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Rating Distribution

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Age Rating

Novels (8 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
The Last Birdling427.416.73
Cursed Sight1396.296.33
Unhack 2286.436.33
Without Within 3145.826.15
Without Within 2535.786.05
Without Within2615.305.44

Tags (88 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Artist Protagonist32.605.50
No Romance Plot42.634.62
Slave Protagonist13.003.91
No Hero(in)es22.343.77
Modern Day Earth22.803.75
Social Networking Service21.503.73
Child Protagonist21.753.48
Non-Japanese Voice Acting23.003.48
AI Heroine13.003.46
Hacker Protagonist12.003.27
Archer Heroine12.003.25
Puzzle Game21.503.14
Fortune-teller Heroine12.003.14
Non-human Protagonist13.002.91
Super Deformed CG's31.802.77
Medical Doctor Hero12.002.72
Coming-of-Age Drama21.002.72
Jump to Next Choice12.002.70
Few Event CGs21.502.69
Adolescent Romance12.002.64
Voiced Narration12.002.59
Future Earth12.002.56
Single Ending22.502.52
Linear Plot22.502.51
Virtual Reality12.002.47
Animal Cruelty11.002.46
Gauge Display12.002.43
Salesman Protagonist11.002.42
Completion Status Indicator12.002.41
Passage of Time12.002.39
Kinetic Novel32.332.33
Protagonist with a Sprite22.382.32
Mother Support Character12.502.26
High Amount of Bad Endings12.602.25
Observer Protagonist11.002.17
Descriptions of Violence12.002.17
Slice of Life Comedy12.002.10
Adult Protagonist22.502.08
Pet Support Character11.002.05
Ending List12.002.04
No Sexual Content82.721.96
No Gallery12.001.96
Lots of Event CGs12.001.94
Unlockable Choices12.001.94
Metropolitan Area11.001.87
Combat Archery11.001.86
Map Movement13.001.84
Timid Protagonist11.001.82
Waiting Staff Protagonist11.001.79
Apartment Building11.001.78
Female Protagonist42.521.77
Interactive Adventure Game12.001.77
Fighting Heroine12.001.77
Mid-game Videos11.001.76
Child Support Character11.001.72
Protagonist with a Face42.401.70
Multiple Protagonists12.001.67
Poor Protagonist11.001.65
Gamer Protagonist11.001.64
One True End12.001.57
Ponytail Protagonist11.001.55
Few Choices12.001.51
Female Friend11.001.51
Protagonist with Voice Acting12.001.48
Slice of Life Drama11.001.41
Other Perspectives12.001.26
Multiple Endings31.611.20
Male Protagonist32.440.69

Traits (167 total)

Primitive Personality135.32
Sleeveless Kimono Clothes124.25
Quiver Items124.06
Bird Role133.95
Bridal Gauntlet Clothes133.33
Feathers Body123.27
Braided Hair Loopies Hair123.27
Flower Clothes133.15
Archery Engages in122.80
No Panties Clothes122.75
Short Body122.74
Laconic Speech Personality112.74
Teacup Items112.58
Confinement Subject of232.58
Transparent Clothes122.55
Refined Personality242.52
No Name Role122.51
Brooch Clothes122.47
Tabi Clothes122.46
Widow Role122.46
Half-orphan Role122.40
Chinese Dress Clothes122.38
Veil Clothes122.34
Bell Clothes122.32
Crown Clothes122.31
Ane Act Role112.29
Cross Necklace Clothes122.23
Wristband Clothes222.21
Queen Consort Role112.18
Paranoia Subject of112.17
Kid Body242.16
Sandals Clothes122.14
Mature Personality222.10
Cravat Clothes122.10
Hidden Eyes122.10
Puffy Sleeves Clothes122.09
Blue Hair352.08
Misanthrope Personality112.07
Single Parent Role112.07
Kimono Clothes232.07
Moustache Hair122.05
Precog Role112.05
Younger Appearance Body122.03
Black Eyes132.02
Word Repetition Personality112.01
Dancer Role111.99
Hat Clothes121.97
Feather Accessory Clothes111.97
Hunter Role111.95
Loyal Personality221.94
Envious Personality111.94
Unpopular Role111.94
Smoking Pipe Items111.91
Arrogant Personality121.90
Pointed Ears Body121.89
Childishly Violent Personality111.89
Leather Jacket Clothes111.89
Priestess Role111.84
Coward Personality111.84
Spiky Hair121.84
Mentor Role111.83
Slavery Subject of111.78
Wings Clothes111.78
Overconfident Personality111.77
Garnet Eyes121.75
Psychic Role111.74
Puffy Personality111.73
Wise Personality111.71
Sarcasm Engages in111.70
Feathery Wings Body111.70
Kanzashi Clothes111.70
Daughter Role121.70
Delinquent Role111.70
Hand Fan Items111.70
Vest Clothes121.68
Prince Role111.68
Mother Role121.68
Religious Personality111.66
Loner Personality111.64
Ignorant Personality111.63
Cautious Personality111.62
Servant Role111.62
Knife Items111.61
High Heeled Boots Clothes111.60
Famous Role111.59
Earrings Clothes221.58
Flustered Personality111.57
Long Hair271.54
Gauntlet Clothes111.54
Violent Personality111.52
Headband Clothes121.52
Possessive Personality111.52
Wings Body111.50
Kind Personality131.49
Teal Hair111.48
Spaulders Clothes111.48
Bracer Clothes111.48
Third Person Personality111.47
Hakama Clothes111.46
Pink Hair221.44
Overweight Body111.44
Emotional Personality111.44
Robe Clothes111.43
Noble Role111.42
Soldier Role111.42
Skirt Clothes121.41
Cold-hearted Personality111.40
Commander Role111.40
Hime Cut Hair111.40
Boyfriend Role111.39
Unarmed Fighting Engages in111.39
Rude Personality111.39
Friendly Personality221.39
Low Self-esteem Personality111.37
Cleaning Engages in111.37
Old Body111.37
Full Brother Role111.36
Slicked Back Hair111.36
Son Role111.35
Black Hair341.35
Husband Role111.34
Straight Hair231.34
Short-tempered Personality111.32
Miko's Dress Clothes111.30
Eye Covering Hair111.27
Naive Personality111.25
Hoodie Clothes111.24
Teasing Subject of111.23
Detached Sleeves Clothes111.23
Parted to Side Hair221.22
Older Brother Role111.22
Sword Items111.22
Stubborn Personality111.22
Father Role111.21
Makeup Body111.20
Twin Tails Hair121.19
Side Tail Hair111.19
Stoic Personality111.18
Short Hair361.17
Cape Clothes111.15
Girlfriend Role111.14
Popular Role111.14
Bracelet Clothes111.11
Blue Eyes231.11
Green Eyes221.10
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes111.10
Brown Hair341.09
Hardworker Personality111.09
Young-adult Body231.07
Teasing Engages in111.07
Energetic Personality111.05
Hair Tie Clothes111.01
Tank Top Clothes111.01
Shoulder-length Hair121.00
V Bangs Hair110.99
Blunt Bangs Hair110.98
Cooking Engages in110.98
White Hair110.94
Pale Body2110.94
Tsurime Eyes110.93
Friend Role110.88
Childhood Friend Role110.86
Ponytail Hair110.75
Spiky Bangs Hair110.70
Sidehair Hair110.68
Brown Eyes110.62
Slim Body120.58