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Age Rating

Novels (5 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Beskonechnoe leto1,6187.117.05
UVAO Project 2017 Rebuild76.495.44
UVAO Forever715.485.36
9 Maja225.455.36

Tags (61 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Pioneer Heroine22.957.43
Russian Heroine32.975.67
Russian Protagonist23.005.43
Summer Camp22.505.24
Slice of Life23.003.41
Delinquent Heroine12.713.39
Ambient Sounds12.573.28
Existential Crisis12.673.18
Librarian Heroine12.003.04
Mischievous Heroine12.443.01
Modern Day Earth13.002.87
Unlockable Hero(ine)13.002.87
The Holiday Season12.862.83
Unlockable Event13.002.77
Sprite Viewer12.802.77
No Opening Movie13.002.75
Colored Name-tags22.502.75
Blind Choices12.002.64
Short Sexual Scenes12.912.62
Modern Day Setting in a Fictional World12.002.60
Chosen Choices Marking12.002.57
Multiple Route Mystery12.702.37
Donkan Protagonist12.302.32
Kinetic Novel23.002.27
Shy Heroine12.672.22
Brief NVL Scenes12.712.12
Modern Day13.002.10
Low Sexual Content12.692.10
Fast Mini-games12.002.08
Varied Title Screens12.002.00
School Nurse Support Character11.292.00
Unlockable Routes13.001.98
Single Ending13.001.98
Unlockable Choices12.001.93
Music Recollection12.001.91
More Than Seven Endings12.901.86
Loli Heroine22.191.83
Late Sexual Content11.641.69
Modern Tsundere Heroine11.401.66
Branching Plot13.001.63
Bad Endings with Story12.001.61
No Sexual Content32.831.55
Map Movement12.001.45
Bad Ending(s)12.001.32
Multiple Endings22.501.24
Only a Single Heroine12.001.19
Student Hero11.001.19
Lots of Event CGs10.781.04
Male Protagonist32.670.84
Super Deformed CG's10.620.71
Protagonist with a Face11.000.51

Traits (62 total)

Blouse Clothes4154.19
Belt Clothes4173.93
NEET Role223.53
Braid Hair463.50
Librarian Role223.17
Necktie Clothes4173.12
Hikikomori Role223.11
Mechanic Role123.10
Shorts Clothes352.93
Twin Braids Hair442.92
Miniskirt Clothes4152.88
Olive Body442.76
Parted to Side Hair482.49
Twin Tails Hair492.47
Tail Body222.36
Tiny Braid Hair222.31
Based on a Fictional Character Role122.29
Otaku Personality222.27
AA Cup Body332.18
Kemonomimi Body221.99
Blue Eyes4111.97
Amber Eyes361.96
Crop Top Clothes221.96
Coat Clothes221.93
Kid Body331.87
T-shirt Clothes331.85
Red Hair331.85
Sweater Clothes221.80
Glasses Clothes241.72
Blond Hair461.71
Mini-dress Clothes221.71
Seduction Engages in111.67
School Nurse Role111.67
Waist Length+ Hair481.64
Spiky Bangs Hair241.64
American Role111.63
Heterochromia Eyes111.63
Orange Hair221.63
V Bangs Hair221.60
Teen Body4151.59
Blue Hair231.59
Straight Hair341.59
Cyan Hair111.43
Ahoge Hair221.38
Green Eyes231.38
Flirting Engages in111.38
Violet Hair221.26
Father Role111.24
Shirt Clothes121.24
Hat Clothes111.24
Mysterious Personality111.21
Lab Coat Clothes111.21
Long Hair341.18
Popular Role111.14
Young-adult Body231.11
Shoulder-length Hair221.00
Brown Hair230.93
Red Eyes110.83
Short Hair230.83
Ponytail Hair110.75
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes110.66
Pale Body220.45