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B-Project‘s first console game! An unknown past and hidden secrets now revealed. What road will the troubled boys choose as idols, and as people—? B-Project is a special unit formed of the three male idol groups Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. And last year, the four members of KiLLER KiNG joined as a new addition. Shining more and more each day, their presence in the industry is more prominent than ever. The 14 members, each wholly unique, are all running toward the same dream, one much more difficult than anyone else could imagine. And yet even today, all 14 members of B-Project gave their fans the ultimate performance on the country’s largest stage, the Japan Dome. If you close your eyes, you can still hear the voices of the 14 members echo in harmony throughout the venue. That was step one towards greater success. We were promised a bright future. —Until that moment, we believed it without a doubt. [from Gematsu]

B-PROJECT: Ryuusei * Fantasia has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
A novel needs atleast 20 owners before it's similarity is calculated.

B-PROJECT: Ryuusei * Fantasia has not yet been read by enough users to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
A novel needs atleast 20 votes before it's similarity is calculated.

B-PROJECT: Ryuusei * Fantasia has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
A novel needs atleast 20 owners before it's similarity is calculated.

Tags (30 total)

Japanese Idols3.002.437.29
Idol Hero2.502.626.54
Short Hero2.003.046.09
Half-Japanese Hero2.002.935.86
Hero with Freckles2.002.895.79
Sickly Hero2.002.825.64
Androgynous Hero2.002.765.52
Otaku Hero2.002.755.50
Hero with a Fang2.002.735.47
Shy Hero2.002.595.19
Twin Brothers as Heroes2.002.575.13
Hero with Heterochromia2.002.555.09
Cheerful Hero2.002.424.84
Tall Hero2.002.414.81
Flirtatious Hero2.002.304.60
University Student Hero2.002.184.36
High School Student Hero2.002.114.22
Ponytail Protagonist2.002.104.20
Tsundere Hero2.002.074.14
Highly Animated Sprites2.001.853.70
Dark Skinned Hero2.001.813.62
Hero with Glasses2.001.643.27
No Romance Plot2.001.573.13
Protagonist with Voice Acting2.001.352.71
Colored Name-tags2.001.272.54
Nameable Protagonist2.000.911.83
Female Protagonist2.000.721.43
No Sexual Content2.000.581.16
Otome Game0.501.020.51

Traits (143 total)

Idol Role142.075.59
Son Role91.824.20
Younger Brother Role81.904.17
Ore Personality101.593.80
Grandson Role32.743.80
Multilingual Role32.613.63
Boku Personality61.783.47
Older Brother Role61.723.35
Tall Body42.073.32
Half-orphan Role32.112.92
Central Heterochromia Eyes22.662.92
Perfectionist Personality22.612.86
Hard Worker Personality51.542.76
Quiet Personality22.482.73
British Role22.442.68
Teasing Engages in51.462.61
Half-Japanese Role22.322.55
Working Out Engages in22.322.55
Observant Personality22.282.51
Twin Brother Role22.272.50
Pragmatic Personality22.202.42
Charismatic Personality22.172.38
Talkative Personality22.172.38
Executive Role22.162.38
Competitive Personality22.162.37
Karate Engages in13.412.36
Management Role22.142.35
Illness Subject of22.132.34
Teasing Subject of31.672.32
Wealthy Role31.662.30
Short Body22.072.28
No Sense of Direction Personality13.282.27
Childhood Friend Role51.252.24
University Student Role31.612.24
Pink Eyes31.612.23
Dog Person Personality13.132.17
Clumsy Personality21.932.12
Producer Role13.002.08
Multicolored Hair21.862.05
Flamboyant Personality12.952.04
Short-tempered Personality21.852.04
Smart Personality31.462.03
Mature Personality21.822.00
Mullet Hair12.831.96
Cheerful Personality21.761.94
Guitarist Role12.781.93
Outgoing Personality21.751.92
Side Tail Hair21.741.91
Blue Hair41.191.91
Mischievous Personality21.731.91
Effeminate Personality12.751.90
Hosome Eyes31.361.89
Stoic Personality21.701.86
Stubborn Personality21.701.86
Kendo Engages in12.571.78
Moody Personality12.571.78
Narcissist Personality12.541.76
Half Updo Hair12.491.73
Humble Personality12.481.72
Psychic Role12.471.71
Overconfident Personality12.471.71
Friendly Personality31.221.70
Energetic Personality21.521.67
Blue Eyes70.801.66
Stylish Personality12.401.66
Kind Personality41.031.66
Amber Eyes41.021.65
Short Hair140.611.64
Androgynous Body12.371.64
High School Student Role60.841.64
Loud Personality12.301.60
Eccentric Personality12.291.59
Whimsical Personality12.261.57
Heterochromia Eyes12.261.57
Athletics Engages in12.261.56
Martial Arts Engages in12.241.56
Cooking Engages in21.411.55
Goatee Hair12.211.53
Teen Body110.621.53
Driving Engages in12.181.51
Bookworm Personality12.171.50
Young-adult Body60.771.50
Wavy Hair21.361.49
Insightful Personality12.111.46
Pink Hair21.321.45
Hotblooded Personality12.101.45
Sweets Lover Personality12.091.45
Freckles Body12.091.45
Black Hair50.811.44
Tiny Braid Hair12.071.43
Curtained Hair21.301.43
Reading Engages in12.051.42
Smoking Engages in12.051.42
Otaku Personality12.041.42
Optimist Personality12.041.41
Watch Clothes12.031.41
Gamer Role11.981.37
Taciturn Personality11.941.34
Curious Personality11.931.34
Atashi Personality11.911.32
Low Self-esteem Personality11.901.32
Red Eyes21.191.31
Fang Body11.881.30
Tsundere Personality11.871.30
Blunt Personality11.841.28
Flirting Engages in11.811.25
Nameable Role11.801.24
Proactive Personality11.751.21
Confident Personality11.721.19
Naive Personality11.701.18
Protective Personality11.701.18
Mysterious Personality11.691.17
Parted to Side Hair21.071.17
Cyan Eyes11.671.16
Olive Body11.661.15
Muscular Body11.651.14
Violet Eyes21.041.14
Shy Personality11.621.12
Pale Body180.371.10
Refined Personality11.551.07
Orange Hair11.511.04
Long Hair30.751.04
Serious Personality11.491.04
Green Hair11.471.02
Daughter Role11.461.01
Shoulder-length Hair20.911.00
Brown Eyes20.900.99
Black Eyes11.430.99
Earrings Clothes11.420.98
Blond Hair20.890.97
Grey Hair11.390.96
Tsurime Eyes11.380.95
Brown Hair30.680.94
Adult Body11.350.94
White Hair11.340.93
Red Hair11.320.92
Watashi Personality11.260.87
Friend Role11.210.84
Violet Hair11.190.82
Ponytail Hair11.100.76
Tareme Eyes11.090.76
Glasses Clothes11.080.75
Green Eyes11.010.70