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On the 17th of March, there is a classical strings concert unlike any other in the world. Ninety-six young musicians, divided into twenty-four quartets perform before an audience of the world’s greatest conductors and instrumentalists. Only one group - a single quartet - is chosen from these performers. Success brings prestige beyond imagination and guaranteed entry into any orchestra on the planet. It is a once in a lifetime chance for those striving to perfect the art of music. The ultimate dream… and possibly the ultimate nightmare. [From an old review by Nargrakhan]

  • Underweight Heroine
  • Student Council
  • Bookworm Heroine
Rating 7.02421 Users
Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-
Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-
  • Healer Protagonist
  • Arcology
  • Steampunk
Rating 7.821,241 Users
Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow-
Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow-
  • Protagonist with Heterochromia
  • 20th Century
  • Steampunk
Rating 7.49764 Users
Symphonic Rain
Symphonic Rain
  • Fictional Modern Day European Town
  • Rhythm Game
  • Rain
Rating 8.131,310 Users
Swan Song
Swan Song
  • Natural Disaster
  • Societal Collapse
  • Autistic Heroine
Rating 7.661,843 Users
  • Ladder Structure
  • Staff Combat
  • Mercenary Hero
Rating 7.02856 Users
  • Road Trip
  • Musical Environment
  • Multiple Songs
Rating 7.532,183 Users
  • Broadcasting Club
  • Underweight Heroine
  • Kanji Puns
Rating 7.882,816 Users

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Tags (61 total)

Slice of Life Realism2.802.797.82
Musical Theater2.253.407.64
Musical Environment2.922.587.54
Musical Themes3.002.306.90
Twin Sister Support Character2.552.696.85
Italian Heroine2.252.926.57
Transfer Student Protagonist3.002.186.53
Musician Protagonist2.752.366.48
Varying Ending Songs2.672.326.19
Musician Heroine2.812.166.06
Slice of Life Comedy3.002.016.02
Floating Textbox3.001.915.72
Lots of Event CGs3.001.805.41
Foreigner Heroine2.671.844.92
Modern Day Earth2.362.074.90
Classic Tsundere Heroine2.621.834.81
Late Branching Plot2.501.914.77
Late Sexual Content2.621.754.57
No Character Sprites2.831.564.42
Underweight Heroine1.203.604.32
Heroine Twin Sisters2.361.764.15
Only Good Endings2.251.794.02
Clothed Female Naked Male1.752.253.93
Pettanko Heroine2.501.573.91
Lots of Choices2.421.533.71
Senpai Heroine2.331.583.67
Brother Support Character1.602.203.52
Date Display2.121.483.14
Super Deformed CG's2.151.463.14
Other Perspectives2.671.153.07
Student Protagonist2.671.122.98
Protagonist's Sister as a Support Character1.362.142.90
Heroine with Glasses2.691.042.80
Low Sexual Content1.731.602.77
Missionary Position2.250.982.21
Student Heroine2.690.812.18
Twin Tail Heroine2.001.082.17
Protagonist with a Face2.940.732.15
Blood-related Incest1.002.062.06
Doggy Style2.330.761.78
Loli Heroine1.541.071.65
Multiple Endings2.420.671.62
Unlockable Side Stories1.001.601.60
Protagonist with Voice Acting0.901.361.23
Side Images1.001.141.14
Male Protagonist2.770.381.06
Short Sexual Scenes0.301.940.58
Sexual Content0.550.450.25

Traits (189 total)

Musical Instrument Items82.906.36
Violinist Role82.796.13
Teammate Role82.715.94
Homunculus Role32.833.92
Beret Clothes51.933.45
Coat Clothes61.753.41
Chinese Role32.453.39
Pajamas Clothes61.713.32
Drinking Engages in51.813.23
Student Role71.513.15
Italian Role22.833.11
Superhuman Role32.243.11
Short Bangs Hair32.243.10
Robot Role32.203.06
AA Cup Body61.563.03
Sex with Others Engages in (Sexual)32.092.90
Umbrella Items22.622.88
Carefree Personality51.572.81
Rival Role32.022.80
Genius Personality31.982.75
Dress Clothes91.182.71
Protective Personality31.932.68
Hosome Eyes61.372.66
Tail Clothes22.412.64
Kid Body61.342.60
Violist Role13.742.59
Turtleneck Swimsuit Clothes13.602.49
No Bangs Hair31.792.48
Evening Gloves Clothes31.762.45
Assertive Personality22.222.44
Gothic Clothes22.162.37
Roommate Role22.132.34
Strapless Swimsuit Clothes13.382.34
Skirt Clothes51.282.29
Sweater Clothes31.632.27
Bow Tie Clothes22.032.23
Coworker Role22.032.23
Unarmed Fighting Engages in22.012.21
Curly Hair41.372.21
Mini-dress Clothes31.562.16
Traditional Bloomers Clothes13.102.15
Happi Clothes13.082.14
Alcohol Abuse Engages in13.072.13
Changshan Clothes13.052.11
Dress Shoes Clothes21.922.11
Kemonomimi Headband Clothes21.912.10
Legal Guardian Role12.962.05
Twin Sister Role21.832.01
Grandson Role12.892.00
Suit Clothes31.442.00
Tareme Eyes61.032.00
Mischievous Personality21.801.98
Misandrist Personality12.831.96
Scarf Clothes21.771.95
Ribbon Tie Clothes41.211.94
Arrogant Personality21.741.91
White Hair31.371.90
Grandfather Role12.741.90
Barefoot Clothes12.741.90
Bolo Tie Clothes12.721.89
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes41.151.86
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes60.951.84
Tsukkomi Role12.651.84
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)21.671.83
Cyan Eyes21.661.82
Drunk Sex Engages in (Sexual)12.601.80
Obedient Personality12.581.79
Pianist Role12.551.77
Psychic Role12.541.76
Boots Clothes21.591.75
Brown Eyes60.901.74
Necktie Clothes41.081.74
Twin Tails Hair41.071.72
Granddaughter Role12.481.72
Bandanna Clothes12.471.71
Siscon Personality12.471.71
Musician Role12.451.70
Smart Personality21.541.70
Baby-doll Clothes12.441.69
Poor Role12.421.68
Charismatic Personality12.421.68
Short Body21.521.67
Collar Clothes21.511.66
Goatee Hair12.371.64
Energetic Personality21.491.64
Spoiled Personality12.351.63
Tie Pin Clothes12.351.63
Orange Hair21.481.62
Servant Role12.331.62
Younger Sister Role21.471.61
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes21.461.61
Gloves Clothes21.451.60
Blunt Bangs Hair21.441.59
Stubble Hair12.281.58
Bald Hair12.281.58
Parted to Side Hair31.141.57
Blond Hair50.881.57
Young-adult Body60.801.55
Violent Personality12.241.55
Possessive Personality12.231.55
Body Ribbon Clothes12.221.54
Lolita Clothes12.191.52
Kind Personality31.091.51
Illness Subject of12.161.50
Shoulder-length Hair40.921.49
Glasses Clothes31.071.48
Smoking Engages in12.131.47
Teal Hair12.101.46
Parted in Middle Hair21.321.45
Blunt Personality12.091.45
Slim Body130.551.44
Optimist Personality12.081.44
Noble Role12.071.44
Brocon Personality12.071.44
Rude Personality12.061.43
Honor Student Role12.061.43
Low Self-esteem Personality12.061.43
Selfish Personality12.021.40
Cross Necklace Clothes12.011.40
Childhood Friend Role21.271.39
Trousers Clothes21.271.39
Hime Cut Hair12.001.39
Hazel Eyes12.001.39
Straight Hair31.001.39
Funny Personality12.001.39
Full Brother Role12.001.39
Old Body12.001.38
Transfer Student Role11.991.38
Mature Personality11.961.36
Planning Engages in11.941.34
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)30.961.33
Immature Personality11.921.33
Naked Clothes11.911.33
Younger Appearance Body11.911.33
Honest Personality11.911.32
School Uniform Clothes80.601.32
Long Hair50.731.31
Moustache Hair11.881.30
Tsundere Personality11.871.30
Bob Cut Hair11.861.29
Confident Personality11.861.29
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)21.171.28
Blue Eyes40.791.27
One Piece Swimsuit Clothes11.831.27
Naive Personality11.811.25
Shirt Clothes21.141.25
Older Brother Role11.811.25
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)11.781.23
Short Hair70.591.23
Reserved Personality11.781.23
Pervert Personality11.771.23
Hat Clothes11.761.22
Waitstaff Role11.761.22
Brown Hair50.671.20
Pale Body170.411.19
Wealthy Role11.711.18
Grey Eyes11.701.18
Stoic Personality11.691.17
Average Height Body30.831.16
Not a Virgin Role11.671.16
Kouhai Role11.641.14
Senpai Role11.621.12
Spiky Bangs Hair21.021.12
Older Sister Role11.581.09
Hair Ribbon Clothes11.571.09
Green Eyes20.991.09
Full Sister Role11.571.09
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)30.781.08
Serious Personality11.541.07
Blouse Clothes11.521.06
Garter Belt Stockings Clothes11.521.05
Apron Clothes11.511.05
Black Eyes11.471.02
Teacher Role11.471.02
Jacket Clothes11.461.01
Cooking Engages in11.461.01
Bikini Clothes11.461.01
Green Hair11.430.99
Adult Body11.430.99
Belt Clothes11.360.95
Black Hair20.840.93
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)20.830.91
Teen Body40.570.91
Curtained Hair11.280.89
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)11.210.84
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)11.130.79
Ponytail Hair11.080.75
Amber Eyes11.010.70
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)10.940.65