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Novels (1 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Ever17 -the out of infinity-6,2858.498.46

Tags (67 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Fictional Island Near Futuristic Japan12.593.60
Amusement Park12.443.09
Different Love Interest(s) Per Protagonist12.002.94
Blind Choices12.552.94
Hard Science Fiction12.142.92
Multiple Common Routes12.002.86
Restart from Chapter Index12.002.79
Fear of Death12.342.77
Multi-Selection Choices12.002.74
Mid-game Videos12.002.72
Playtime Counter12.002.62
Has Window Transparency Setting12.002.62
Unlockable Hero(ine)12.672.62
Protagonist Selection12.382.61
Unlockable Event12.672.60
Multiple Route Mystery12.852.39
Future Earth11.752.31
Chosen Choices Marking12.002.26
Energetic Heroine12.552.22
Ending List12.352.21
Amnesiac Protagonist12.002.19
Normal Scene Recollection12.162.13
Early Branching Plot12.522.09
Multiple Protagonists12.751.96
Enforced Playing Order12.251.95
Life and Death Drama12.291.94
Classic Tsundere Heroine12.251.94
Unlockable Choices12.001.89
Unlockable Bonus Content12.001.89
Unlockable Routes12.711.87
Brief NVL Scenes12.301.87
Date Display12.291.75
Bad Endings with Story12.501.72
More Than Seven Endings12.631.67
Tomboy Heroine11.861.60
Protagonist with a Sprite12.501.52
Coodere Heroine11.371.40
Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki11.891.40
Bad Ending(s)12.241.36
Other Perspectives12.001.19
Slice of Life11.001.08
Loli Heroine11.551.03
Student Heroine12.111.01
Alternate Starting Point10.400.88
Protagonist with a Face12.560.84
Multiple Endings12.670.83
No Sexual Content12.790.82
High School Student Heroine11.500.74
Adult Protagonist11.000.74
Branching Plot10.670.61
Tsundere Heroine10.330.39
Male Protagonist12.820.39

Traits (102 total)

Guide Role134.19
Accident Subject of153.81
Headache Subject of123.38
Altruistic Personality143.35
Sweater Clothes163.18
Outgoing Personality142.85
Funny Personality132.74
Hair Ribbon Clothes142.73
University Student Role142.70
Researcher Role122.65
De gozaru Personality112.61
Energetic Personality142.43
Reserved Personality132.42
Stubborn Personality132.42
Brave Personality122.36
Tall (obsolete) Body132.31
Straight Hair1102.30
Boots Clothes132.28
Benevolent Possession Subject of112.23
Skirt Clothes142.08
Friendly Personality142.01
Black Eyes132.00
Bob Cut Hair121.99
Proactive Personality121.99
Engineer Role111.95
Dog Role111.76
Family Oriented Personality111.71
Flying Engages in111.67
Dress Clothes131.67
Smart Personality121.66
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes121.65
Orange Hair121.65
Distrustful Personality111.65
Classic Tsundere Personality111.63
Shawl Clothes111.63
Time Travel Engages in111.63
Loner Personality111.62
Survival Subject of111.62
Coodere Personality111.59
Short Body111.58
Shirt Clothes131.57
Twin Brother Role111.57
Tall Body111.56
Talkative Personality111.54
Nature Lover Personality111.54
Dimensional Travel Engages in111.53
Executive Role111.53
Rubber Band With Beads Clothes111.52
Chinese Dress Clothes111.50
Gothic Clothes111.49
Odango Hair111.46
Belt Clothes121.46
Knee-high Socks Clothes121.46
T-shirt Clothes121.46
Deity Role111.45
Brown Eyes141.45
Trousers Clothes121.39
Curtained Hair121.39
Friend Role121.38
Cold-hearted Personality111.38
Dress Shoes Clothes111.38
Swimming Engages in111.36
Sandals Clothes111.36
Son Role111.33
Ribbon Tie Clothes121.33
Short-tempered Personality111.31
Timid Personality111.30
Honest Personality111.28
Slim Body1101.28
Teen Body181.27
Confident Personality111.25
Boku Personality111.25
Protective Personality111.25
Hoodie Clothes111.22
Jeans Clothes111.15
Shorts Clothes111.15
Relaxed Personality111.14
Black Hair131.14
Shy Personality111.12
Amber Eyes121.11
Refined Personality111.09
Hardworker Personality111.08
Vest Clothes111.06
Short Hair140.98
Blond Hair120.97
Kid Body110.93
Pink Hair110.91
Pale Body1100.90
Watashi Personality110.89
Young-adult Body120.85
Red Eyes110.83
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes110.80
Twin Tails Hair110.76
Brown Hair120.74
Tareme Eyes110.73
Spiky Bangs Hair110.70
Sidehair Hair110.67
Shoulder-length Hair110.63
High School Student Role110.53
Waist Length+ Hair110.53
Long Hair110.51
School Uniform Clothes110.46