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Tags (64 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Principal Hero12.003.62
Sickly Hero12.003.18
Timid Hero12.003.15
Student Council President Hero12.002.99
Playboy Hero12.002.92
Polite Formal Hero12.002.91
Protagonist's Kouhai as a Hero12.002.87
Shy Hero12.002.81
Coodere Hero12.002.74
Location Display12.002.70
Protagonist's Senpai as a Hero12.002.62
Flirtatious Hero12.002.57
Student Hero13.002.49
Ending Scene Recollection12.002.36
Wealthy Hero12.002.35
Dramatic Love Triangle12.002.29
Slice of Life13.002.16
Slice of Life Drama12.002.15
Musician Hero11.502.05
Normal Scene Recollection12.002.04
Delinquent Hero11.001.85
Early Branching Plot12.001.83
Inter-class Romance11.001.82
Donkan Protagonist12.001.81
Modern Day Japan13.001.75
Hero with Sexual Experience11.001.63
High School Student Protagonist13.001.62
Only Avoidable Rape Scenes11.001.58
High School13.001.58
Student Council11.001.57
Hero with Glasses11.501.53
Bad Endings with Story12.001.50
Otome Game13.001.50
Student-Teacher Romance11.001.48
Student Protagonist12.501.46
Relationship Problems11.001.44
Teacher Hero11.001.44
More Than Seven Endings12.001.41
Clothed Male Naked Female11.001.39
Spontaneous Sex Scenes11.001.38
Shota Hero11.001.37
Sexual Innuendo11.001.35
Choices with 4 or More Options11.001.32
Nameable Protagonist13.001.30
Short Sexual Scenes11.001.26
School Life Comedy11.001.21
Marriage Ending11.001.17
Adult Hero11.001.16
Sex in Public Places12.001.12
Standing Sex12.001.08
Female Protagonist13.000.99
Kissing Scene11.000.98
Missionary Position12.000.96
Multiple Endings12.500.80
Doggy Style12.000.80
Sexual Content12.500.71
Sitting Sex11.000.68
Protagonist with a Face11.000.46

Traits (128 total)

Charismatic Personality133.09
Jacket Clothes162.84
Shaggy Hair132.68
Honest Personality132.56
Shirt Clothes182.50
Outgoing Personality132.45
Insightful Personality122.39
Belt Clothes152.38
Student Council Treasurer Role112.34
Relaxed Personality132.28
Trousers Clothes152.27
Genetic Research Engages in112.22
Senpai Role132.17
Vest Clothes132.12
Blunt Personality122.10
Friendly Personality142.01
Proactive Personality121.98
Onzoushi Role111.98
Boku Personality121.97
Protective Personality121.95
Grumbler Personality111.86
Wealthy Role121.84
Perfectionist Personality111.83
Boots Clothes121.82
Ore Personality121.79
Necktie Clothes141.77
Watashi Personality131.76
Kouhai Role121.73
Straight Hair151.73
Refined Personality121.72
Childhood Friend Role131.72
Hardworker Personality121.71
Pendant Necklace Clothes121.71
Gardening Engages in111.70
Classmate Role131.70
Donkan Personality111.69
Ribbon Tie Clothes131.68
Wise Personality111.68
Flirting Subject of111.67
Weakness Subject of111.67
Living Alone Role111.66
Not a Virgin Role121.65
Sensitive Personality111.64
Principal Role111.64
Spoiled Personality111.63
Whimsical Personality111.63
High School Student Role171.62
Tie Pin Clothes111.62
Womanizer Personality111.60
Famous Role111.58
Hair Tie Clothes121.57
Brooch Clothes111.56
Watakushi Personality111.56
Competitive Personality111.54
Flustered Personality111.54
Nature Lover Personality111.53
Tall Body111.53
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)121.51
Hosome Eyes121.51
Half-orphan Role111.48
Miniskirt Clothes131.46
Turtleneck Sweater Clothes111.44
Docile Personality111.43
Optimist Personality111.42
Emotional Personality111.41
Ahoge Hair121.41
Cross Necklace Clothes111.41
School Uniform Clothes171.41
Sharp-tongued Personality111.40
Student Council President Role111.40
Curtained Hair121.39
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes111.38
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes131.38
Friend Role121.38
Transfer Student Role111.37
Rude Personality111.35
Clumsy Personality111.33
Taciturn Personality111.33
Flirting Engages in111.32
Mature Personality111.31
Airhead Personality111.31
Strict Personality111.30
Nameable Role111.29
Sports Shoes Clothes111.25
Brown Eyes131.24
Bun Hair111.24
Teen Body171.22
Naive Personality111.22
Scarf Clothes111.21
Reserved Personality111.21
Stubborn Personality111.21
Older Brother Role111.20
Coat Clothes111.19
Slim Body181.19
Arrogant Personality111.19
Mole Body111.16
Jeans Clothes111.13
Carefree Personality111.13
Popular Role111.13
Spiky Bangs Hair121.12
Pink Eyes111.11
Garnet Eyes111.11
Brown Hair141.09
Teacher Role111.05
Serious Personality111.05
Smart Personality111.04
Green Hair111.01
Suit Clothes111.00
V Bangs Hair110.98
Younger Sister Role110.98
Short Hair140.98
Grey Hair110.97
T-shirt Clothes110.92
Pink Hair110.91
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)120.88
Blue Eyes120.87
Waist Length+ Hair120.85
Pale Body180.82
Violet Hair110.81
Parted to Side Hair110.76
Ponytail Hair110.76
Twin Tails Hair110.76
Glasses Clothes110.75
Violet Eyes110.70
Shoulder-length Hair110.63
Blond Hair110.61
Young-adult Body110.54
Long Hair110.51