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This character is subjected to bimbofication. Bimbofication is a type of Sexual Corruption, which results in the character becoming a Bimbo. The character is usually initially described as innocent/prude, smart, diligent, or simply unassuming, however the circumstances align to turn them into an oversexed sexpot, usually known as a Bimbo. The usual changes experienced by the character are these: 1. Looks: Character starts dressing in revealing and eye-catching clothing, wear gaudy make-up and lots of fashion accessories, dye their hair (blonde colour dominates, but other variations are possible). Frequently bimbos employ plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Tattoos and piercing are also occasionally proudly displayed. 2. Outlook: The character starts craving hedonistic activities and frequently participates in parties and other social gatherings. They usually become sexually promiscuous and start having sex with multiple partners. They might even get involved in sex work. 3. Intelligence: In fantasy/sci-fi settings the character usually is subjected to mental degradation that somehow decreases their intelligence. In real world setting, the character reprioritizes their lifestyle, usually dropping out of school, retiring from work, in order to seek a more hedonistic and social lifestyle. Drug use and abuse is also pretty common in such works. A particular variation of the trope present in Japan is Gyarufication (and by extension Gangurofication), where a normal high school girl (or a young woman) usually falls in with a bad crowd, and over the course of the game starts displaying looks and attitude associated with the negative Gyaru / Ganguro stereotypes. The usual bimbo tropes of changing the looks, becoming morally lax, seeking hedonistic activities and sex, and not caring about studies or work tend to apply. Their lifestyle tends to be costly and will often lead to enjo-kousai and prostitution. [i]Do NOT use this trait if the character is already a bimbo/gyaru/ganguro or they're already morally lax, corrupted at the beginning of the story.[/i] Examples of Bimbofication1, 2, 3Examples of Gyarufication / Gangurofication1, 2


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Similar Traits

Ganguro Clothes22%
Kuro-Gyaru Clothes15%
Dyed Hair13%
Navel Piercing Body12%
Tongue Piercing Body12%
Nipple Piercing Body11%
Bimbo Clothes11%
Cosmetic Surgery Body8%
Tattoo Body8%
Discreet Phone Sex Engages in (Sexual)8%
Pregnancy (by illegitimate partner) Subject of8%
Netorare (they are the stolen SO) Subject of8%
Consensual Porn Acting Engages in (Sexual)7%
Microskirt Clothes7%
Tanned Body6%
Peace Sign Ahegao Engages in (Sexual)6%
Sexual Corruption Subject of6%
Makeup Body6%
Septum Ring Body6%
Crotchless Teddy Clothes6%