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“Magesmiths” are wizards that specialize in labyrinth construction and restoration. Avaro, one of them, sought to one day run his own workshop. To realize this dream, he accepted a job in Influse Kingdom of investigating some ruins. Unfortunately, he got caught in a cave-in and ended up lost. As he wandered, he came across a girl, sleeping inside a magic stone, Fia. After waking up, Fia told him that she has no memory of herself; however, she knows that she is unmistakably a Goddess. Continuing, she tells Avaro that she could, if she wanted to, move the entirety of the ruins with her Godly powers, and she points out that she has to, no matter what, make it to the closed-off holy ground of the Kingdom. The "Mist Corridor of the Sacred Sound." Fia, who has said nothing but what could only be nonsense so far, invites Avaro to join her on her journey, saying that he can use these ruins as his workshop however he likes if he does. Although doubtful, Avaro accepts her conditions and becomes the apostle of the self-proclaimed Goddess, and while using the moving ruins as his atelier, they head north. Before long, rumors of the ‘Gualacuna Fortress’ are spread across the country, and while fighting anyone who comes after the fortress, thinking that it has valuables or is a threat, Avaro searches for the truth related to the Goddess’ memories. Along with the Goddess of Marriage, “The Story That Weaves Bonds” marks the beginning.. [From negaraizu's blog]

Haru to Yuki,
Haru to Yuki,
  • Onsen
  • Ghost Support Character
  • Sexual Cosplay
  • Cosplay
  • White Haired Heroine
Rating 6.8744 Users
Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart
Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart
  • Discipline Committee Member Heroine
  • Undead Heroine
  • Voiced Narration
  • Shapeshifting
  • Non-human Heroine
Rating 7.58535 Users
Aoi Tori
Aoi Tori
  • Clitoris Growth
  • Priest(ess) Protagonist
  • Protagonist's Twin as a Heroine
  • Timid Heroine
  • Track Display
Rating 7.40150 Users
Hoshi Koi * Twinkle
Hoshi Koi * Twinkle
  • Fictional Modern Day Japanese Countryside
  • Lazy Heroine
  • Student Club
  • Mischievous Heroine
  • Brother/Sister Romance
Rating 6.8156 Users
Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos
Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos
  • Time Stop
  • Pure Love Story
  • Writer Heroine
  • Bookworm Heroine
  • Jump to Next Choice
Rating 7.17134 Users
Rance IX - Helman Kakumei -
Rance IX - Helman Kakumei -
  • Rebellion
  • Ending Scene Recollection
  • Comedy Rape
  • Antihero Protagonist
  • Sadist Protagonist
Rating 8.00294 Users
  • Polygamy
  • Odyssey
  • Side Character Rape by Others
  • Rape by Others
  • Tactician Heroine
Rating 7.741,636 Users
Kin'iro Loveriche -Golden Time-
  • European Heroine
  • Orekko Heroine
  • Delinquent Heroine
  • Smoker Heroine
  • Gyaru Heroine
Rating 7.78172 Users
Venus Blood -Hypno-
Venus Blood -Hypno-
  • Leader Heroine
  • Leader Protagonist
  • Turn Based Strategy Game
  • Skip Scenes
  • Sexual Corruption
Rating 7.3973 Users
Haruru Minamo ni!
Haruru Minamo ni!
  • Divine Beings
  • Jump to Next Scene
  • Jump to Prior Scene
  • Goddess Heroine
  • Extremely (un)Lucky Heroine
Rating 71.8083 Users
Hi no Nai Tokoro ni Kemuri wa Tatanai
Hi no Nai Tokoro ni Kemuri wa Tatanai
  • Fighting Protagonist
  • Proactive Protagonist
  • Lots of Character Sprites
  • Voiced Narration
  • Protagonist with a Sprite
Rating 6.5330 Users
Clover Day
Clover Day's
  • Floating Textbox
  • Siscon Protagonist
  • Slice of Life
  • Deredere Heroine
  • Heroine With Kansai Accent
Rating 7.71351 Users
Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha
Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha
  • Technician Protagonist
  • Skip to Choices
  • Voice Saving
  • Tournament
  • Heroine with Armor
Rating 7.31190 Users
Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri
Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri
  • Protagonist's Employee as a Heroine
  • Manager Protagonist
  • Shopkeeper Protagonist
  • Cook Heroine
  • Protagonist's Wife as a Heroine
Rating 6.8355 Users
Pastel Chime 3 Bind Seeker
Pastel Chime 3 Bind Seeker
  • SRPG
  • Modern Day Setting in a Fictional World
  • Otaku Friend
  • Curse
  • Combat Capable Friends
Rating 7.0985 Users
Bunny Black 3
Bunny Black 3
  • City Building Game
  • Capturable Characters
  • Protagonist with Children
  • Maou Protagonist
  • SRPG
Rating 7.33119 Users
Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka?
Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka?
  • On the Run
  • Rebellion
  • Heroine with Expressive Ahoge
  • Island
  • Resort
Rating 7.64235 Users
Venus Blood -Frontier-
Venus Blood -Frontier-
  • Tactician Protagonist
  • Unlockable Fighters
  • Norse Mythology
  • Leader Protagonist
  • Sexual Corruption
Rating 7.23255 Users
Hello Lady!
Hello Lady!
  • Hint Corner
  • Martial Artist Protagonist
  • Arrogant Protagonist
  • Orekko Heroine
  • Pragmatic Protagonist
Rating 7.79277 Users
Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana
Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana
  • Non-twin Heroine Sisters
  • Nakige
  • Flashback
  • Drama
  • Few Choices
Rating 7.42151 Users
Akeiro Kaikitan
Akeiro Kaikitan
  • The Seven School Mysteries
  • Ghost
  • Curse
  • Foolish Friend
  • Urban Legend
Rating 7.71167 Users
CharaBration! ~Otome wa Koi shite Charabureru~
CharaBration! ~Otome wa Koi shite Charabureru~
  • Maid Protagonist
  • Trap Protagonist
  • Pretending Heroine
  • Cross-dressing
  • Heroine with Multiple Personalities
Rating 6.9576 Users
Sorceress*Alive! ~the World
Sorceress*Alive! ~the World's End Fallen Star~
  • Tournament
  • Genre Savvy Protagonist
  • Magic School
  • Mage Heroine
  • Magic/ESP Combat
Rating 7.46124 Users
Dohna Dohna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou-
Dohna Dohna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou-
  • Pimp/Madam Protagonist
  • Capturable Characters
  • Brief Third-person Narrative Sections
  • Shimaidon with Twins
  • In-game Sexual Content Toggle
Rating 7.39160 Users
Fuukan no Grasesta
Fuukan no Grasesta
  • Dungeon Crawling Game
  • Archer Heroine
  • Mercenary Protagonist
  • Combat Archery
  • Plant Sex
Rating 7.49181 Users
Kami no Rhapsody
Kami no Rhapsody
  • Reverse Trap Support Character
  • SRPG
  • Elemental Beings
  • Tactician Protagonist
  • Musical Themes
Rating 7.15380 Users
Tenbin no La DEA. ~Ikusa Megami MEMORIA~
Tenbin no La DEA. ~Ikusa Megami MEMORIA~
  • Naga Heroine
  • Serious Protagonist
  • Priest Support Character
  • Knife/Dagger Combat
  • Redemption
Rating 7.70213 Users
Sono Taiju wa Makai o Kurau!
Sono Taiju wa Makai o Kurau!
  • Tower Defense
  • Incubus Protaganist
  • Demon Heroine
  • Officer Protagonist
  • Multiple Defloration
Rating 6.6229 Users
Tenmei no Conquista
Tenmei no Conquista
  • Capturable Units
  • Incubus Protaganist
  • Capturable Characters
  • SRPG
  • Avoidable Death of Heroine
Rating 6.3652 Users
Sankai Ou no Yubiwa
Sankai Ou no Yubiwa
  • Naval Warfare
  • Pirate Protagonist
  • Pirates
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Pirate Heroine
Rating 6.36121 Users
Soukoku no Arterial
Soukoku no Arterial
  • Strategic Card Battles
  • New Game Plus
  • Combat Capable Friends
  • Angels
  • Sniper Heroine
Rating 7.87505 Users
Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~
Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~
  • City Building Game
  • Inventor Heroine
  • Living Doll Support Character
  • Lost Technology
  • Officer Protagonist
Rating 7.69328 Users
Sono Kojou ni Yuusha Hou Ari!
Sono Kojou ni Yuusha Hou Ari!
  • Tower Defense
  • Playboy Protagonist
  • Castle
  • Healer Heroine
  • Heroine with Wings
Rating 6.8651 Users
Rance 10
Rance 10
  • Non-Erotic Moral Corruption
  • Antihero Protagonist
  • Major Antagonist
  • Shimaidon
  • Leader Protagonist
Rating 8.60299 Users
Hikari no Umi no Apeiria
Hikari no Umi no Apeiria
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Science Fantasy
  • Hard Science Fiction
  • Virtual Reality
  • Sex Under the Necessity
Rating 7.50179 Users
Evenicle 2
Evenicle 2
  • Polygamy
  • Realtime 3D
  • RPG
  • Odyssey
  • Comedy Rape
Rating 7.00120 Users
Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki
Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki
  • Ladder Structure
  • Inter-class Romance
  • Officer Heroine
  • Fighting Princess Heroine
  • Track Display
Rating 7.57234 Users
Himegari Dungeon Meister
Himegari Dungeon Meister
  • Capturable Units
  • Capturable Characters
  • New Game Plus
  • Dungeon Crawling Game
  • Maou Protagonist
Rating 7.50255 Users
Kin'iro Loveriche
  • Voice Saving
  • System Time Events
  • European Heroine
  • Meaningless Choices
  • Orekko Heroine
Rating 8.02364 Users
Karigurashi Ren
Karigurashi Ren'ai
  • Lazy Heroine
  • Homecoming
  • Brother Support Character
  • Father Support Character
  • Group of Friends
Rating 7.32165 Users
Kamidori Alchemy Meister
Kamidori Alchemy Meister
  • Inventor Protagonist
  • Alchemy
  • Dungeon Crawling Game
  • New Game Plus
  • SRPG
Rating 8.123,916 Users
Floral Flowlove
Floral Flowlove
  • Voice Saving
  • Religious Heroine
  • Religious Organization
  • Oneesan-type Heroine
  • Airhead Heroine
Rating 7.53190 Users
Tou no Shita no Exercitus
Tou no Shita no Exercitus
  • Lost Technology
  • Protagonist from a Different World
  • Consensual Sex Involving Slime Monsters
  • Summoning
  • Leader Protagonist
Rating 7.14105 Users
  • Ladder Structure
  • Protagonist's Fiancee as a Heroine
  • Heroine with Inverted Nipples
  • Floating Textbox
  • Superpowers
Rating 7.67240 Users
Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku
Rance 03 Leazas Kanraku
  • Slave Heroine
  • Comedy Rape
  • Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting
  • Fighting Hero
  • Priestess Heroine
Rating 8.00325 Users
Ouchi ni Kaeru made ga Mashimaro Desu
Ouchi ni Kaeru made ga Mashimaro Desu
  • Baker Heroine
  • Cook Heroine
  • Slice of Life Comedy
  • Part-time Job
  • Cafe
Rating 7.42163 Users
Ikusa Megami Verita
Ikusa Megami Verita
  • King Protagonist
  • Emperor Protagonist
  • Widow(er) Protagonist
  • Half-demon Protagonist
  • Priestess Heroine
Rating 7.95222 Users
Baldr Heart
Baldr Heart
  • Beat 'em Up
  • Mercenary Support Character
  • Mercenary Protagonist
  • Fairies
  • Action Game
Rating 7.63163 Users

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Tags (89 total)

Elf Protagonist3.002.878.60
New Game Plus3.002.337.00
Elemental Beings2.003.046.08
Unlockable Event2.672.045.44
Central Heroine3.001.815.42
Religious Heroine2.002.655.30
Cook Heroine2.002.645.29
Braless Heroine2.002.605.20
Mentor Support Character2.002.555.10
Cupid Heroine1.503.385.08
Religious Organization2.002.484.95
White Haired Heroine3.001.634.90
Dragon Heroine2.002.454.90
Queen Heroine2.002.414.81
Coodere Heroine2.671.674.46
More Than Seven Heroines2.671.674.45
Heroine with Gothic Look2.002.194.38
Catgirl Heroine2.251.934.35
Kemonomimi Heroine2.251.924.31
Assassin Heroine1.672.564.28
Angel Heroine2.002.094.18
Heroine with a Fang2.002.034.05
Combat Capable Friends2.002.024.04
Mage Heroine2.002.024.04
Lots of Event CGs2.251.773.98
Drastic Character Development1.502.643.97
Protagonist's Girlfriend as a Heroine2.001.983.97
Built-in Encyclopedia2.001.953.89
Late Branching Plot2.001.923.85
Sword Wielding Heroine2.001.803.59
Energetic Heroine2.001.783.55
Princess Heroine2.001.763.52
Heroine with Psychological Problems1.672.103.51
Shy Heroine2.001.713.41
No Common Sense Heroine1.502.263.39
Single Footjob2.001.683.36
Proactive Protagonist2.001.643.29
Oppai Loli Heroine1.502.193.28
Straight Lolicon2.001.603.20
Deredere Heroine2.001.603.20
Game Over2.001.523.05
Kissing Scene2.001.503.00
Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting1.501.982.98
Vaginal Masturbation2.001.482.96
Background Moans2.001.472.94
Sexual Fantasizing1.332.212.93
Sex in Water2.001.382.77
Single Handjob2.001.372.74
Vaginal Fingering2.001.372.74
Map Movement2.001.332.66
Tomboy Heroine1.671.582.64
Single Boobjob2.001.262.52
Tribadism on Penis1.002.322.32
Changeable Clothes1.002.302.30
Loli Heroine2.001.112.22
Quickie Fix Position2.001.112.22
Heroine with Big Breasts2.001.102.21
Missionary Position2.330.932.17
Sitting Sex2.001.042.08
Standing Sex2.001.042.08
Single Blowjob2.001.022.05
Outdoor Sex2.000.961.93
Naked Sprites1.751.051.84
Adult Breast Feeding1.001.781.78
Multiple Endings2.330.681.59
Doggy Style2.000.761.52
Group Sex of One Male and Several Females1.500.881.31
Sexual Content2.670.471.26
Male Protagonist2.670.330.87
Highly Animated Sprites0.332.000.66

Traits (372 total)

Feather Accessory Clothes42.844.57
Sceptre Items52.374.25
Ornament Hanging from Clothes Clothes32.944.07
Tassets Clothes32.833.92
Bat Wings Body42.403.86
Dual-Wield Weapon Items32.693.73
Sabaton Clothes23.183.50
Strapless Panties Clothes23.183.49
Magician Role61.783.46
Flying Engages in32.483.44
Fighting Engages in131.303.43
Waist Cincher Clothes23.053.36
Paw Gloves Clothes23.023.32
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes51.843.29
Reptilian Tail Body22.893.17
Engineer Role22.863.14
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)71.473.05
Fur Coat Clothes22.773.04
Body Ribbon Clothes32.163.00
Spaulders Clothes32.152.98
Bracer Clothes32.142.96
Loincloth Clothes22.692.95
Tail Body32.132.95
Greave Clothes22.672.93
Crown Clothes32.112.92
Greatsword Items22.662.92
Kemonomimi Body41.802.90
Robe Clothes32.072.87
Red Eyes101.202.87
Spear Items22.562.81
Dragon Role22.562.81
Half-Skirt Clothes22.532.78
Pointed Ears Body41.722.77
Feathery Wings Body22.472.71
Tail Clothes22.432.67
Angel Role22.422.66
Helmet Clothes22.422.66
Crystal Ball Items13.832.66
Boots Clothes41.632.63
Ambitious Personality22.372.60
Wrench Items13.742.59
Shawl Clothes22.352.58
Vacuum Cleaner Items13.722.58
Stuffed Toy Items22.332.56
Plate Armor Clothes31.842.55
Stole Clothes13.672.54
High Heeled Boots Clothes22.312.53
Chain Jewellery Clothes22.302.53
Animal Cosplay Engages in13.652.53
Watashi Personality61.302.53
Metal Bondage Engages in (Sexual)13.602.50
Sailor Suit Clothes13.602.50
Cupid Role13.602.50
Half-elf Role13.592.49
Outgoing Personality31.792.48
Brooch Clothes22.242.46
Trident Items13.532.45
Mask Clothes22.222.44
Orphan Role31.762.44
Brass Instrument Items13.482.42
Gorget Clothes13.482.42
Lolita Clothes22.202.41
Tsurime Eyes51.342.41
Kid Body51.342.41
Brave Personality22.192.40
Crossbow Items13.442.39
Wings Body22.162.37
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)71.142.36
Swordsmanship Engages in22.122.33
Armband Clothes22.122.32
Gloves Clothes41.442.32
Grief Subject of22.112.32
Fist Claws Items13.342.32
Cape Clothes31.672.31
Tiny Braid Hair22.082.28
Furry Tail Body22.082.28
Cuffs Clothes22.062.27
Sidehair Hair90.982.25
Sash Clothes13.242.25
Ankle Length Hair22.042.24
Carefree Personality31.612.23
Armored Bra Clothes13.212.23
Cat Person Personality13.212.23
Cloak Clothes22.032.23
Cheerful Personality22.022.22
Horns Body22.012.21
Knee Pad Clothes13.152.18
Refined Personality31.572.17
Decorative Belt Clothes21.972.16
Fishnet Thigh-high Stockings Clothes13.102.15
Small Breasts Body21.962.15
Breaking the Fourth Wall Engages in13.072.13
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)61.092.13
Serious Personality31.532.12
Mascot Character Role13.042.11
Kemonomimi Headband Clothes21.922.11
Planning Engages in21.922.11
Guide Role13.042.11
Merchant Role13.022.10
Maul Items13.012.08
Fang Body21.892.08
Inventor Role13.002.08
Bonnet Clothes12.992.07
Honest Personality21.882.06
Patriotic Personality12.972.06
Exile Subject of12.962.05
Washi Personality12.942.04
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes70.982.03
Christmas Cap Clothes12.912.02
Eye Covering Hair21.832.01
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)110.812.01
Straight Hair70.962.00
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)61.032.00
Kemonomimi Hood Clothes12.871.99
Fishnet Clothing Clothes12.871.99
Multiple Braids Hair12.861.98
Medium Breasts Body21.801.98
String Ribbon Tie Clothes21.801.98
Leg Warmers Clothes12.851.97
Halo Body12.841.97
Horns Clothes12.841.97
V Bangs Hair31.421.97
Apprentice Role12.841.97
Customizable Appearance Role12.831.96
Priest Role12.831.96
Spiky Bangs Hair61.011.96
Flower / Plant Items12.821.96
Avoidable Rape Engages in12.821.96
Keigo Personality12.821.96
Grey Hair31.411.95
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)51.081.94
Tominagi Subject of (Sexual)31.401.94
Sword Items21.761.94
Shield Items12.791.93
Broom Items12.781.93
Lace-up Shoes Clothes12.781.93
Kind Personality51.071.93
Sun Hat Clothes12.771.92
Unnatural Sclera Eyes12.771.92
Headband Clothes31.381.92
Patterned Thigh-high Stockings Clothes12.761.91
Leg Locking During Sex Engages in (Sexual)12.761.91
Eye Mask Clothes12.751.91
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)51.061.90
Arrogant Personality21.731.90
Kneepit Sex Engages in (Sexual)12.741.90
Visible Cervix Penetration Subject of (Sexual)12.741.90
Shoulder-length Hair70.911.90
White Hair31.361.89
Muscular Body21.721.89
Infiltration Engages in12.701.87
Stoic Personality21.701.87
Rebellion Engages in12.691.86
Rope Bondage Engages in (Sexual)12.691.86
Barefoot Clothes12.681.86
Familiar Role12.681.86
Belt Clothes31.341.86
Sarashi Clothes12.681.86
Teammate Role12.681.86
Group Sex of One Male and Several Females Engages in (Sexual)31.341.85
Thief Role12.671.85
Pacifist Personality12.671.85
Spoons Subject of (Sexual)21.681.85
Blond Hair70.881.84
Dagger Items12.651.84
Demon Tail Body12.651.84
Garter Clothes12.641.83
Queen Regnant Role12.621.82
Hair Ribbon Clothes21.651.81
Non-penetrative Sex Engages in (Sexual)12.611.81
Gradient Colored Hair Hair12.601.80
Dyed Hair12.591.80
Succubus Role12.591.79
Cunnilingus Engages in (Sexual)21.631.79
Assassin Role12.581.79
Parted in Middle Hair31.291.79
Capelet Clothes12.571.78
High Heeled Sandals Clothes12.561.78
Short Body12.561.77
Pink Eyes21.601.76
Mini Hat Clothes12.541.76
Sexual Fantasy Engages in (Sexual)12.531.75
Thigh Band Clothes12.531.75
Curtained Hair31.261.75
Goggles Clothes12.521.75
Witch Hat Clothes12.521.75
Twin Tails Hair41.081.74
Buttjob Engages in (Sexual)12.511.74
Whip Items12.501.73
Hair Beads Hair12.501.73
Hair Loopies Hair12.481.72
Wise Personality12.481.72
Bow Items12.471.71
Armpit Sex Engages in (Sexual)12.471.71
Halterneck Dress Clothes12.471.71
Betrayal Subject of12.471.71
Hood Clothes12.461.71
Collar Clothes21.551.71
Arm Cuffs Clothes12.461.70
Bandanna Clothes12.461.70
Kanzashi Clothes12.451.70
Assault Engages in12.441.69
Prince Role12.431.69
Curse Subject of12.431.69
Sex in Water Engages in (Sexual)21.531.68
Tareme Eyes41.041.67
Zouri Clothes12.391.66
Distrustful Personality12.391.66
Energetic Personality21.511.66
Competition Engages in12.391.66
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)80.751.65
Classic Tsundere Personality12.371.64
Kemonomimi Hair12.371.64
Elf Role12.361.64
Avoidable Rape Subject of12.361.64
Kimono Clothes21.491.64
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes21.491.63
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)31.171.62
Microskirt Clothes12.341.62
Leotard Clothes12.341.62
Bestiality Engages in (Sexual)12.331.61
Jitome Eyes12.321.61
Knife Items12.321.61
Transparent Clothes12.321.61
Coodere Personality12.321.60
Pleated Skirt Clothes21.461.60
Foreigner Role12.311.60
Cross Design Clothes12.301.60
Earrings Clothes21.431.58
Bodyguard Role12.271.57
Hairjob Engages in (Sexual)12.271.57
Watakushi Personality12.261.56
Eyepatch Clothes12.251.56
Cat Role12.251.56
Twin Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)21.421.56
Bathroom Sex Engages in (Sexual)21.411.55
Bisexual Role12.231.55
Non-human Role12.231.55
Gauntlet Clothes12.221.54
Violent Personality12.201.53
Adult Breast Feeding Engages in (Sexual)12.191.52
Warrior Role12.191.52
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)40.941.51
Chinese Dress Clothes12.171.50
Book Items12.171.50
Young-adult Body60.771.50
Torn Clothing Clothes12.161.50
Gothic Clothes12.151.49
Anal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)12.151.49
Waist Length+ Hair60.761.48
Wavy Hair21.341.47
Cruel Personality12.121.47
Ankle Boots Clothes12.121.47
Red Hair21.341.47
Knight Role12.111.46
Odango Hair12.111.46
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)31.051.46
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)40.901.45
Deity Role12.091.45
Mary Jane Clothes12.091.45
Secretive Personality12.071.44
Demon Role12.071.43
Triple Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)12.051.42
Tribadism on Penis Engages in (Sexual)12.051.42
Anilingus Engages in (Sexual)12.031.41
Bow Tie Clothes12.031.41
Hime Cut Hair12.021.40
Violet Eyes31.011.40
Friendly Personality21.271.39
Unarmed Fighting Engages in12.001.39
Amnesia Subject of12.001.39
Multicolored Hair11.991.38
Tomboy Personality11.981.37
Cleaning Engages in11.981.37
Slicked Back Hair11.961.36
Princess Role11.961.36
High Heels Clothes11.961.36
Husband Role11.931.34
Beret Clothes11.931.34
Katana Items11.921.33
Sex with Protagonist Only Engages in (Sexual)11.911.33
Nameable Role11.911.32
Immature Personality11.911.32
Cravat Clothes11.911.32
Ribbon Tie Clothes21.201.32
Airhead Personality11.901.32
Puffy Sleeves Clothes11.901.32
Slim Body110.531.31
Dress Clothes21.191.31
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)21.191.31
Timid Personality11.881.30
Dark Body11.871.30
Confinement Subject of11.861.29
Cosplay Engages in11.861.29
Group Sex of One Female and Several Males Engages in (Sexual)11.851.28
Protective Personality11.851.28
Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.851.28
Rape Engages in11.841.28
Gang Rape Subject of11.841.27
Maid Role11.841.27
Panties Clothes11.831.27
Proactive Personality11.831.27
Butterfly Subject of (Sexual)21.151.27
Naked Apron Clothes11.821.26
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes21.151.26
Bob Cut Hair11.811.25
Evening Gloves Clothes11.781.24
Mischievous Personality11.781.24
Loyal Personality11.771.23
Detached Sleeves Clothes11.771.23
Nipple Sucking Engages in (Sexual)11.771.23
Cowgirl Engages in (Sexual)11.771.23
Father Role11.751.22
Coat Clothes11.731.20
Mole Body11.731.20
Makeup Body11.731.20
Drinking Engages in11.731.20
Long Hair40.741.19
Olive Body11.691.17
Footjob Engages in (Sexual)11.671.16
Black Hair30.841.16
Cyan Eyes11.661.15
Shy Personality11.621.12
Double Penetration (Group Sex) Subject of (Sexual)11.611.12
Amber Eyes21.011.11
Blue Eyes30.801.11
Choker Clothes11.591.10
Short (obsolete) Body11.591.10
Intake Hair11.591.10
Garnet Eyes11.591.10
Maid's Headdress Clothes11.581.10
Full Sister Role11.581.09
Hardworker Personality11.571.09
Garter Belt Stockings Clothes11.571.09
Teasing Engages in11.541.07
Smart Personality11.531.06
Apron Clothes11.531.06
Orange Hair11.491.04
Female Ejaculation Engages in (Sexual)11.491.03
Maid's Dress Clothes11.471.02
Hair Tie Clothes11.451.01
Green Hair11.451.00
Bikini Clothes11.451.00
Seventh Posture Subject of (Sexual)11.441.00
Nipple Sucking Subject of (Sexual)11.410.98
Blunt Bangs Hair11.410.98
Cooking Engages in11.410.98
Pale Body120.380.97
Big Breasts Body11.400.97
Pantyhose Clothes11.380.95
Hosome Eyes11.350.94
Brown Hair30.670.93
Knee-high Socks Clothes11.330.92
Teen Body40.570.92
Pink Hair11.310.91
Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)11.280.89
Skirt Clothes11.280.89
Friend Role11.270.88
Ahoge Hair11.270.88
Big Breast Sizes Body11.270.88
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.230.85
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)11.220.85
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)11.170.81
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)11.160.81
Blue Hair11.160.80
Parted to Side Hair11.110.77
Necktie Clothes11.090.75
Ponytail Hair11.080.75
Miniskirt Clothes11.050.73
Green Eyes11.000.70
Short Hair10.600.42