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Traits (146 total)

Sweater Clothes252.93
Non-blood-related Daughter Role122.70
Step Sister Role122.64
Tennis Engages in122.61
Full Sister Role342.55
Apron Clothes232.09
Epaulette Clothes112.07
Violet Hair552.05
Multiple Tails Hair112.05
Dancer Role112.03
Earrings Clothes132.01
Nipple Sucking Subject of (Sexual)131.99
Magician Role221.98
Sister-in-law Role111.88
Coke-bottle Glasses Clothes111.86
Humping Engages in (Sexual)111.85
Red Hair331.85
Cape Clothes121.84
Monster Role111.82
Singer Role111.81
Discreet Phone Sex Engages in (Sexual)111.79
Green Eyes351.79
Boots Clothes121.78
Pianist Role111.77
Witch Hat Clothes111.77
Pinafore Dress Clothes111.76
Brown Eyes461.74
Computering Engages in111.74
Ponytail Hair341.74
Daughter Role121.73
Prince Role111.72
Glasses Clothes441.72
Cunnilingus Subject of (Sexual)131.71
Non-blood-related Mother Role111.70
Religious Personality111.70
Classmate Role231.70
Red Eyes331.66
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)131.66
Sceptre Items111.64
Sports Engages in111.64
Suspenders Clothes111.62
Cross Design Clothes111.61
Gloves Clothes121.60
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)131.59
Masturbation in front of an Audience Engages in (Sexual)111.59
Peeing Subject of (Sexual)111.58
Green Hair221.58
Henshin Engages in111.57
Adult Body221.56
Possessive Personality111.55
Brown Hair791.54
Long Hair471.52
Robot Role111.52
Shopkeeper Role111.51
Non-blood-related Sister Role111.51
Hairpin Clothes221.50
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)131.49
T-shirt Clothes121.47
Crown Clothes111.47
Boobs on Glass Subject of (Sexual)111.46
Otaku Personality111.43
Cyan Hair111.43
Brocon Personality111.43
Facesitting Engages in (Sexual)111.43
Friend Role121.41
Skirt Clothes121.40
Neighbor Role111.40
Hazel Eyes111.40
Ahoge Hair221.38
Violet Eyes331.38
Funny Personality111.38
Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)121.38
Nameable Role111.37
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)121.36
Hidden Eyes111.35
Investigation Engages in111.35
Mutual Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)111.34
Katana Items111.34
Dark Body111.32
Antenna Hair111.31
Cosplay Engages in111.30
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)131.28
Proactive Personality111.27
Blue Hair221.26
Hoodie Clothes111.25
Braid Hair111.25
Makeup Body111.24
Bun Hair111.24
No Bangs Hair111.24
Deredere Personality111.21
Mole Body111.21
University Student Role111.21
Kind Personality221.20
Jeans Clothes111.20
Teen Body571.19
Necktie Clothes221.18
Twin Tails Hair221.18
Grey Eyes111.17
Spiky Hair111.17
Short Hair461.16
High School Student Role441.14
Spiky Bangs Hair121.12
Pink Eyes111.12
Hair Ribbon Clothes111.11
Amber Eyes221.11
Carefree Personality111.10
Pendant Necklace Clothes111.09
Older Sister Role111.09
Garnet Eyes111.09
Vest Clothes111.07
Serious Personality111.07
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)131.06
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)121.05
Energetic Personality111.04
Waist Length+ Hair231.04
Student Role111.03
Teacher Role111.03
Jacket Clothes111.02
Hair Tie Clothes111.01
Tank Top Clothes111.01
Younger Sister Role111.01
Seventh Posture Subject of (Sexual)111.01
Vibrator Subject of (Sexual)111.00
Suit Clothes111.00
Cooking Engages in111.00
Tominagi Subject of (Sexual)110.98
Headband Clothes110.95
Kid Body110.93
Black Hair220.93
Fighting Engages in110.92
Pink Hair110.90
Friendly Personality110.88
Childhood Friend Role110.87
School Uniform Clothes230.83
Ribbon Tie Clothes110.82
Anal Sex Subject of (Sexual)110.82
Dress Clothes110.82
Shirt Clothes110.78
Vaginal Fingering Subject of (Sexual)110.77
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)110.75
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)110.73
E+ Cup Body110.70
Shoulder-length Hair110.63
Blond Hair110.61
Average Height Body110.58
Blue Eyes110.55

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