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Traits (243 total)

Gang Member Role133.95
Sideburns Hair133.76
Sarashi Clothes133.68
Pompadour Hair123.59
Blackmail Subject of143.42
Delinquent Role133.37
Vendor Role123.18
Handgun Items143.17
Jacket Clothes183.17
Kidnapping Engages in133.13
Shaggy Hair143.11
Armband Clothes132.96
Debt Subject of122.92
Sly Personality132.89
Thick Eyebrows Hair132.87
Coward Personality122.83
Hosome Eyes172.83
Pervert Personality142.69
Musician Role122.68
Record Producer Role112.65
Blackmail Engages in122.47
Buck Teeth Body112.46
Friendly Personality162.42
Bandages Clothes122.38
Band Leader Role112.36
Bass Guitar Items112.36
Turban Clothes112.36
V Bangs Hair142.29
Electric Guitar Items112.28
Sunglasses Clothes122.27
Shy Personality132.25
Indian Role112.24
Otaku Personality122.24
Tareme Eyes172.23
Cigar Items112.19
Bassist Role112.17
Drummer Role112.15
Afro Hair112.15
NEET Role112.15
Club Items112.11
Miko's Dress Clothes122.11
AV Actor Role112.09
Mascot Character Role112.09
Necklace Clothes132.08
Part-time Worker Role122.07
Short-tempered Personality122.06
Mobile Phone Items122.06
Homosexual Role122.05
Warawa Personality112.04
Moustache Hair122.03
Suit Clothes132.00
Hidden Eyes122.00
Motorcycle Items112.00
Comic Artist Role111.99
Hetare Personality111.96
Albino Body111.96
Chuunibyou Personality111.96
Coercion Subject of111.96
Guitarist Role111.93
Beanie Clothes111.92
Effeminate Personality111.91
Stubborn Personality121.91
Adult Body131.91
Gambling Engages in111.91
Short (obsolete) Body121.90
Gang Leader Role111.87
Shorts Clothes121.83
Pet Role111.82
Ahoge Hair131.80
Ex-boyfriend Role111.79
Vaginal Fingering Engages in (Sexual)121.79
Kemonomimi Hat Clothes111.78
Archery Engages in111.77
Singer Role111.77
Round Eyes111.77
Dog Role111.77
Model Role111.76
Brown Eyes161.75
Watashi Personality131.75
Hair Beads Hair111.75
Shadowed Eyes111.75
Lolita Hairband Clothes111.74
Sleepyhead Personality111.74
Trousers Clothes131.73
Full Sister Role121.73
Kanzashi Clothes111.72
Suicide Attempt Engages in111.72
Bow Items111.71
Older Sister Role121.70
Ribbon Tie Clothes131.70
Kind Personality141.70
Peaked Cap Clothes111.69
Androgynous Body111.69
Energetic Personality121.68
Cynic Personality111.65
Spoiled Personality111.63
Headphones Clothes111.63
Whimsical Personality111.61
Jitome Eyes111.61
Suspenders Clothes111.60
Shirt Clothes131.59
Knife Items111.58
Black Hair161.58
Black Eyes121.58
Famous Role111.58
Earrings Clothes121.57
Goatee Hair111.57
Pleated Skirt Clothes121.56
Fur Body111.56
Sidehair Hair141.55
Eyepatch Clothes111.55
Detective Role111.55
Driving Engages in111.55
Police Role111.54
Talkative Personality111.53
Stubble Hair111.53
Rubber Band With Beads Clothes111.53
Yandere Personality111.52
Trap Body111.52
Young-adult Body161.52
Spats Clothes111.51
Lesbian Sex Engages in (Sexual)121.51
Pet Owner Role111.51
Gothic Clothes111.50
Slim Body1141.50
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)131.48
Singing Engages in111.48
Ankle Boots Clothes111.47
Kitsuneme Eyes111.46
Hotblooded Personality111.46
Red Hair121.46
T-shirt Clothes121.46
Altruistic Personality111.45
Food Lover Personality111.45
Nurse's Cap Clothes111.44
Miko Role111.43
Idol Role111.43
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality111.42
Shopping Engages in111.42
Based on a Fictional Character Role111.41
Cross-dressing Engages in111.40
Overweight Body111.40
Cruel Personality111.40
Kidnapping Subject of111.39
Sex with Others Engages in (Sexual)111.38
Nurse Uniform Clothes111.38
Genius Personality111.38
Tomboy Personality111.38
Tanned Body111.37
Childhood Friend Role121.37
Katana Items111.35
Rude Personality111.34
Clumsy Personality111.33
Atashi Personality111.32
Airhead Personality111.32
Cardigan Clothes111.32
Red Eyes121.31
Knee-high Boots Clothes111.31
Blunt Personality111.31
Huge Breasts Body111.30
Strict Personality111.29
Tsundere Personality111.29
Twin Braids Hair111.28
Shoulder-length Hair131.27
Handjob Engages in (Sexual)121.27
Teen Body171.25
Confident Personality111.23
Boku Personality111.23
Sports Shoes Clothes111.23
Blond Hair131.22
Scarf Clothes111.22
Handjob Subject of (Sexual)111.22
Dark Body111.21
Twin Tails Hair121.21
Hair Flower Clothes111.21
Brown Hair151.21
Naive Personality111.21
Missionary Engages in (Sexual)111.21
Hair Ribbon Clothes111.21
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)121.21
Hoodie Clothes111.20
Teasing Subject of111.19
Teal Eyes111.19
Coat Clothes111.19
No Bangs Hair111.18
Father Role111.18
Spiky Hair111.17
Miniskirt Clothes121.17
Olive Body111.17
Muscular Body111.16
Carefree Personality111.15
Sweater Clothes111.14
Intake Hair111.14
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)131.13
Makeup Body111.13
Jeans Clothes111.13
Spiky Bangs Hair121.12
Pink Eyes111.12
Mini-dress Clothes111.11
Ore Personality111.11
Green Eyes121.11
Refined Personality111.09
Pendant Necklace Clothes111.07
Rape Subject of (Sexual)111.07
Kimono Clothes111.06
Serious Personality111.05
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)131.04
Long Hair131.04
Daughter Role111.04
Teasing Engages in111.03
Blouse Clothes111.03
Green Hair111.02
Bikini Clothes111.01
Pale Body1131.00
Hair Tie Clothes110.99
Gloves Clothes110.99
Younger Sister Role110.99
Headband Clothes110.98
Short Hair140.98
Pantyhose Clothes110.98
Big Breast Sizes Body110.97
Grey Hair110.97
Tsurime Eyes110.95
Kid Body110.94
Knee-high Socks Clothes110.94
Wavy Hair110.93
Belt Clothes110.91
Pink Hair110.91
Parted in Middle Hair110.88
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)110.80
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)110.79
School Uniform Clothes120.77
Necktie Clothes110.77
Ponytail Hair110.76
Parted to Side Hair110.76
Glasses Clothes110.75
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)110.73
Violet Eyes110.71
Amber Eyes110.70
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes110.70
Straight Hair110.67
Blue Eyes110.55
Waist Length+ Hair110.54