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1915, Wesslinger National Calendar. The Great War rages on. As neurotic Postal Corps volunteer Elfriede Rauss, you walk the trenches with the men of a lost generation. And amidst the chaos and brutality of the front lines, you encounter an obstacle that you are absolutely and categorically not prepared for: love. However. Love can be a difficult thing to hold on to at the best of times. And these are not the best of times… [From official site]

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Because We're Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~ has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
A novel needs atleast 20 owners before it's similarity is calculated.

Tags (32 total)

Soldier Hero3.002.547.61
More Than Seven Heroes3.002.156.45
Disabled Hero2.003.016.03
Painter Hero2.002.975.94
Life and Death Drama3.001.644.93
Hero(ine) Selection2.501.944.86
Noble Hero2.002.424.83
Quiz Game2.002.374.74
Flirtatious Hero2.002.304.60
Past Setting in a Fictional World2.671.694.53
Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Hero2.501.794.49
Ponytail Hero2.002.174.34
Dark Skinned Hero2.001.823.65
Hero with Glasses2.001.633.26
Only Adult Heroes2.001.603.20
Music Recollection2.001.523.04
Dark Skinned Heroine2.001.503.00
Deredere Hero1.002.722.72
Otome Game2.501.052.62
Unlockable Concept Art1.002.612.61
Medical Doctor Hero1.002.392.39
Side Portraits2.001.162.33
In-Game Tutorial1.002.322.32
Adult Protagonist2.001.042.08
Female Protagonist2.330.711.66
Protagonist with a Face2.000.661.32

Traits (131 total)

Soldier Role132.065.44
Military Uniform Clothes101.934.63
Pessimist Personality32.613.62
Pacifist Personality32.613.62
Curly Hair32.563.55
Shadowed Eyes32.493.46
Shaggy Hair51.923.45
Adult Body111.363.39
Patriotic Personality22.923.21
Utility Belt Clothes22.733.00
Unpopular Role22.722.98
Painter Role22.632.89
Deredere Personality41.762.83
Corporal Role14.072.82
Coward Personality22.562.81
Relaxed Personality41.652.66
Sarcasm Engages in22.382.62
Sensitive Personality22.352.59
Blunt Personality31.862.58
Historian Role13.722.58
Flirting Engages in31.832.53
Refined Personality41.572.52
Foreigner Role22.272.50
Cautious Personality22.252.47
Fencing Engages in13.552.46
Proactive Personality31.772.45
Reserved Personality31.742.41
Dark Body31.712.37
Medical Doctor Role22.102.30
Reading Engages in22.062.26
Optimist Personality22.052.25
Sniper Role13.172.20
Boxing Engages in13.162.19
Hard Worker Personality31.552.15
Slicked Back Hair21.922.11
Low Self-esteem Personality21.922.10
Rude Personality21.902.09
Smart Personality31.482.05
Honest Personality21.852.03
Civil Servant Role12.892.00
Cheerful Personality21.801.98
Confinement Subject of21.761.94
Librarian Role12.781.93
Revolutionary Role12.771.92
Hikikomori Role12.721.89
Idealist Personality12.721.88
Coat Clothes21.711.87
Wealthy Role21.661.83
Muscular Body21.661.82
Gloomy Personality12.621.81
Walking Stick Items12.601.80
Popular Role21.641.80
Curtained Hair31.291.79
Thief Role12.591.79
Brown Eyes60.901.76
Overconfident Personality12.491.72
Friendly Personality31.241.72
Gardening Engages in12.441.69
Vest Clothes21.531.68
Cynic Personality12.401.66
Writer Role12.371.64
Observant Personality12.351.63
Servant Role12.351.63
Young-adult Body70.781.61
Distrustful Personality12.311.60
Blond Hair50.881.58
Suit Clothes21.441.58
Loner Personality12.281.58
Ambitious Personality12.261.56
Blue Eyes60.801.55
Necktie Clothes31.111.54
Nature Lover Personality12.191.52
Charismatic Personality12.191.51
Talkative Personality12.181.51
Glasses Clothes31.081.50
Wavy Hair21.361.49
Swordsmanship Engages in12.151.49
Armband Clothes12.141.48
Illness Subject of12.131.48
Violent Personality12.121.47
Kind Personality31.051.45
Black Hair50.811.45
Lonely Role12.091.45
Tall Body12.081.44
Docile Personality12.071.44
Bullying Subject of12.061.43
Thick Eyebrows Hair12.061.43
Noble Role12.051.42
Green Eyes31.011.40
Secretive Personality12.011.39
Cold-hearted Personality11.971.36
Strange Personality11.951.35
Sidehair Hair30.971.35
Taciturn Personality11.941.34
Tanned Body11.921.33
Cravat Clothes11.921.33
Airhead Personality11.921.33
Brown Hair60.681.32
Jealous Personality11.891.31
Short-tempered Personality11.871.30
Pretending Personality11.821.26
Husband Role11.821.26
Bun Hair11.791.24
Long Hair40.751.21
Skirt Suit Clothes11.741.21
Ponytail Hair21.101.21
Confident Personality11.741.20
Naive Personality11.721.19
Stubborn Personality11.721.19
Protective Personality11.721.19
Arrogant Personality11.711.18
Stoic Personality11.701.18
Carefree Personality11.671.16
Sweater Clothes11.641.14
University Student Role11.631.13
Grey Eyes11.621.12
Spiky Bangs Hair21.021.12
Wife Role11.551.08
Energetic Personality11.531.06
Serious Personality11.501.04
Black Eyes11.430.99
Earrings Clothes11.420.98
Blunt Bangs Hair11.410.97
Grey Hair11.390.96
Skirt Clothes11.330.92
Red Hair11.320.92
Parted in Middle Hair11.260.87
Childhood Friend Role11.250.87
Friend Role11.220.85
Short Hair30.610.84
Parted to Side Hair11.080.75