality111.46
Altruistic Personality111.45
High School Student Role251.45
Sly Personality111.44
Docile Personality111.43
Ahoge Hair221.43
Spaulders Clothes111.42
Optimist Personality111.42
Shopping Engages in111.42
Student Council President Role111.41
Secretive Personality111.39
Sharp-tongued Personality111.39
Gamer Role111.39
Big Breasts Body221.38
Genius Personality111.38
Formal Shirt Clothes111.38
Scar Body111.37
Funny Personality111.37
Princess Role111.37
Handgun Items111.36
Unarmed Fighting Engages in111.35
Taciturn Personality111.34
Straight Hair231.33
Brown Hair361.32
Cousin Role111.31
Mature Personality111.31
Knee-high Boots Clothes111.31
Timid Personality111.30
Blunt Personality111.30
Plate Armor Clothes111.30
Investigation Engages in111.30
Flirting Engages in111.29
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes111.29
Honest Personality111.28
Husband Role111.28
Blazer Clothes111.26
Bob Cut Hair111.26
Braid Hair111.24
Confinement Subject of111.23
Tall (obsolete) Body111.22
Necktie Clothes221.22
Twin Tails Hair221.22
Naive Personality111.21
Reserved Personality111.21
Arrogant Personality111.19
Coat Clothes111.19
Short Hair461.18
Teen Body261.18
Spiky Hair111.16
Medium Breasts Body111.15
Drinking Engages in111.15
Pale Body4201.15
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes111.12
Blue Eyes231.11
Kouhai Role111.11
Bracelet Clothes111.10
Full Sister Role111.09
Apron Clothes111.08
Vest Clothes111.06
Daughter Role111.04
Necklace Clothes111.04
Student Role111.02
Shoulder-length Hair221.01
Tank Top Clothes111.00
Black Eyes111.00
Suit Clothes111.00
Hair Tie Clothes110.99
Headband Clothes110.99
Pantyhose Clothes110.98
Cooking Engages in110.98
Hairpin Clothes110.96
T-shirt Clothes110.92
Skirt Clothes110.91
Belt Clothes110.91
Trousers Clothes110.86
Red Eyes110.83
Shirt Clothes110.80
Violet Eyes110.71
Sidehair Hair110.67
Waist Length+ Hair110.55