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Aoi returned to his hometown of Kazegaura where a gentle breeze blows through the streets, having lost his direction in life. On the hill lined with windmills, he met a wheelchair-ridden girl Kotori and watched the gliders overhead in awe. With his childhood friend Ageha in tow, they resurrect the soaring club in order to fulfill a childhood dream: to fly on a glider. [From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

Grisaia no Kajitsu
Grisaia no Kajitsu
  • Ladder Structure
  • Boarding School
  • Pragmatic Protagonist
Rating 8.446,409 Users
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-
  • Astronomy Club
  • Test of Courage
  • Close-up CGs
Rating 7.843,566 Users
Princess Evangile
Princess Evangile
  • Athletics Festival
  • Newspaper Club
  • Long Common Route
Rating 7.411,787 Users
Noble ☆ Works
Noble ☆ Works
  • Poor Protagonist
  • Blind Choices
  • Butler Protagonist
Rating 7.311,474 Users
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort
  • Resort
  • Painter Heroine
  • Protagonist's Boss as Heroine
Rating 6.901,174 Users
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
  • Varying Ending Songs
  • Poor Heroine
  • Student Club Member Protagonist
Rating 7.381,377 Users
Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!
Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!
  • Japanophile Heroine
  • Panic Button
  • Friendship Route
Rating 8.354,416 Users
  • Fictional Modern Day Japanese Island
  • Vampire Protagonist
  • Vampire Heroine
Rating 7.761,492 Users
LoveKami -Divinity Stage-
LoveKami -Divinity Stage-
  • Only Good Endings
  • Goddess Heroine
  • Idol Heroine
Rating 5.92105 Users
LoveKami -Useless Goddess-
LoveKami -Useless Goddess-
  • Goddess Heroine
  • Lazy Heroine
  • Only Good Endings
Rating 5.8067 Users
Princess Evangile
Princess Evangile
  • Athletics Festival
  • Newspaper Club
  • Long Common Route
Rating 7.411,787 Users
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
  • Ambient Sounds
  • Shouwa Era
  • 80's
Rating 8.412,418 Users
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
  • Ambient Sounds
  • 80's
  • Hostage Crisis
Rating 8.601,496 Users
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide ni
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide ni
  • Class President Protagonist
  • Homosexual Protagonist
  • Genius Heroine
Rating 6.37252 Users
Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.
Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.
  • In Medias Res
  • Changeable Font
  • Unlockable Sexual Content
Rating 7.681,708 Users
Fault Milestone 2 Jou (Side: Above)
Fault Milestone 2 Jou (Side: Above)
  • Science Fantasy
  • Organised Corruption
  • Battlemage Protagonist
Rating 7.82502 Users

Tags (101 total)

Dormitory Manager Protagonist2.502.967.39
Crippled Heroine2.482.766.83
Mid-game Videos2.532.706.82
Design Story2.562.616.68
Adolescent Romance2.622.476.48
Inventor Heroine2.292.796.40
Pet Support Character2.003.156.31
Student Club Member Protagonist2.562.366.04
Pilot Heroine2.003.026.04
Multiple Opening Movies2.392.475.91
Slice of Life Drama2.832.085.88
Student Club2.832.055.81
Disabled Heroine2.002.885.77
Student Club Member Heroine2.582.195.66
Osananajimi Support Character2.002.795.59
Transfer Student Protagonist2.562.185.57
School Dormitory2.672.085.57
Group of Friends2.751.955.36
Student Club President Heroine2.322.295.32
Homemaker Protagonist2.222.365.23
Gentle Protagonist2.002.585.15
Unlockable Hero(ine)2.502.055.12
Varied Title Screens2.671.854.94
Genius Heroine2.332.074.82
Music Recollection2.501.864.65
Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town2.441.894.62
School Life Comedy2.621.764.61
Long Common Route2.002.124.24
Heroine Twin Sisters2.401.764.22
Unlockable Choices2.431.734.21
Unlockable Event2.251.864.18
Airhead Heroine2.401.724.12
Proactive Protagonist2.441.623.96
Energetic Heroine2.171.783.86
Classic Tsundere Heroine2.101.833.85
Senpai Heroine2.421.583.81
Narrating Others' Thoughts1.812.103.80
Kouhai Heroine2.381.593.77
Pettanko Heroine2.401.573.76
Late Sexual Content2.111.753.68
Voice Replay2.571.383.56
Wake-up Sex1.831.913.49
Cook Protagonist1.302.643.43
Under the Same Roof2.581.323.42
Unlockable Routes2.471.373.39
High School Student Protagonist2.501.313.26
Only Virgin Heroines2.561.253.20
Ojousama Heroine2.331.363.18
Super Deformed CG's2.171.463.17
High School2.581.122.89
Reverse Cowgirl2.001.352.70
Brother Support Character1.222.202.68
Osananajimi Heroine2.411.092.63
Few Choices1.881.402.63
Twin Tail Heroine2.381.082.58
Adult Heroine2.321.092.53
Enforced Playing Order1.501.632.45
Other Perspectives2.111.152.42
Branching Plot2.610.932.41
Bathroom Sex1.901.252.37
Only One Bad Ending1.002.252.25
Passage of Time1.002.232.23
Coodere Heroine1.251.782.22
Student Heroine2.560.812.08
Choices with 4 or More Options1.001.951.95
Deredere Heroine1.241.571.94
Pure Love Story1.001.931.93
Naked Sprites1.751.051.84
Missionary Position1.820.981.79
Kyonyuu Heroine2.160.831.79
Multiple Endings2.630.671.76
Protagonist with a Face2.390.731.75
Sex in Public Places1.601.051.68
Outdoor Sex1.640.961.57
Game Over1.001.471.47
Loli Heroine1.331.071.43
Doggy Style1.800.761.37
Bad Ending(s)
Long Sexual Scenes0.601.961.17
Sexual Content2.290.451.02
Male Protagonist2.610.380.99
Anal Sex1.080.790.85
Tsundere Heroine0.431.600.69
Modern Tsundere Heroine0.251.870.47

Traits (201 total)

Student Club Member Role52.223.97
Roommate Role42.133.43
Piloting Engages in22.993.28
Mechanic Role22.813.09
Kouhai Role51.642.94
Hardworker Personality51.602.86
Granddaughter Role22.482.72
Knee-high Socks Clothes71.302.70
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)41.602.57
String Ribbon Tie Clothes31.812.50
Teasing Engages in41.542.48
Teasing Subject of31.782.47
Bicycle Items13.552.46
Swimsuit Clothes22.232.45
Repeater Role13.532.45
Food Play Engages in (Sexual)22.192.40
Lazy Personality22.182.39
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)51.292.32
Diary Items13.252.25
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)61.162.25
Senpai Role31.622.25
Towel Clothes22.032.23
Funny Personality22.002.20
Older Sister Role31.582.19
Cleaning Engages in21.992.18
Mittens Clothes13.152.18
Genius Personality21.982.18
Full Sister Role31.572.18
Swimming Engages in21.962.15
Average Height Body120.832.14
Planning Engages in21.942.13
Kind Personality61.092.13
Protective Personality21.932.13
Airhead Personality21.912.10
Short-tempered Personality21.912.10
Clumsy Personality21.902.09
Massage Engages in12.992.07
Energetic Personality31.492.06
Childhood Friend Role41.272.04
Tribadism on Penis Subject of (Sexual)12.942.04
Cycling Engages in12.942.03
V Bangs Hair31.462.03
Bikini Clothes31.462.02
Wheelchair Items12.912.01
Disability Subject of12.902.01
Twin Sister Role21.832.01
Mischievous Personality21.801.98
Dormitory Manager Role12.851.98
Bird Role12.851.98
Pet Role12.831.96
Pen Items12.821.95
Ex-boyfriend Role12.801.94
Deredere Personality21.751.92
Hair Flower Clothes21.741.91
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)51.061.91
Dress Clothes41.181.89
Grumbler Personality12.721.89
Watashi Personality31.361.88
Wealthy Role21.711.88
Pajamas Clothes21.711.87
Footjob Engages in (Sexual)21.691.86
Student Council Vice President Role12.671.85
Parted to Side Hair41.141.83
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)80.831.83
Friend Role31.311.82
Turndown Subject of12.621.82
Stylish Personality12.611.81
Amber Eyes51.011.80
Shy Personality21.621.78
Skirt Clothes31.281.77
Hair Beads Hair12.531.75
Boots Clothes21.591.75
Computering Engages in12.521.75
Flying Engages in12.521.75
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)50.971.74
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)31.251.73
Classmate Role31.241.72
Twin Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)12.471.71
Sex in Water Engages in (Sexual)21.551.70
Smart Personality21.541.70
Gym Shorts Clothes12.441.69
Kanzashi Clothes12.441.69
Moving Engages in12.441.69
Serious Personality21.541.69
Classic Tsundere Personality12.431.68
High School Student Role100.701.68
Magic Wand Subject of (Sexual)12.421.68
Charismatic Personality12.421.68
Handbag Items12.401.67
Hair Tie Clothes21.471.62
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)31.171.62
Footjob Subject of (Sexual)12.331.61
Younger Sister Role21.471.61
Coodere Personality12.321.61
Cooking Engages in21.461.61
Violet Eyes40.991.59
Sidehair Hair40.991.59
Blunt Bangs Hair21.441.59
Mobile Phone Items12.261.57
Idiot Personality12.251.56
Waist Length+ Hair70.751.55
Antisocial Personality12.241.55
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)40.961.54
Sweets Lover Personality12.151.49
Altruistic Personality12.151.49
School Uniform Clothes110.601.49
Twin Tails Hair31.071.48
Armband Clothes12.121.47
Kid Body21.341.47
Brown Hair80.671.47
Food Lover Personality12.101.45
Tribadism on Penis Engages in (Sexual)12.061.43
Low Self-esteem Personality12.061.43
Slim Body120.551.40
Trousers Clothes21.271.39
Boobjob Subject of (Sexual)12.001.39
Straight Hair31.001.39
Strange Personality11.991.38
Transfer Student Role11.991.38
Atashi Personality11.981.37
Mature Personality11.961.36
Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.921.33
Taciturn Personality11.921.33
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)21.211.32
Strict Personality11.911.32
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)21.201.32
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)30.941.31
Handjob Subject of (Sexual)11.881.31
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes11.881.30
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)11.871.29
Boku Personality11.861.29
Confident Personality11.861.29
Anal Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.861.29
Young-adult Body40.801.29
Missionary Engages in (Sexual)11.851.28
Nipple Sucking Engages in (Sexual)11.841.27
Proactive Personality11.821.26
Girlfriend Role11.821.26
Doggy Style Engages in (Sexual)11.811.26
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)40.781.25
Shirt Clothes21.141.25
Panties Clothes11.801.25
Braid Hair11.801.25
Outgoing Personality11.801.25
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)21.131.25
Crop Top Clothes11.791.24
Bun Hair11.791.24
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)11.781.23
Scarf Clothes11.771.23
Pervert Personality11.771.23
Stubborn Personality11.761.22
Hat Clothes11.761.22
University Student Role11.761.22
Coat Clothes11.751.22
Jeans Clothes11.741.21
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)21.101.20
Side Tail Hair11.721.19
Ponytail Hair21.081.19
Necktie Clothes21.081.19
Relaxed Personality11.701.18
Teen Body70.571.18
Stoic Personality11.691.17
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)11.671.16
Popular Role11.661.15
Bracelet Clothes11.651.14
Shorts Clothes11.641.14
Sweater Clothes11.631.13
E+ Cup Body21.031.13
Carefree Personality11.571.09
Mini-dress Clothes11.561.08
Vest Clothes11.561.08
Blouse Clothes11.521.06
Necklace Clothes11.511.05
Pleated Skirt Clothes11.511.05
Pale Body110.411.02
Peeing Engages in (Sexual)11.471.02
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes11.461.01
Shoulder-length Hair20.921.01
Tank Top Clothes11.461.01
Nipple Sucking Subject of (Sexual)11.461.01
Kimono Clothes11.461.01
Twin Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)11.441.00
Grey Hair11.420.99
Hairpin Clothes11.370.95
Belt Clothes11.360.95
Black Hair20.840.93
Red Hair11.320.92
Curtained Hair11.280.89
Friendly Personality11.280.88
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)11.260.87
Blue Eyes20.790.87
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)11.210.84
Short Hair30.590.82
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes11.150.80
Glasses Clothes11.070.74
Miniskirt Clothes11.040.72
Spiky Bangs Hair11.020.71
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes10.950.66
Brown Eyes10.900.62
Blond Hair10.880.61
Long Hair10.730.51