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This game features demonic contracts. A demonic contract is an ancient belief that mortals can sacrifice something important to a demon in exchange for a wish of their choosing becoming true. Typically, it's when a human offers their soul to a demon so they can be immortal, cure an illness, or even take over the world. Don't use this tag for scenarios where the protagonist has sex with a horny succubus, which somehow means they have forged a contract. Should only be used for serious demonic deals involving the usual tropes of selling ones soul, and contracts signed in blood.


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Top Rated Demonic Contract (Non Sexual)

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Demonic Contract Engages in45%
Murder Engages in22%
Summoning Engages in21%
Homicide Subject of19%
Lonely Role18%
Obsessive Personality18%
Formal Shirt Clothes17%
Amnesia Subject of17%
Confinement Engages in17%
Murder-Suicide Engages in16%
Mature Personality16%
Fashion Design Engages in15%
Reserved Personality15%
Jacket Clothes15%
Possessive Personality15%
Short Body15%
Arrogant Personality15%
Mysterious Personality15%
Manipulative Personality15%
Sly Personality14%