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Age Rating

Tags (86 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
The Seven Deadly Sins22.165.34
Natural Disaster21.834.97
Ambient Sounds22.884.97
Character Profiles42.404.77
Mahjong as Gameplay Element23.004.73
Battle of Wits22.944.61
Traditionalist Family22.264.50
Mahjong as Story Element13.004.38
Fear of Death22.504.23
Mind Screw22.003.98
Butler Support Character22.163.97
Heroine with Tattoo21.953.87
Descriptions of Violence22.583.73
Skippable Gameplay13.003.60
Murder Mystery22.983.58
Pragmatic Heroine12.003.51
Western-style Mansion22.873.50
Detective Work22.823.49
Fictional Modern Day Japanese Island21.333.47
Built-in Encyclopedia22.333.45
Varied Title Screens22.623.39
Lots of Character Sprites21.503.36
Minimalist Sprites12.003.12
Bloody Scenes22.352.95
Orekko Heroine12.002.89
Witch Heroine12.962.86
Open Ending(s)13.002.78
Narrating Others' Thoughts12.502.64
Voiced Narration12.002.62
No Event CGs12.482.61
Linear Plot22.632.60
Heroine With Kansai Accent12.002.59
Photographic Backgrounds22.552.56
Third-person Narrative21.672.52
Combat with Bladed Weapons11.792.52
Magic/ESP Combat12.672.46
Colored Texts13.002.25
Protagonist with a Sprite22.002.23
Other Perspectives23.002.20
Multiple Route Mystery12.672.18
Modern Day Japan22.162.18
Kinetic Novel22.732.18
Proactive Protagonist12.782.16
Tomboy Heroine12.002.16
No Sexual Content72.702.03
Unlockable Bonus Content12.002.01
Energetic Heroine12.001.95
Single Ending12.951.90
High School22.161.88
Shy Heroine12.001.87
Protagonist with Voice Acting13.001.87
Combat with Firearms11.241.80
Multiple Protagonists12.281.80
Graphic Violence11.001.54
Maid Heroine11.791.48
Protagonist with a Face22.751.29
Osananajimi Heroine12.001.20
Student Heroine11.750.82
Childishly Violent Heroine10.290.54
Male Protagonist12.500.47
Multiple Endings11.000.46

Traits (440 total)

School Mahjong Club Member Role22711.81
Mahjong Engages in26310.96
School Mahjong Club President Role21310.20
Blade Items2148.81
School Sports Club President Role297.94
White-collar Worker Role287.54
Short Hime Cut Hair287.15
School Sports Club Member Role2217.12
Word Repetition Personality486.54
Demon Role2226.52
Pocket Square Clothes286.46
Servant Role3146.33
Granddaughter Role4105.93
Rabbit Role275.91
Kouhai Role3355.88
Envious Personality265.73
Arrogant Personality4255.67
Kansai-ben Personality385.61
Sailor Suit Clothes2345.53
Confident Personality4185.48
Cousin Role4165.48
Old Body2145.40
Senpai Role2275.39
Aunt Role275.30
Blunt Bangs Hair5385.28
Desu Personality365.26
Ringlet Hair3135.21
Stubborn Personality4185.20
Short Bangs Hair395.16
Boots Clothes2235.10
Bipolar Disorder Subject of225.01
Bunny Dress Clothes275.01
Hosome Eyes2375.00
Watashi Personality2394.99
Serious Personality4244.96
Master Role264.95
Sensitive Personality464.94
Jacket Clothes4284.93
Coward Personality254.91
Orphan Role4144.86
Sarcasm Engages in264.85
Black Eyes2254.79
Funny Personality2104.78
Tsurime Eyes3324.77
Suit Clothes2264.76
Tall Body4234.75
Puffy Sleeves Clothes294.70
Teasing Engages in4204.68
Braided Bun Hair244.67
Planning Engages in4104.65
Kemonomimi Hair464.65
Hime Cut Hair494.62
Stoic Personality4144.60
Strict Personality2104.57
Comrade Role264.56
Proactive Personality4114.55
Younger Sister Role5214.53
Tattoo Body484.52
Maid Role4114.51
Daughter Role3164.50
Father Role2114.49
Knee-high Socks Clothes5304.46
Rival Role384.44
Grandfather Role244.40
Uncle Role244.39
Evening Gloves Clothes2114.39
Overweight Body474.38
Cuffs Clothes274.38
Curly Hair4234.36
Cleaning Engages in384.36
Adult Body3204.35
Tomboy Personality584.34
Naive Personality4104.34
Hardworker Personality5144.32
No Bangs Hair3104.29
Lolita Clothes264.27
Reserved Personality4104.27
Uchi Personality134.24
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes4174.24
Beret Clothes284.23
Refined Personality4144.22
Younger Appearance Body484.20
Asthma Subject of224.16
Carefree Personality4134.15
Outgoing Personality394.15
Red Eyes4314.15
Capri Pants Clothes244.14
Moustache Hair284.14
Short Body4144.12
Atashi Personality474.10
Boku Personality484.08
Food Lover Personality464.08
Smart Personality4134.08
Investigation Engages in374.06
Dress Clothes5304.05
Spiky Bangs Hair5524.05
Kitsuneme Eyes464.04
Whimsical Personality444.01
Cold-hearted Personality363.98
Necktie Clothes4393.98
Side Tail Hair593.96
Pragmatic Personality243.96
Grey Hair5153.94
Lion Role223.94
Son Role163.93
Straight Hair4503.91
Lazy Personality453.91
Husband Role263.90
Shy Personality2103.90
AA Cup Body2113.89
Butler Role243.88
Cautious Personality243.87
Bullying Engages in143.87
Bikini Clothes3133.85
Sceptre Items243.83
Sidehair Hair5473.82
Womanizer Personality243.80
Ore Personality583.80
Kind Personality6313.79
Fang Body463.76
Dress Shoes Clothes363.75
Relaxed Personality483.74
Left Handed Body223.74
Androgynous Body133.73
Immature Personality463.73
Teasing Subject of373.70
Priestess Role133.69
Watakushi Personality443.67
Flower Clothes343.66
Docile Personality253.64
Parted in Middle Hair4153.64
Deredere Personality273.64
Friend Role2153.64
Friendly Personality5163.61
Made-up Words Personality223.61
Desu wa Personality223.61
Sports Shoes Clothes363.61
Swimsuit Clothes243.60
Martial Arts Engages in243.59
Energetic Personality4103.58
Divorcee Role333.58
Knee-high Boots Clothes353.57
Headache Subject of223.57
Miniskirt Clothes5293.54
Uniform Clothes253.54
White Hair2123.54
Hair Tie Clothes5103.53
Maid's Dress Clothes3103.52
Butt Monkey Role223.52
Rubber Band With Beads Clothes443.51
Boxing Engages in223.50
Spiky Hair473.49
Third Person Personality443.49
Stutter Personality223.48
Full Sister Role383.46
Popular Role273.45
Average Height Body5613.45
Hat Clothes263.44
Childhood Friend Role2143.44
Green Hair4103.43
Ambitious Personality233.43
Short-tempered Personality253.42
T-shirt Clothes3123.42
Armband Clothes243.42
Muscular Body263.41
Parted to Side Hair5193.40
Orange Hair493.40
Hand Fan Clothes233.40
Timid Personality453.39
Military Uniform Clothes253.39
Bob Cut Hair453.33
Washi Personality223.32
Low Self-esteem Personality443.31
Warawa Personality223.30
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality243.29
Bow Tie Clothes243.26
Brown Eyes5373.26
Selfish Personality243.25
Tie Pin Clothes233.25
Decorative Belt Clothes443.24
Anthropomorphized Inanimate Object Role223.24
Famous Role233.23
Rebellious Personality223.23
Cross Design Clothes233.21
Twin Tails Hair4193.20
Skirtall Clothes223.20
Student Council President Role443.19
Grandson Role123.19
Shorts Clothes563.19
Chuunibyou Personality223.18
Curtained Hair4113.18
Tareme Eyes5213.18
Blond Hair5353.14
Half-naked Clothes333.13
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes5263.12
Gang Leader Role223.09
Kid Body593.09
Olive Body253.08
Shirt Clothes3143.08
Taciturn Personality243.08
Clumsy Personality443.06
High Heel Sandals Clothes223.04
Captain Role223.03
Blue Eyes6453.03
Smoking Pipe Items223.02
Pessimist Personality223.01
Tsundere Personality243.01
Singing Engages in332.99
Head of Household Role222.99
Chinese Dress Clothes332.98
Monocle Clothes222.97
Employee Role222.97
High School Student Role5662.97
Teammate Role222.96
Old-fashioned Personality222.96
Widower Role222.96
Altruistic Personality232.96
Body Piercing Body222.94
Ponytail Hair5142.93
Hero Role222.92
Medical Doctor Role232.92
Red Hair582.91
Mischievous Personality442.91
Older Brother Role242.90
Black Hair5302.90
Arranged Marriage Subject of222.89
Braid Hair442.89
Glasses Clothes5142.89
Shoulder-length Hair6222.88
Flirting Subject of222.88
Sleepyhead Personality222.88
Kemonomimi Body242.88
Blunt Personality232.87
Silent Personality222.86
Rude Personality132.86
Flat Cap Clothes222.86
Scarf Clothes442.85
Cyan Hair232.85
Cooking Engages in262.84
Shaggy Hair232.84
Split Personality Subject of222.83
E+ Cup Body3152.83
Gloves Clothes262.83
Hair Ribbon Clothes352.83
Mother Role152.82
Long Hair6462.81
Hair Flower Clothes342.81
Multicolored Hair232.81
Puffy Personality222.80
Arm Cuffs Clothes222.78
Strange Personality232.77
Computering Engages in222.77
Swim Shorts Clothes222.77
Time Loop Subject of222.76
Homosexual Role232.75
Eidetic Memory Subject of112.75
Gardening Engages in222.75
Writer Role122.74
Cook Role222.71
Cape Clothes442.70
Pink Hair472.70
Bandanna Clothes222.70
Wife Role242.69
Sandals Clothes332.67
Classic Tsundere Personality222.66
Fingerless Gloves Clothes332.65
Bracelet Clothes342.64
Charismatic Personality222.64
Handbag Items222.64
Jitome Eyes122.63
Competitive Personality222.62
Violet Hair592.62
Young-adult Body3252.60
Dimensional Travel Engages in222.60
Chain Jewellery Clothes222.60
Heterochromia Eyes222.59
Detective Role122.59
Stuffed Toy Items222.58
Teen Body5902.57
Bookworm Personality222.55
Loyal Personality332.54
Older Sister Role242.54
Slim Body5992.53
Bodyguard Role222.52
Hoodie Clothes332.51
School Uniform Clothes5642.50
Bald Hair222.50
Vest Clothes242.50
Braided Headband Hair222.49
Brown Hair5402.48
Bun Hair332.48
Half-orphan Role122.48
Eyepatch Clothes222.47
Executive Role222.47
Violet Eyes3112.47
Antisocial Personality222.46
Slit Pupils Eyes122.46
Sly Personality222.46
Hairpin Clothes352.44
Belt Clothes352.44
Necklace Clothes242.44
Pantyhose Clothes452.43
Lab Coat Clothes232.41
Reading Engages in222.41
Boyfriend Role222.41
Bullying Subject of222.40
Furry Tail Body222.38
Veil Clothes222.38
Gothic Clothes222.38
Emotional Personality122.37
Short Hair5532.37
Sharp-tongued Personality222.36
Earrings Clothes242.36
Hotblooded Personality222.36
Sweets Lover Personality122.35
V Bangs Hair242.35
Ribbon Tie Clothes462.34
Crown Clothes222.34
Tail Body222.33
Cyan Eyes332.30
Shopping Engages in222.30
Waist Length+ Hair5202.27
Waitstaff Uniform Clothes222.26
Ojousama Role222.25
Cloak Clothes222.25
Ahoge Hair352.24
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes262.24
Handgun Items222.23
Construct Role112.23
Blue Hair462.22
Slicked Back Hair222.21
Mittens Clothes112.18
Intake Hair232.18
Shinai Items112.18
Part-time Worker Role222.17
Ribbon Hair Accessory Clothes332.16
Cross Earrings Clothes112.16
Mature Personality222.16
Beard Hair222.15
Keigo Personality112.15
Nail Polish Body222.13
Thigh-high Boots Clothes222.13
Cravat Clothes222.12
Protective Personality222.12
Precog Role112.12
Metamorphosis Engages in112.11
Oversized Clothing Clothes112.11
Garter Belt Stockings Clothes332.11
Kemonomimi Headband Clothes222.10
Pale Body61552.09
Honest Personality222.09
Multilingual Role112.09
Bonnet Clothes112.08
Teacher Role332.04
Wheelchair Items112.01
Disability Subject of111.99
Girlfriend Role221.99
Sports Jersey Clothes111.97
Italian Role111.97
Crop Top Clothes221.96
High Heels Clothes221.96
Coat Clothes221.93
Waitstaff Role221.93
Mysterious Personality121.92
Scythe Items111.90
Niece Role111.90
Wealthy Role221.87
Non-blood-related Son Role111.87
Grey Eyes221.86
Teal Eyes221.85
Fingerless Evening Gloves Clothes111.85
Tsukkomi Role111.83
Overconfident Personality111.82
Microphone Items111.82
Choker Clothes221.81
Amber Eyes351.80
Basketball Engages in111.78
No Panties Clothes111.76
Stockings Clothes111.75
Hair Beads Hair111.75
Dishonest Personality111.75
Weakness Subject of111.74
Trench Coat Clothes111.74
Hood Clothes111.74
Pendant Necklace Clothes221.74
Actor Role111.73
Dancing Engages in111.72
Angel Role111.71
Peaked Cap Clothes111.70
Moving Engages in111.69
Cheerful Personality111.67
Collar Clothes221.66
Student Club President Role111.65
Suspenders Clothes111.64
Shawl Clothes111.64
Leotard Clothes111.62
Talkative Personality111.61
Green Eyes341.60
Foreigner Role111.59
Pet Owner Role111.54
Class President Role111.54
Ankle Boots Clothes111.53
Hospitalization Subject of111.52
Warrior Role111.52
Book Items111.51
Spats Clothes111.49
Teal Hair111.46
Honorable Personality111.46
Cross-dressing Engages in111.40
Unarmed Fighting Engages in111.40
Wristband Clothes111.39
Horns Body111.39
Sports Uniform Clothes111.37
Swimming Engages in111.36
Cardigan Clothes111.34
Airhead Personality111.33
Dark Body111.32
Pretending Personality111.31
Miko's Dress Clothes111.28
Twin Braids Hair111.26
Panties Clothes111.25
Reverse Missionary Subject of (Sexual)111.22
Mole Body111.22
Jeans Clothes111.20
Pointed Ears Body111.20
Skirt Suit Clothes111.19
Pink Eyes111.11
Maid's Headdress Clothes111.10
Garnet Eyes111.08
Kimono Clothes111.01
Sex in Public Places Engages in (Sexual)110.90
Trousers Clothes110.88
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)110.86
Outdoor Sex Engages in (Sexual)110.81
Butterfly Subject of (Sexual)110.81
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)110.80
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)110.78
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)110.75
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)110.58
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)110.54