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Age Rating

Tags (104 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
One Piece42.007.51
Coming-of-Age Drama23.004.65
Dark Skinned Protagonist42.004.49
Only Avoidable Sexual Content22.004.29
Yaoi Game Jam22.004.18
Boy x Boy Romance Only52.504.17
Hero Based on a Fictional Person22.004.09
Alien Protagonist13.003.94
Protagonist Based on a Mythological Character12.003.88
Seme Protagonist22.003.76
Designer Hero12.003.54
Traditionalist Family13.003.54
Only a Single Hero32.003.52
No Gallery42.003.52
Plants & Flowers13.003.46
Protagonist with Tentacles13.003.45
Witch Hero12.003.45
Protagonist with a Sprite72.143.36
Colored Name-tags52.003.30
No Hero(in)es22.003.18
Elf Protagonist12.003.08
Male on Male Sex Only22.003.08
Hero with Ahoge12.003.06
Father Support Character22.002.99
Consensual Sex Involving Tentacles22.002.99
In-game Sexual Content Toggle12.002.93
Ending List22.002.92
Protagonist Based on a Fictional Person12.002.92
Cook Protagonist12.002.82
Witch Protagonist12.002.80
Varied Title Screens22.002.79
No Romance Plot22.002.75
Boy x Boy Romance22.002.73
Reversible Yaoi Pairing12.002.70
Ambient Sounds12.002.60
Uke Protagonist12.002.59
Male on Male Sex22.002.53
Only Bad End Death of Protagonist12.002.51
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero13.002.49
Muscular Hero12.002.45
Group Sex of Several Males12.002.44
Sister Support Character12.002.42
Few Choices22.502.33
Skip Scenes21.002.32
Literary Adaptation12.002.28
Third-person Narrative21.502.28
Unlockable Epilogue12.002.25
Friendship Ending12.002.25
Only Uke Heroes11.002.18
Hero(ine) Selection12.002.16
Dark Skinned Hero12.002.12
Changeable Font12.002.06
Group of Friends12.002.03
Fictional World12.002.01
Protagonist in Relationship13.001.99
Randomized Events11.001.98
Protagonist with Facial Hair11.001.97
Interactive Adventure Game12.501.97
Mother Support Character12.001.93
Linear Plot13.001.88
Single Ending13.001.88
Only Adult Heroes12.001.88
Game Jam12.001.86
Protagonist with a Face72.141.84
Threesome Ending12.001.84
Kinetic Novel22.001.73
Adult Protagonist22.001.70
Non-Binary Characters11.001.69
Super Deformed CG's12.001.60
Game Over12.001.60
No Sexual Content62.001.58
Anal Fingering12.001.57
Bad Endings with Story12.001.50
One True End12.001.49
Completion Status Indicator11.001.45
Map Movement12.001.41
More Than Seven Endings12.001.41
Intercrural Sex12.001.39
Single Handjob12.001.34
Branching Plot12.001.31
Bad Ending(s)12.001.27
Anal Sex12.001.25
Pixel Art11.001.25
Single Boobjob12.001.24
Meaningless Choices11.001.14
Naked Sprites12.001.09
Outdoor Sex12.001.02
Single Blowjob12.000.98
Male Protagonist72.140.81
Side Portraits11.000.80
Multiple Endings12.000.70

Traits (144 total)

Pareo Clothes155.11
Male on Male Sex Only Engages in (Sexual)254.47
Tailjob Subject of (Sexual)234.07
Unnatural Skin Tone Body354.00
Group Sex of Several Males Engages in (Sexual)133.88
Humanoid (Non-human) Body233.57
Consensual Sex with Tentacles Engages in (Sexual)233.52
Afro Hair223.45
Tailjob Engages in (Sexual)223.29
Reincarnation Subject of133.27
Polyamory Engages in133.26
Fortune Teller Role123.25
Fishing Engages in123.11
Tentacle Body223.05
Frot Engages in (Sexual)122.94
Unnatural Sclera Eyes122.89
Shopping Engages in132.85
Son Role232.64
Shawl Clothes122.59
Reptile Role112.57
Bracelet Clothes142.57
Bag Items122.55
Half-naked Clothes222.54
Dark Body232.48
Forked Tongue Body112.47
Mollusc Role112.47
Freckles Body122.46
Handjob Subject of (Sexual)132.44
Gas Mask Clothes112.40
Shopkeeper Role122.32
Thick Eyebrows Hair222.27
Pink Eyes332.23
Bicycle Items112.22
Shark-like Teeth Body112.21
Fish Fins Body112.19
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)132.13
Scales Body112.11
Fingerless Gloves Clothes222.08
Fang Body222.07
Prosthesis Body112.07
Necklace Clothes132.06
Green Hair232.03
Fashion Design Engages in112.02
Reptilian Tail Body111.98
Earrings Clothes231.98
Flower / Plant Items111.97
Beanie Clothes111.94
Sewing Engages in111.93
Hair Flower Clothes121.91
Loincloth Clothes111.87
Muscular Body221.85
Olive Body121.85
Arm Warmers Clothes111.83
Perfectionist Personality111.83
Politician Role111.81
Magic Tattoo Body111.81
Shadowed Eyes111.79
Magician Role121.77
Overall Clothes111.77
Extraterrestrial Role111.75
Shop Clerk Role111.72
Childhood Friend Role131.72
Drawing Engages in111.71
Young-adult Body381.70
Stylish Personality111.69
Cook Role111.68
Wise Personality111.68
Distrustful Personality111.64
Blue Hair231.62
Jitome Eyes111.61
Intercrural Sex Subject of (Sexual)111.59
Fur Body111.57
Non-human Role111.56
Sanpaku Eyes Eyes111.54
Flustered Personality111.54
Nature Lover Personality111.53
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)121.51
Insightful Personality111.51
Off-The-Shoulder Shirt Clothes111.51
Anal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)111.43
Furry Tail Body111.42
Emotional Personality111.41
Scar Body111.39
Horns Body111.36
Slicked Back Hair111.35
Beard Hair111.34
Blunt Personality111.33
Younger Brother Role111.33
Antenna Hair111.32
Short-tempered Personality111.31
Boobjob Subject of (Sexual)111.29
Intercrural Sex Engages in (Sexual)111.29
Hidden Eyes111.29
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes111.28
Short Hair371.27
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)121.26
Eye Covering Hair111.25
Hat Clothes111.25
Bun Hair111.24
Kemonomimi Body111.24
Anal Sex Engages in (Sexual)111.22
Hoodie Clothes111.21
Loyal Personality111.21
Reserved Personality111.21
No Bangs Hair111.20
Older Brother Role111.20
Mysterious Personality111.19
Father Role111.19
Pointed Ears Body111.18
Anal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)111.17
Spiky Hair111.17
Boots Clothes111.15
Relaxed Personality111.14
Shy Personality111.12
Amber Eyes221.11
Hardworker Personality111.08
Pendant Necklace Clothes111.08
Serious Personality111.05
Tank Top Clothes111.00
Black Eyes111.00
V Bangs Hair110.98
Headband Clothes110.97
Grey Hair110.97
Adult Body110.95
Hosome Eyes110.95
Pink Hair110.91
Black Hair120.90
Ahoge Hair110.89
Parted in Middle Hair110.88
Dress Clothes110.84
Red Eyes110.83
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)120.82
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)110.80
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes110.80
Parted to Side Hair110.76
Ponytail Hair110.76
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)110.72
Green Eyes110.70
Brown Eyes110.62
Blue Eyes110.55
Waist Length+ Hair110.53
Brown Hair110.47
Slim Body110.38
Pale Body110.26