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Enor lives by himself in the wilderness of the Gullfoss continent. One day, he came upon a fallen girl by a nearby riverside and took her home to take care of her. Her name is Katarina and she is actually the Seventh Princess Edelweiss’ personal knight. They were pursued by attackers and now the princess is missing, so Katarina asks Enor to pretend to be the princess. So, he dresses up as a girl and goes on a journey together with her. [From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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Nanapuri. has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
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Tags (44 total)

Trap Protagonist3.002.096.26
Medieval Fantasy3.001.855.54
Princess Heroine3.001.715.14
Knight Protagonist2.002.404.80
Sickly Heroine2.002.094.18
Dark Skinned Characters2.002.074.14
Protagonist with Voice Acting3.001.323.96
Secret Identity2.001.973.94
Pretending Heroine2.001.923.84
Small Breast Sizes Heroine (Non-Loli)2.001.913.83
Sex Under the Necessity2.001.913.81
Feet Licking2.001.833.66
Reverse Rape2.001.813.62
Sword Wielding Heroine2.001.763.52
Unavoidable Heroine Rape2.001.743.48
Enforced Playing Order2.001.663.32
Past Setting in a Fictional World2.001.653.31
Heroine with Ahoge2.001.623.24
Mind Control2.001.613.22
Multiple Protagonists2.001.492.97
One True End2.001.362.72
Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki2.001.322.64
Twin Tail Heroine2.001.132.26
Loli Heroine2.001.112.22
Other Perspectives2.001.092.17
Maid Support Character1.002.152.15
Childishly Violent Heroine1.002.112.11
Protagonist with a Face3.000.661.99
Consensual Group Sex of One Female and Several Males1.001.991.99
Doggy Style2.000.731.46
Female Protagonist2.000.711.43
Heroine with Sexual Experience1.001.241.24
Lesbian Sex1.001.101.10
Male Protagonist3.000.290.88

Traits (132 total)

One-horned Body33.204.44
Princess Role51.963.52
Knight Role42.103.38
Feather Accessory Clothes22.823.10
Cat Role32.213.07
Wings Body32.183.03
Arm Cuffs Clothes22.432.67
Detached Sleeves Clothes31.782.47
Cape Clothes31.682.33
Four-Legged Body13.322.30
Parted in Middle Hair51.272.27
Fingerless Gloves Clothes21.892.08
Green Hair31.462.03
Evening Gloves Clothes21.791.96
Nail Polish Body21.771.94
Straight Hair60.961.87
White Hair31.341.86
Strangulation Sex Subject of (Sexual)12.631.82
Feet Licking Subject of (Sexual)12.621.82
Greave Clothes12.611.81
Braided Headband Hair12.561.77
Feet Licking Engages in (Sexual)12.551.77
Parted to Side Hair41.091.76
Hair Beads Hair12.521.75
Garter Belt Stockings Clothes21.581.74
Halterneck Dress Clothes12.481.72
Hand Fan Items12.461.71
Hood Clothes12.451.70
Vest Clothes21.531.68
Dress Clothes31.211.68
Shawl Clothes12.361.64
Blue Hair31.171.63
Stuffed Toy Items12.341.62
Green Eyes41.001.62
Jitome Eyes12.321.61
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes41.001.60
Butterfly Subject of (Sexual)31.151.59
Goatee Hair12.271.57
Gloves Clothes21.431.57
Wrinkles Body12.241.55
Stubble Hair12.221.54
Trap Body12.181.51
Bandages Clothes12.161.49
Strapless Dress Clothes12.141.49
Crown Clothes12.121.47
Kitsuneme Eyes12.101.46
Court Shoes Clothes12.091.45
Blue Eyes50.801.43
Furry Tail Body12.051.42
Spiky Bangs Hair31.021.41
Overweight Body12.021.40
Cloak Clothes12.021.40
Cross-dressing Engages in12.021.40
Facesitting Engages in (Sexual)12.001.39
Waist Length+ Hair50.771.38
Ringlet Hair11.981.37
Pendant Earrings Clothes11.981.37
Sandals Clothes11.971.37
Full Brother Role11.951.35
Old Body11.951.35
Slicked Back Hair11.951.35
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)21.221.34
Shaggy Hair11.931.34
Multicolored Hair11.931.34
Over The Knee Socks Clothes11.901.32
Red Eyes21.191.31
Quickie Fix Engages in (Sexual)11.891.31
Short Shorts Clothes11.881.30
Moustache Hair11.861.29
Plate Armor Clothes11.861.29
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes11.841.28
Maid Role11.841.28
Bob Cut Hair11.821.26
Eye Covering Hair11.811.25
Braid Hair11.791.24
Blond Hair30.881.22
Sword Items11.761.22
Scarf Clothes11.751.22
Twin Tails Hair21.091.20
Ponytail Hair21.091.20
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)40.741.20
Olive Body11.681.17
Makeup Body11.661.15
Shorts Clothes11.651.14
Reverse Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)11.631.13
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)11.621.13
Violet Eyes21.021.12
Double Penetration (Group Sex) Subject of (Sexual)11.611.12
Amber Eyes21.011.11
Maid's Headdress Clothes11.591.10
Collar Clothes11.591.10
Short Hair50.611.09
Pendant Necklace Clothes11.551.08
Choker Clothes11.551.07
Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)11.531.06
Necklace Clothes11.491.03
Long Hair30.741.03
Maid's Dress Clothes11.481.02
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)20.931.02
Black Eyes11.441.00
Earrings Clothes11.430.99
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)20.900.99
V Bangs Hair11.420.98
Blunt Bangs Hair11.410.98
Teen Body40.590.95
Hairpin Clothes11.370.95
Wavy Hair11.340.93
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)11.330.92
Red Hair11.330.92
Belt Clothes11.320.92
Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)11.320.91
Pink Hair11.310.91
Black Hair20.820.90
Ahoge Hair11.280.89
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)20.800.88
Childhood Friend Role11.240.86
Young-adult Body20.770.85
Violet Hair11.170.81
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes11.160.80
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)11.150.80
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)11.150.80
Pale Body70.370.78
Necktie Clothes11.100.76
Glasses Clothes11.080.75
Brown Hair20.670.74
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)11.060.73
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)11.050.73
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)11.050.72
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)11.020.71
Shoulder-length Hair10.910.63
Brown Eyes10.900.62
Slim Body10.540.38