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Age Rating

Novels (7 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Red Embrace: Hollywood407.596.81
Pale Cachexia267.656.67
Your Dry Delight846.896.56
Chess of Blades576.886.52
Red Embrace536.606.37
Red Embrace: Mezzanine117.236.35

Tags (124 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Gothic Romance22.004.44
Fighting Hero31.724.23
Uke Protagonist22.454.22
Vampire Hero22.343.94
Only Seme Heroes12.673.93
Boy x Boy Romance Only42.653.79
Dark Fantasy22.163.73
Modern Day United States of America22.343.61
Past United States of America12.753.59
Male on Male Sex Only23.003.56
Choosing Factions12.003.49
Tall Hero21.583.47
Only Adult Heroes32.393.40
Noble Protagonist12.403.14
Private Detective Hero12.003.09
Urban Fantasy13.003.07
Gangster Hero12.003.04
Waiting Staff Protagonist12.333.02
Mage Protagonist13.002.98
Only Avoidable Protagonist Rape12.002.92
Foreigner Hero12.002.86
Hero with Tattoo12.002.78
Protagonist's Boss as Hero12.002.77
Coodere Hero12.002.76
Non-Japanese Voice Acting22.252.70
Western-style Castle12.002.70
Noble Hero12.002.67
Non-binary Protagonist Option12.002.66
Protagonist's Pronoun Choice12.002.65
Private Detective Protagonist12.672.64
Mage Hero12.002.61
Hairstyle Option12.002.60
Side Portraits51.702.60
Low Sexual Content22.002.59
Skin Color Selection12.002.58
Black Comedy12.002.58
Hero with Glasses21.882.56
Flirtatious Hero12.002.55
Fear of Death12.002.53
Unique Routes12.252.47
Hero with a Sword12.002.46
Brief NVL Scenes21.752.37
Adult Hero21.502.30
Lots of Choices22.002.29
No Romance Plot13.002.29
Third-person Narrative13.002.29
Graphic Violence12.002.26
Adult Protagonist32.562.26
Protagonist Gender Choice12.002.24
Drug Use12.002.23
Dark Skinned Protagonist12.002.22
Butler Support Character11.502.20
Protagonist with a Sprite22.592.16
Sword Wielding Protagonist12.002.14
Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting12.002.11
Artist Protagonist11.332.09
Built-in Encyclopedia12.002.06
Ponytail Hero11.502.02
Writer Protagonist11.331.98
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero12.001.97
Past Setting in a Fictional World12.251.97
Western-style Manor12.001.96
Detective Work12.001.96
More Than Seven Endings21.751.95
Musician Protagonist11.331.91
Bad Ending(s)22.001.87
Muscular Hero11.331.80
Protagonist with Voice Acting12.671.73
Late Sexual Content11.671.71
Interactive Adventure Game12.001.70
Protagonist with a Face52.401.68
Unlockable Gallery11.501.65
Unlockable Routes12.001.59
Kissing Scene12.001.56
Group Sex of Several Males11.001.54
Nameable Protagonist22.001.49
Anal Penetration21.101.47
Mirror Sex11.001.38
Game Over11.501.35
Kinetic Novel12.501.34
Under the Same Roof12.001.34
Branching Plot12.001.34
Female Protagonist22.501.28
Male on Male Sex20.601.26
No Sexual Content32.171.23
Colored Name-tags11.501.22
Standing Sex12.001.10
Sitting Sex12.001.10
Multiple Endings22.001.04
Photographic Backgrounds11.000.98
Boy x Boy Romance20.330.87
Missionary Position11.500.82
Otome Game11.000.74
Male Protagonist42.460.68
Sexual Content12.000.64
Single Ending10.330.39

Traits (201 total)

Male on Male Sex Only Engages in (Sexual)164.76
Vampire Role164.41
Noble Role174.28
Tall (obsolete) Body594.02
Anal Sex Engages in (Sexual)283.87
Group Sex of Several Males Engages in (Sexual)133.85
Cravat Clothes163.73
Boxing Engages in123.49
Undead Role123.33
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)193.14
Beard Hair343.10
Fang Body243.03
Off Screen Sex (obsolete) Engages in (Sexual)132.99
Rebellious Personality222.94
Jewish Role112.89
Leather Jacket Clothes222.86
Gloves Clothes162.78
Southern Drawl Personality112.76
Vest Clothes352.75
Trousers Clothes182.74
Muscular Body242.70
Tattoo Body332.64
Grey Eyes442.63
Investigation Engages in132.61
Judge Role112.54
Foreigner Role122.53
Grey Hair252.50
Adult Body352.46
Antisocial Personality222.46
Detective Role122.45
Tarot Cards Items112.44
Stubble Hair222.43
Missionary Engages in (Sexual)232.42
Young-adult Body4212.42
Double Penetration (Group Sex) Engages in (Sexual)122.37
Cape Clothes132.34
Spiky Hair332.34
Suit Clothes342.32
Earrings Clothes342.30
Magician Role132.22
Gender Choice Role112.19
Scar Body222.18
Red Hair442.14
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)132.12
Stutter Personality112.12
Fighting Engages in242.09
Arm Hair Hair112.08
Blunt Personality222.08
Single Hole Double Penetration (Group Sex) (obsolete) Subject of (Sexual)112.07
Ball Gown Clothes112.06
Fortune Teller Role112.05
Blond Hair592.03
Nameable Role222.02
Chest Hair Hair112.00
Fedora Clothes111.99
Hat Clothes121.99
Multiple Braids Hair111.98
Braid Hair121.97
Epaulette Clothes111.97
Priest Role111.96
Drug Abuse Engages in111.95
Non-Binary Personality111.95
Sword Items221.94
Scarf Clothes121.94
Undercut Hair111.93
Naive Personality121.92
Customizable Appearance Role111.90
Blindness Subject of111.89
Short Hair4211.88
Doggy Style Engages in (Sexual)121.86
Eye Mask Clothes111.85
White Eyes111.85
Bartender Role111.85
Mole Body221.84
Healer Role111.83
Dagger Items111.83
Nephew Role111.82
Green Eyes451.81
Walking Stick Items111.80
Necktie Clothes241.78
Maid's Headdress Clothes121.76
Criminal Role111.75
Spirit Role111.73
Childhood Friend Role231.72
Apron Clothes121.72
Hood Clothes111.70
Spit-roast Engages in (Sexual)111.70
Kind Personality341.70
Choker Clothes121.69
Cigarette Items111.69
Aunt Role111.69
Black Hair471.69
Musician Role111.69
Androgynous Body111.69
Butler Role111.67
Modern Tsundere Personality111.67
Disguise Engages in111.66
Writer Role111.66
Cynic Personality111.65
Long Hair381.65
Daughter Role121.65
Resurrection Subject of111.64
Maid's Dress Clothes121.63
Brown Eyes251.62
Coodere Personality111.61
Half-naked Clothes111.61
Chain Jewellery Clothes111.61
Flirting Subject of111.61
Womanizer Personality111.59
Pragmatic Personality111.57
Bondage Sex Engages in (Sexual)111.56
No Name Role111.52
Freckles Body111.52
Management Role111.50
Glasses Clothes331.50
Bandages Clothes111.50
Violent Personality111.50
Brown Hair481.49
Claret Hair111.48
Lonely Role111.48
Shoulder-length Hair341.47
White Hair221.47
Sweets Lover Personality111.45
Tiny Braid Hair111.45
Sly Personality111.44
Sunglasses Clothes111.43
Robe Clothes111.43
Anal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)111.43
Anilingus Subject of (Sexual)111.42
Bow Tie Clothes111.42
Cross Necklace Clothes111.42
Soldier Role111.41
Demon Role111.40
Sharp-tongued Personality111.39
Anilingus Engages in (Sexual)111.39
Kidnapping Subject of111.39
Slicked Back Hair111.35
Unarmed Fighting Engages in111.35
Red Eyes221.31
Fingerless Gloves Clothes111.31
Villain Role111.31
Strict Personality111.29
Flirting Engages in111.29
Blue Eyes341.29
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)221.29
Moustache Hair111.28
Maid Role111.27
Sitting Sex Engages in (Sexual)111.26
Hidden Eyes111.26
Eye Covering Hair111.25
Proactive Personality111.25
Evening Gloves Clothes111.24
Waitstaff Role111.24
Confident Personality111.23
Reserved Personality111.21
Ponytail Hair221.21
Loyal Personality111.21
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)221.21
Hoodie Clothes111.20
Spit-roast Subject of (Sexual)111.20
Parted to Side Hair121.20
Short (obsolete) Body111.20
Side Tail Hair111.20
Mysterious Personality111.19
Stoic Personality111.18
Anal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)111.18
Drinking Engages in111.16
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)221.14
Jeans Clothes111.13
Double Penetration (Group Sex) Subject of (Sexual)111.12
Amber Eyes221.12
Pink Eyes111.12
Collar Clothes111.11
Bracelet Clothes111.10
Refined Personality111.09
Full Sister Role111.09
Hard Worker Personality111.08
Pendant Necklace Clothes111.07
Bondage Sex Subject of (Sexual)111.06
Orange Hair111.04
Smart Personality111.04
Jacket Clothes111.00
Younger Sister Role110.99
Kid Body110.94
Wavy Hair110.93
T-shirt Clothes110.92
Belt Clothes110.91
Pink Hair110.91
Slim Body340.89
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)120.83
Blue Hair110.82
Violet Hair110.82
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)110.80
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)110.80
Twin Tails Hair110.77
Violet Eyes110.71
Sidehair Hair110.67
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)110.63
Pale Body340.61
Waist Length+ Hair110.54
Teen Body110.42