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Kokonotsuboshi Girls' Academy of Commerce, a school built on the site of an old castle, nicknamed "Shirojo." One day, the timid Toomi Yuna, who had been living a quiet life at this school, suddenly met two ghosts on the roof during lunch: Enoki Sachi, who died in an accident before the war, and Nagatani Megumi, who died of illness 30 years ago. The two "kindred spirits" died with unrequited feelings in their hearts, met, and fell in love. They ardently wish to experience their "first time" together before their eternal rest. ...But they don't know how. The two who are bound to the site of the school enlist Yuna to help them create more "yuri" couples at the school so that they can glean some sexual insight from observing them, and to assist the girls struggling with their hidden feelings. [From MangaGamer]

Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-
Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-
  • Correct Choice Indicator
  • Bookworm Protagonist
  • Priest Support Character
Rating 7.42409 Users
Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou
Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou
  • Nurse Protagonist
  • Sister/Sister Romance
  • Blind Choices
Rating 7.17197 Users
Flowers -Le Volume sur Été-
Flowers -Le Volume sur Été-
  • Crippled Protagonist
  • Boarding School
  • Bookworm Protagonist
Rating 7.75136 Users
Highway Blossoms
Highway Blossoms
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Road Trip
  • American Heroine
Rating 7.05366 Users
Starlight Vega
Starlight Vega
  • Curse
  • Queen Heroine
  • Demon Heroine
Rating 6.45127 Users
Love Ribbon
Love Ribbon
  • Sister/Sister Romance
  • Forbidden Love
  • Delinquent Heroine
Rating 6.63238 Users
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - New Gen!
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - New Gen!
  • Internet
  • Only Same-Sex Sexual Content
  • Homosexual Protagonist
Rating 6.80155 Users
Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement
Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement
  • Combat Capable Friends
  • Long Common Route
  • Brief NVL Scenes
Rating 6.97172 Users
Dead End Junction
Dead End Junction
  • Tomboy Protagonist
  • Desert
  • Traveller Hero
Rating 5.9133 Users
A Little Lily Princess
A Little Lily Princess
  • Past British Isles
  • Boarding School
  • Early Modern Period Earth
Rating 6.7793 Users
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide ni
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide ni
  • Class President Protagonist
  • Homosexual Protagonist
  • Genius Heroine
Rating 6.37252 Users
Magical Eyes -Red is for anguish-
Magical Eyes -Red is for anguish-
  • Middle School Student Hero
  • Cook Hero
  • Murder Mystery
Rating 6.5662 Users
Princess Evangile
Princess Evangile
  • Athletics Festival
  • Newspaper Club
  • Long Common Route
Rating 7.411,787 Users
Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou
Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou
  • Nurse Protagonist
  • Sister/Sister Romance
  • Blind Choices
Rating 7.17197 Users
  • Dying Protagonist
  • Friendship Route
  • Terminal Illness
Rating 7.16145 Users
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
  • Ambient Sounds
  • Shouwa Era
  • 80's
Rating 8.412,418 Users

Tags (45 total)

Broadcasting Club2.003.527.04
Cook Protagonist2.602.646.86
School Sports Club2.502.726.80
Orekko Heroine2.502.636.57
Ponytail Protagonist2.712.256.09
Normal Scene Recollection3.002.005.99
Tsukkomi Heroine2.002.985.95
100% Completion Bonus2.252.605.85
Girl x Girl Romance Only3.001.885.63
Music Recollection3.001.865.58
Lesbian Heroine2.881.925.54
All-girls School2.811.955.48
Athlete Heroine2.252.405.39
Ghost Heroine2.532.105.32
Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting2.601.995.17
Bonus Episodes2.002.515.01
Tomboy Heroine2.501.984.94
School Sports Club Member Heroine2.332.114.93
Unlockable Bonus Content2.671.844.91
Girl x Girl Romance2.881.674.82
In-Game Tutorial1.602.984.76
Brief Branches2.331.864.34
Musician Heroine2.002.164.31
Kouhai Heroine2.671.594.23
High School Student Protagonist3.001.313.92
Food Discussions1.672.143.57
School Life Comedy2.001.763.52
Linear Plot2.441.423.47
Voice Replay2.501.383.46
Other Perspectives2.921.153.35
Student Protagonist3.001.123.35
Senpai Heroine2.101.583.31
Lesbian Sex2.821.103.10
Third-person Narrative1.801.723.10
Teacher Heroine2.221.312.90
Osananajimi Heroine2.441.092.67
Female Protagonist2.940.772.27
Student Heroine2.730.812.21
LGBTQ Issues0.802.261.81

Traits (190 total)

Gym Shorts Clothes82.445.37
Broadcasting Committee Member Role33.494.84
Loafers Clothes121.824.68
Cardigan Clothes91.944.47
Homosexual Role71.994.13
Pleated Skirt Clothes101.513.63
Short Bangs Hair32.243.10
Loose Socks Clothes22.783.05
Vest Clothes61.563.04
Shirt Clothes131.143.01
Knee-high Socks Clothes91.302.99
Girlfriend Role41.822.93
Strapless Shirt Clothes22.632.89
Hosome Eyes71.372.85
Miniskirt Clothes131.042.75
Sports Uniform Clothes31.972.73
Mature Personality31.962.72
Musician Role22.452.69
Cautious Personality22.402.64
Ghost Role22.372.60
T-shirt Clothes61.332.60
Flustered Personality22.362.59
Pink Eyes41.612.59
Friend Role61.312.55
Athletics Engages in22.302.53
Parted to Side Hair81.142.50
Anemia Subject of13.552.46
School Athletic Club President Role13.442.38
Gothic Clothes22.162.37
Singing Engages in22.162.37
Mary Jane Clothes22.152.36
Gamer Role22.152.36
Curious Personality22.102.31
Bracelet Clothes31.652.29
Honor Student Role22.062.26
Lesbian Sex Engages in (Sexual)41.382.22
Carefree Personality31.572.18
Tomboy Personality21.972.17
Tareme Eyes71.032.13
Dress Shoes Clothes21.922.11
Naked Clothes21.912.10
Honest Personality21.912.10
Collar Clothes31.512.09
Energetic Personality31.492.06
Brown Eyes90.902.06
Guitar Items12.972.06
Discipline Committee Leader Role12.952.05
Hair Tie Clothes31.472.04
Sports Shoes Clothes21.852.04
Jacket Clothes31.462.03
Idealist Personality12.912.01
School Science Club Member Role12.892.00
Hoodie Clothes21.811.99
Outgoing Personality21.801.97
High School Student Role150.701.94
Disciplinarian Personality12.791.93
Violinist Role12.791.93
Absentminded Personality12.771.92
Guitarist Role12.761.91
Band Member Role12.751.91
Dyed Hair12.741.90
Belt Clothes31.361.89
Grumbler Personality12.721.89
School Athletic Club Member Role12.711.88
Body Piercing Body12.671.85
Tsukkomi Role12.651.84
Student's Club Adviser Role12.651.83
Overconfident Personality12.641.83
Not a Virgin Role21.671.83
Sleepyhead Personality12.631.82
Umbrella Items12.621.82
Kouhai Role21.641.81
Singer Role12.601.80
Shorts Clothes21.641.80
Arm Warmers Clothes12.591.80
Senpai Role21.621.78
Pianist Role12.551.77
Sensitive Personality12.541.76
Death Subject of21.601.76
Hardworker Personality21.601.75
Whimsical Personality12.491.73
Ambitious Personality12.481.72
Sailor Suit Clothes21.551.71
Loner Personality12.461.71
Pragmatic Personality12.451.70
Smart Personality21.541.70
Serious Personality21.541.69
Charismatic Personality12.421.68
Yamato Nadeshiko Role12.411.67
Headphones Clothes12.411.67
Handbag Items12.401.67
School Uniform Clothes150.601.66
Insightful Personality12.371.65
Bag Items12.371.64
Driving Engages in12.331.61
Coodere Personality12.321.61
Cooking Engages in21.461.61
Tracksuit Clothes12.291.59
Blunt Bangs Hair21.441.59
Violet Hair31.141.57
Teen Body150.571.57
Brave Personality12.261.57
Ankle Boots Clothes12.241.55
Slim Body160.551.55
Brown Hair90.671.54
Assertive Personality12.221.54
School Sports Club Member Role12.221.54
Tribadism Engages in (Sexual)12.201.53
Watch Clothes12.201.52
Accident Subject of12.191.51
Kind Personality31.091.51
Tsurime Eyes21.371.50
Ponytail Hair31.081.50
Illness Subject of12.161.50
Emotional Personality12.161.50
Sharp-tongued Personality12.151.49
Sweets Lover Personality12.151.49
Strapless Dress Clothes12.141.48
Corset Clothes12.131.48
Jealous Personality12.111.46
Cuffs Clothes12.111.46
Shopping Engages in12.101.46
Food Lover Personality12.101.45
Blunt Personality12.091.45
Otaku Personality12.071.44
Low Self-esteem Personality12.061.43
Docile Personality12.031.41
Skirt Clothes21.281.40
Ankle Socks Clothes12.021.40
Bra Clothes12.021.40
Childhood Friend Role21.271.39
Cleaning Engages in11.991.38
Ahoge Hair21.251.37
Sidehair Hair30.991.37
Nail Polish Body11.951.35
Fang Body11.931.34
Taciturn Personality11.921.33
Younger Appearance Body11.911.33
Strict Personality11.911.32
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes30.951.31
Tsundere Personality11.871.30
Eye Covering Hair11.861.29
Shoulder-length Hair30.921.28
Loyal Personality11.831.27
Proactive Personality11.821.26
Mischievous Personality11.801.25
Braid Hair11.801.25
No Bangs Hair11.791.24
Bun Hair11.791.24
Short Hair70.591.23
Reserved Personality11.781.23
Mole Body11.761.22
Deredere Personality11.751.21
Ore Personality11.741.20
Waist Length+ Hair40.751.20
Olive Body11.731.20
Side Tail Hair11.721.19
Necktie Clothes21.081.19
Stoic Personality11.691.17
Twin Tails Hair21.071.17
Glasses Clothes21.071.17
Popular Role11.661.15
Choker Clothes11.651.15
Pale Body150.411.14
Shy Personality11.621.13
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)11.601.11
Boots Clothes11.591.11
Violet Eyes20.991.09
Mini-dress Clothes11.561.08
Refined Personality11.551.08
Apron Clothes11.511.05
Tall Body11.491.03
Orange Hair11.481.02
Earrings Clothes11.471.02
Teacher Role11.471.02
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes11.461.01
V Bangs Hair11.461.01
Curly Hair11.370.95
Hairpin Clothes11.370.95
Headband Clothes11.360.95
Pantyhose Clothes11.360.94
Pink Hair11.300.90
Friendly Personality11.280.88
Trousers Clothes11.270.88
Long Hair20.730.80
Spiky Bangs Hair11.020.71
Green Eyes10.990.69
Blond Hair10.880.61
Black Hair10.840.58
Young-adult Body10.800.55