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Novels (2 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
D.C. II ~Da Capo II~1,4377.597.56

Tags (98 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Middle School13.004.09
Multiple Common Routes13.003.78
Fictional Futuristic Japanese Town12.333.73
Cherry Blossom13.003.64
The Seven School Mysteries12.333.46
Mahjong as Story Element12.003.43
Homemaker Protagonist12.753.18
Middle School Student Protagonist12.003.03
Adolescent Romance12.432.96
Singer Heroine12.372.93
Multiple Songs12.382.92
Perverted Friend12.502.90
Student Council Member Heroine12.502.87
Varying Ending Songs12.362.83
School Festival12.542.83
Class President Heroine12.752.82
Middle School Student Heroine12.002.73
Mahjong as Gameplay Element12.002.72
Group of Friends13.002.66
Robot Heroine12.652.62
The Holiday Season12.472.57
Unlockable Event12.502.55
Student Council President Heroine12.752.39
Protagonist's Older Sister as a Heroine13.002.38
Foolish Friend12.292.34
Energetic Heroine12.672.31
Heroine with Intake Hairstyle12.332.30
Varied Title Screens12.502.26
Normal Scene Recollection12.202.25
Unlockable Choices12.502.21
Classic Tsundere Heroine12.672.21
Early Branching Plot12.582.19
Transfer Student Heroine12.002.18
Future Japan11.542.15
Late Sexual Content12.402.15
Musical Themes11.502.13
Donkan Protagonist12.502.11
Only Good Endings12.502.10
Kemonomimi Heroine12.002.10
Protagonist's Senpai as a Heroine12.672.10
Coodere Heroine12.502.09
More Than Seven Heroines12.502.09
Deredere Heroine12.672.08
Wake-up Sex12.002.06
Enforced Playing Order12.332.04
Oneesan-type Heroine12.152.02
Low Sexual Content12.351.97
Unlockable Routes12.801.95
Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting11.671.95
Genius Heroine12.001.95
Protagonist's Kouhai as a Heroine12.331.94
Lazy Heroine11.001.93
Modern Tsundere Heroine12.001.91
Non-blood-related Brother/Sister Incest12.211.88
Protagonist's Non-blood-related Sister as a Heroine12.271.86
Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine13.001.80
School Nurse Support Character11.081.80
White Haired Heroine12.001.79
One True End12.501.79
Map Movement12.751.76
Tomboy Heroine12.001.73
Imouto-type Heroine11.771.73
Gentle Protagonist11.001.71
Unlockable Bonus Content11.501.64
Branching Plot12.681.59
Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki12.141.55
Only Virgin Heroines12.771.50
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine12.751.48
More Than Seven Endings12.001.47
Sex with Protagonist Only12.001.29
Other Perspectives12.001.27
Heroine with Big Breasts12.001.22
Student Heroine12.841.19
Loli Heroine11.691.09
Missionary Position12.201.09
Voice Replay12.331.08
High School Student Heroine12.000.96
Protagonist with a Sprite11.000.94
No Sexual Content13.000.87
Protagonist with a Face12.070.82
Single Blowjob11.000.72
Pretending Heroine10.330.56
Sexual Content12.060.52
Male Protagonist12.710.43

Traits (344 total)

Skiing Engages in187.27
Middle School Student Role1135.96
Athletics Engages in185.07
Sports Uniform Clothes1104.79
Sports Engages in164.62
Sex with Protagonist Only Engages in (Sexual)1104.62
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)1184.34
Funny Personality184.34
Sports Shoes Clothes194.21
Jumpsuit Clothes144.09
Sailor School Uniform Clothes1103.58
School Band Member Role123.57
Teasing Engages in193.55
Unofficial School Club Member Role123.54
Tareme Eyes1273.46
Cyan Hair143.28
Short (obsolete) Body173.27
Sport Bloomers Clothes163.27
Straight Hair1273.21
Teasing Subject of153.18
Swimming Engages in143.17
Energetic Personality173.14
Kind Personality1173.11
Atashi Personality143.11
Vaginal Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)133.07
Disciplinarian Personality123.06
Robot Role133.06
Refined Personality163.05
Pajamas Clothes153.04
Pen Items123.04
Non-blood-related Incest Engages in (Sexual)133.04
Watashi Personality192.99
Grumbler Personality122.96
Proactive Personality142.94
Armband Clothes132.93
School Athletic Club Member Role122.93
T-shirt Clothes182.93
Shopping Engages in132.89
School Band Leader Role112.80
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)1122.78
Goggles Clothes122.77
Puffy Personality122.75
Pink Hair172.72
Sarcasm Engages in122.71
Classmate Role182.69
Kanzashi Clothes122.69
Smoke Grenade Items112.68
Granddaughter Role122.68
Kimono Clothes152.66
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes152.66
Clumsy Personality132.66
Modern Tsundere Personality122.64
Sidehair Hair1142.64
Sweater Clothes142.63
Ribbon Tie Clothes182.63
Competition Engages in122.63
Gakuran Clothes122.62
Nightgown Clothes122.61
Classic Tsundere Personality122.61
Carefree Personality142.59
Cautious Personality122.59
Miko's Dress Clothes132.59
Loud Personality122.56
Confident Personality132.54
Eidetic Memory Subject of112.54
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes142.54
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)192.53
Hardworker Personality142.52
Student Council Member Role122.50
Pendant Necklace Clothes142.50
Hat Clothes132.48
Dress Clothes172.48
Ahoge Hair162.46
Phasmophobia Subject of112.45
Hair Flower Clothes132.42
Pet Owner Role122.41
Coat Clothes132.41
Health Committee Member Role112.38
Ball Items112.38
Bass Guitar Items112.37
Maid's Dress Clothes142.37
Non-blood-related Sister Role122.36
Spats Clothes122.36
Pleated Skirt Clothes142.35
Shuriken Items112.33
Chain Weapon Items112.32
Odango Hair122.32
Popular Role132.28
Friend Role152.28
Friendly Personality152.27
School "Go Home Club" Member Role112.22
Middle Brother Role112.20
Garnet Eyes132.20
Intake Hair132.20
Transfer Student Role122.18
Hosome Eyes142.18
Bassist Role112.17
Ringlet Hair122.17
Tomboy Personality122.17
Full Brother Role122.17
Kouhai Role132.17
Kid Body142.16
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)192.16
Drummer Role112.16
Wavy Hair142.16
Ninjato Items112.15
Smart Personality132.13
Apron Clothes132.12
Serious Personality132.12
Suspended Animation Subject of112.11
Kemonomimi Headband Clothes122.11
Blue Eyes1132.10
Spiky Bangs Hair172.10
Immature Personality122.10
Cousin Role122.10
Short-tempered Personality122.09
Airhead Personality122.09
Infamous Role112.08
Necklace Clothes132.08
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)1122.08
Violet Hair152.07
Blouse Clothes132.07
Braided Hair Loopies Hair112.06
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes152.05
Legal Guardian Role112.02
Bikini Clothes132.01
Tray Items111.99
Seventh Posture Subject of (Sexual)131.99
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)181.99
Beanie Clothes111.98
Massage Engages in111.98
Bun Hair121.97
Mischievous Personality121.96
Loyal Personality121.96
Tominagi Subject of (Sexual)131.94
Twin Tails Hair151.94
Guitarist Role111.93
Santa Suit Clothes111.93
Broom Items111.93
Stubborn Personality121.93
Lab Coat Clothes121.93
Glasses Clothes151.93
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)1121.93
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)141.92
Notebook Items111.92
Headband Clothes131.92
Hikikomori Role111.91
Small Breast Sizes Body121.91
Pantyhose Clothes131.90
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes161.89
White Hair131.89
Hairpin Clothes131.89
Side Tail Hair121.88
School Drama Club Member Role111.88
Desu Personality111.88
Dog Tags Clothes111.88
Turtleneck Dress Clothes111.88
Belt Clothes131.86
Jeans Clothes121.85
Backpack Items111.85
Teal Eyes121.85
Baseball Cap Clothes111.85
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)151.84
Bun Covers Clothes111.84
Footjob Engages in (Sexual)121.84
Grandfather Role111.84
Microphone Items111.83
Painting Engages in111.83
Ore Personality121.83
Tube Top Clothes111.82
Amber Eyes151.81
Dog Role111.79
Singer Role111.79
Overall Clothes111.79
Skirt Clothes131.78
Piggyback Ride Subject of111.77
Basketball Engages in111.77
Kemonomimi Hat Clothes111.77
Fishnet Stockings Clothes111.76
Spirit Role111.75
Ninja Suit Clothes111.75
Stylish Personality111.74
Maid's Headdress Clothes121.74
Teen Body1201.74
Mini-dress Clothes121.73
Lolita Hairband Clothes111.73
Childhood Friend Role131.73
Donkan Personality111.72
Garter Belt Stockings Clothes121.72
Older Sister Role121.71
Collar Clothes121.71
Non-blood-related Brother Role111.70
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)131.70
Writer Role111.70
Prince Role111.69
Naked Shirt Clothes111.68
Miniskirt Clothes141.68
School Nurse Role111.68
Mother Role121.68
Gym Shorts Clothes111.65
Principal Role111.65
Ghost Role111.63
Spoiled Personality111.63
Servant Role111.63
Handbag Items111.62
Coodere Personality111.61
Jacket Clothes121.61
Bag Items111.61
Cross Design Clothes111.60
Tank Top Clothes121.59
Scientist Role111.59
Slim Body1191.58
Suit Clothes121.58
Bodyguard Role111.58
Waist Length+ Hair171.57
Insightful Personality111.56
Watakushi Personality111.56
V Bangs Hair121.56
Ninja Role111.56
Twin Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)121.56
Idiot Personality111.56
Widow Role111.55
Blunt Bangs Hair121.55
Public Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)111.55
Tominagi Engages in (Sexual)111.55
Grey Hair121.55
Class President Role111.54
Nature Lover Personality111.54
Off-The-Shoulder Shirt Clothes111.53
Seventh Posture Engages in (Sexual)111.53
Student Club Member Role111.52
Lolita Clothes111.52
Rubber Band With Beads Clothes111.51
Young-adult Body161.50
Sly Personality111.50
Body Ribbon Clothes111.50
Nurse Role111.50
Lazy Personality111.50
Singing Engages in111.49
Third Person Personality111.48
Tsurime Eyes121.48
School Uniform Clothes191.48
Shoulder-length Hair141.47
Medical Doctor Role111.47
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)131.46
Knee-high Socks Clothes121.46
Smoking Engages in111.45
Boobs on Glass Subject of (Sexual)111.45
Secretive Personality111.44
Robe Clothes111.44
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality111.43
Petplay Subject of (Sexual)111.42
Blond Hair141.42
Honor Student Role111.42
Parted in Middle Hair121.41
Cross Necklace Clothes111.41
Towel Clothes111.41
Hime Cut Hair111.40
Selfish Personality111.40
Violet Eyes131.40
Neighbor Role111.39
Student Council President Role111.39
Trousers Clothes121.38
Strange Personality111.38
Small Breasts Body111.38
Homicide Subject of111.37
Genius Personality111.37
Old Body111.37
Princess Role111.36
Flirting Engages in111.35
Shaggy Hair111.34
Pale Body1331.34
Younger Brother Role111.34
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)121.34
Boobjob Subject of (Sexual)111.33
Villain Role111.33
Mature Personality111.33
Cardigan Clothes111.33
Taciturn Personality111.32
Fang Body111.31
Strict Personality111.31
Brown Hair161.31
Honest Personality111.30
Cosplay Engages in111.29
One Piece Swimsuit Clothes111.29
Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)111.28
Maid Role111.27
Eye Covering Hair111.27
Avoidable Death Subject of111.27
Boku Personality111.27
Twin Braids Hair111.26
Naked Apron Clothes111.26
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)121.25
String Ribbon Tie Clothes111.25
Yukata Clothes111.25
Braid Hair111.25
Brown Eyes131.24
Hoodie Clothes111.24
Missionary Engages in (Sexual)111.23
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)111.23
Waitstaff Role111.22
Parted to Side Hair121.22
Schoolmate Role111.22
Scarf Clothes111.22
Crop Top Clothes111.21
Deredere Personality111.21
Pervert Personality111.20
Mole Body111.20
Arrogant Personality111.20
Doggy Style Engages in (Sexual)111.20
Ponytail Hair121.19
Stoic Personality111.18
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)111.16
Relaxed Personality111.16
Hair Ribbon Clothes111.14
Shorts Clothes111.14
Cunnilingus Engages in (Sexual)111.13
Boots Clothes111.13
Bracelet Clothes111.11
Sex in Classroom Engages in (Sexual)111.11
Pink Eyes111.11
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)111.10
Green Eyes121.10
Senpai Role111.08
Daughter Role111.07
Sex in Water Engages in (Sexual)111.06
Vest Clothes111.06
Female Ejaculation Engages in (Sexual)111.04
Long Hair131.03
Black Eyes111.01
Gloves Clothes111.00
Younger Sister Role111.00
Earrings Clothes110.99
Nipple Sucking Subject of (Sexual)110.98
Big Breasts Body110.98
Adult Body110.97
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)110.89
High School Student Role120.83
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)110.81
Blue Hair110.80
Shirt Clothes110.78
Necktie Clothes110.75
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)110.74
Black Hair110.58