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A spin-off game based on Ameba's game apps "Girlfriend (Kari)". In the visual novel game, player takes the role of a male sophomore at Seiou Academy, where the event is currently set on a summer vacation.

Girlfriend (Kari) - Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
A novel needs atleast 20 owners before it's similarity is calculated.

Girlfriend (Kari) - Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi has not yet been read by enough users to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
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Girlfriend (Kari) - Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
A novel needs atleast 20 owners before it's similarity is calculated.

Tags (31 total)

Hero(ine) Selection3.002.106.29
Highly Animated Sprites2.502.004.99
Mischievous Heroine2.002.404.80
Lots of Character Sprites2.002.374.74
Dating Simulation2.501.864.64
Student Club Member Heroine2.002.244.48
Gauge Display2.002.214.42
Musician Heroine2.002.174.33
Character Profiles2.002.074.13
Correct Choice Indicator2.002.064.11
Robot Heroine2.002.024.04
Sprite Viewer2.002.024.04
Normal Scene Recollection2.001.933.87
Read Text Marking2.001.903.80
Foreigner Heroine2.001.883.77
Lip Sync2.001.873.75
Idol Heroine2.001.813.62
Energetic Heroine2.001.783.56
Player Voice Interactivity1.003.393.39
More Than Seven Heroines2.001.673.34
Date Display2.001.513.03
High School Student Protagonist2.001.252.51
High School2.001.172.35
Interactive Touching Game1.002.112.11
Nameable Protagonist2.001.012.02
High School Student Heroine2.000.871.74
No Sexual Content2.000.631.25
Male Protagonist3.000.330.98

Traits (190 total)

Eleventh Grader Role112.075.13
Twelfth Grader Role62.354.58
Senpai Role151.554.31
School Cultural Club Member Role32.994.15
Kouhai Role131.574.13
School Music Club Member Role32.924.04
Tenth Grader Role42.353.78
Loud Personality42.333.75
Broadcasting Committee Member Role23.333.66
Scissors Items23.233.55
School "Go Home Club" Member Role23.203.52
Watashi Personality141.303.51
Pleated Skirt Clothes101.463.50
Sweets Lover Personality42.093.37
Sewing Engages in22.823.10
School Art Club Member Role22.773.04
Sports Shoes Clothes41.832.94
Microphone Items22.652.91
Kimono Clothes61.492.90
Ribbon Tie Clothes101.202.88
Foreign Accent Personality14.052.81
Pottery Engages in14.052.81
School Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Member Role14.002.77
Rhythmic Gymnastic Clubs Items14.002.77
Sidehair Hair150.972.70
Friend Role71.272.64
Slingback Shoes Clothes13.752.60
Knee-high Socks Clothes61.332.58
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes31.842.55
V Bangs Hair51.422.55
Blunt Bangs Hair51.412.53
Twin Braids Hair31.832.53
Teasing Engages in41.542.48
Bookworm Personality22.252.47
Outgoing Personality31.782.47
Mischievous Personality31.782.47
Hairpin Clothes51.362.45
Energetic Personality41.512.43
School Photography Club Member Role13.492.42
Wavy Hair51.342.40
Reading Engages in22.162.37
Bass Guitar Items13.422.37
School Cooking Club Member Role13.372.34
Keyboardist Role13.342.31
Tareme Eyes81.042.28
Tiny Braid Hair22.082.28
Shopping Engages in22.072.28
Lacrosse Engages in13.272.27
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes61.152.23
Neighbor Role22.012.20
School Literature Club Member Role13.162.19
Bassist Role13.142.17
Refined Personality31.572.17
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes80.982.15
School Tennis Club Member Role13.072.13
Necktie Clothes61.092.12
Twin Tails Hair61.082.11
Kind Personality61.072.09
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes31.492.07
Friendly Personality41.262.03
Library Committee Member Role12.932.03
Straight Hair70.962.01
Rhythmic Gymnastics Engages in12.881.99
School Newspaper Club Member Role12.851.97
Leg Warmers Clothes12.841.97
School Uniform Clothes200.651.97
Patterned Thigh-high Stockings Clothes12.761.91
Notebook Items12.761.91
Pen Items12.761.91
Pantyhose Clothes31.381.91
Foreign Exchange Student Role12.741.90
Symbol Eyes12.731.89
Side Tail Hair21.721.89
Desu Personality12.721.88
Slippers Clothes12.711.88
Relaxed Personality21.671.83
Painting Engages in12.631.82
French Role12.621.82
Pink Hair31.311.82
Parted to Side Hair41.111.79
Singer Role12.571.78
Parted in Middle Hair31.291.78
School Extraordinary Club Member Role12.561.77
Archery Engages in12.551.77
Pink Eyes21.611.77
Pianist Role12.541.76
Short (obsolete) Body21.601.76
Braided Headband Hair12.531.75
Drawing Engages in12.521.75
Waist Length+ Hair90.761.75
Teen Body200.571.74
Stylish Personality12.501.74
Hair Beads Hair12.501.73
Hardworker Personality21.571.72
Gardening Engages in12.461.70
Daughter Role21.551.70
Yamato Nadeshiko Role12.451.70
Photography Engages in12.431.69
Granddaughter Role12.431.68
School Sports Club Member Role12.421.68
Tennis Engages in12.391.66
Slim Body220.531.66
Orange Hair21.491.64
Flat Chest Body12.351.63
Amber Eyes41.011.63
Handbag Items12.341.62
Leotard Clothes12.331.62
Stuffed Toy Items12.331.61
Hair Tie Clothes21.451.60
Tank Top Clothes21.451.59
Blond Hair50.891.59
Flower Clothes12.271.57
Talkative Personality12.251.56
Cooking Engages in21.411.55
Grey Hair21.411.55
Lonely Role12.231.54
Robot Role12.211.53
Big Breasts Body21.391.53
Rubber Band With Beads Clothes12.191.52
Book Items12.171.50
Singing Engages in12.141.48
Kid Body21.341.48
Belt Clothes21.341.47
Armband Clothes12.111.47
Miniskirt Clothes31.051.46
Idol Role12.081.44
Food Lover Personality12.071.44
Blue Eyes50.801.43
Thick Eyebrows Hair12.061.43
Curious Personality12.031.41
Hazel Eyes12.031.40
Hime Cut Hair12.021.40
Ahoge Hair21.271.39
Strange Personality11.981.37
Tomboy Personality11.981.37
Ankle Socks Clothes11.981.37
Dress Shoes Clothes11.981.37
Childhood Friend Role21.251.37
Thigh-high Boots Clothes11.971.36
Shaggy Hair11.931.34
Atashi Personality11.931.34
Part-time Worker Role11.921.33
Planning Engages in11.921.33
Long Hair50.741.33
Immature Personality11.911.32
Red Eyes21.201.32
Timid Personality11.881.30
Confident Personality11.831.27
Shoulder-length Hair30.911.27
Proactive Personality11.831.27
Blazer Clothes11.811.25
Yukata Clothes11.801.25
String Ribbon Tie Clothes11.801.25
Brown Eyes30.901.25
Teasing Subject of11.781.23
Waitstaff Role11.761.22
Brown Hair50.681.21
Hair Flower Clothes11.741.21
Makeup Body11.731.20
Skirt Suit Clothes11.731.20
Pale Body220.381.19
Wealthy Role11.701.18
Shorts Clothes11.651.14
Popular Role11.641.14
Shy Personality11.621.12
Carefree Personality11.611.12
Intake Hair11.591.10
Garnet Eyes11.591.10
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes11.581.10
Collar Clothes11.561.08
Short Hair50.601.08
Apron Clothes11.531.06
Smart Personality11.531.06
Teacher Role11.511.04
Blouse Clothes11.491.04
Jacket Clothes11.461.01
Green Hair11.451.01
Gloves Clothes11.441.00
Earrings Clothes11.430.99
White Hair11.360.94
T-shirt Clothes11.330.92
Dress Clothes11.190.83
Blue Hair11.160.80
Violet Hair11.160.80
Ponytail Hair11.080.75
Glasses Clothes11.080.75
Spiky Bangs Hair11.010.70
Violet Eyes11.010.70
Black Hair10.840.58