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Age Rating

Novels (3 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Cardinal Cross357.176.60
Calling Cipher66.926.29
Ascension: Echoes in the Dark25.006.21

Traits (135 total)

School PC Club Member Role145.80
Utility Belt Clothes123.09
Arm Warmers Clothes122.91
School PC Club President Role112.76
Stubble Hair122.43
Smart Personality242.41
Freckles Body222.41
Necklace Clothes242.41
Non-blood-related Sister Role122.37
No Bangs Hair232.36
Earrings Clothes142.30
Friend Role252.22
Transfer Student Role122.19
Funny Personality122.18
Shaggy Hair122.12
Lieutenant Role112.10
Fingerless Gloves Clothes122.08
Dreadlocks Hair112.06
School Backpack Items112.06
Fashion Design Engages in112.02
Outgoing Personality121.94
Undercut Hair111.93
Tall (obsolete) Body121.92
Customizable Appearance Role111.90
Wavy Hair231.87
Facial Piercing Body111.85
Muscular Body121.84
Student Club Advisor Role111.82
Pacifist Personality111.82
Runaway Role111.77
Fur Trim Clothes111.77
Overall Clothes111.76
Sleepyhead Personality111.74
Friendly Personality131.73
Drawing Engages in111.72
Bow Items111.71
Choker Clothes121.69
Cigarette Items111.69
Vest Clothes121.68
Ignorant Personality111.63
Sensitive Personality111.63
Leggings Clothes111.63
Headphones Clothes111.63
Green Eyes241.62
Coodere Personality111.61
Loner Personality111.60
Tank Top Clothes121.59
Martial Arts Engages in111.57
High School Student Role161.56
Blue Eyes261.56
Charismatic Personality111.54
Wrinkles Body111.53
Bookworm Personality111.52
Parted to Side Hair131.52
Hairpin Clothes121.51
Book Items111.50
Armband Clothes111.48
Ankle Boots Clothes111.47
Manipulative Personality111.47
Brave Personality111.46
Black Hair251.46
Belt Clothes121.45
Smoking Engages in111.44
Fighting Engages in121.43
Blond Hair241.42
Bow Tie Clothes111.42
Hazel Eyes111.41
Otaku Personality111.41
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes111.39
Cold-hearted Personality111.38
Scar Body111.38
Commander Role111.37
Trousers Clothes121.37
Tanned Body111.37
School Uniform Clothes161.37
Pendant Earrings Clothes111.36
Slicked Back Hair111.35
Old Body111.35
Rude Personality111.34
Immature Personality111.34
Beard Hair111.34
Multicolored Hair111.32
Tattoo Body111.32
Mature Personality111.31
Homosexual Role111.30
Nameable Role111.27
Proactive Personality111.25
Braid Hair111.24
Bun Hair111.24
Confident Personality111.23
Dark Body111.21
Reserved Personality111.21
Long Hair241.21
Ponytail Hair221.21
Stubborn Personality111.21
Loyal Personality111.21
Hoodie Clothes111.20
Crop Top Clothes111.20
Side Tail Hair111.20
Mysterious Personality111.19
Coat Clothes111.19
Cape Clothes111.17
Teen Body161.17
Mole Body111.16
Wealthy Role111.16
Kind Personality121.16
Relaxed Personality111.14
Sweater Clothes111.14
Shy Personality111.13
Bracelet Clothes111.10
Refined Personality111.09
Brown Hair241.09
Teacher Role111.06
Energetic Personality111.06
Serious Personality111.05
Jacket Clothes111.00
Black Eyes111.00
Gloves Clothes110.99
Short Hair240.98
Adult Body110.95
Hosome Eyes110.94
White Hair110.93
T-shirt Clothes110.92
Pink Hair110.91
Childhood Friend Role110.86
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes110.81
Shirt Clothes110.79
Twin Tails Hair110.77
Necktie Clothes110.77
Glasses Clothes110.75
Amber Eyes110.70
Shoulder-length Hair110.64
Brown Eyes110.62
Waist Length+ Hair110.54
Pale Body120.41