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Novels (1 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Esper - Make You Live Again26.750.00

Tags (11 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Psionic School12.003.77
Heroine with Psychological Problems13.002.81
Life and Death Drama13.002.28
Modern Day Japan12.001.45
Protagonist with a Sprite12.001.26
Kinetic Novel12.001.18
Protagonist with a Face12.000.71
No Sexual Content12.000.64
Male Protagonist12.000.33

Traits (90 total)

Student Role152.66
Blunt Personality132.55
Charismatic Personality122.38
Wrinkles Body122.35
American Role122.33
Afro-textured Hair112.19
Formal Shirt Clothes121.99
Jacket Clothes131.97
Bun Hair121.95
Friend Role141.95
Cheerful Personality121.94
Librarian Role111.92
Arrogant Personality121.87
Narcissist Personality111.76
Quiet Personality111.72
Overconfident Personality111.71
Friendly Personality131.70
Serious Personality121.64
Sarcasm Engages in111.64
Smart Personality121.61
Cautious Personality111.54
Pet Owner Role111.50
White Hair121.47
Insightful Personality111.46
Skirt Clothes121.46
Hotblooded Personality111.45
Brown Eyes141.45
Lonely Role111.43
Genius Personality111.38
Funny Personality111.38
Classmate Role121.35
Strange Personality111.35
Taciturn Personality111.34
Old Body111.34
Over The Knee Socks Clothes111.34
Clumsy Personality111.34
Trousers Clothes121.33
Slicked Back Hair111.32
Beard Hair111.32
Slim Body191.32
Puffy Sleeves Clothes111.28
Maid Role111.28
Strict Personality111.27
Shirt Clothes121.27
Bob Cut Hair111.26
Necktie Clothes121.22
Proactive Personality111.21
Confident Personality111.19
Hoodie Clothes111.19
Stoic Personality111.18
Stubborn Personality111.18
Dark Body111.17
Carefree Personality111.16
Relaxed Personality111.13
Maid's Headdress Clothes111.13
Shy Personality111.12
Grey Eyes111.12
Spiky Bangs Hair121.11
Blue Eyes131.11
Refined Personality111.07
Hard Worker Personality111.07
Maid's Dress Clothes111.05
Necklace Clothes111.04
Blouse Clothes111.02
Shoulder-length Hair121.00
Younger Sister Role111.00
Headband Clothes111.00
Suit Clothes111.00
Black Eyes110.99
Pleated Skirt Clothes110.98
Blond Hair120.97
Hairpin Clothes110.97
Grey Hair110.96
Tsurime Eyes110.95
Wavy Hair110.94
Adult Body110.94
Red Hair110.92
Black Hair120.89
Childhood Friend Role110.87
Pale Body190.86
Short Hair130.84
Long Hair120.83
School Uniform Clothes120.81
Ponytail Hair110.76
Tareme Eyes110.76
Glasses Clothes110.75
Parted to Side Hair110.74
Amber Eyes110.71
Green Eyes110.70
Straight Hair110.66

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