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Being an adult sucks! Life was so much easier when Akiko was saving the world with her magical girl squad, the Sentinels. Now she's stuck working a boring retail job, watching the days creep closer to Y2K. She’s lost touch with her high school friends, her powers, and herself. Where has the magic gone? [From itch.io]

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Life After Magic has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it's similar novels... sorry!
A novel needs atleast 20 owners before it's similarity is calculated.

Tags (40 total)

Mahou Shoujo Protagonist3.002.337.00
Coach Heroine2.003.406.79
Framed GUI2.003.336.66
Korean Heroine2.003.276.54
Transgender Heroine2.502.526.29
Asexual Characters2.003.046.09
Healer Protagonist2.002.965.91
Drop-Out Protagonist2.002.945.89
Businesswoman Heroine2.332.455.72
Mahou Shoujo Heroine3.001.885.63
Unlockable Hero(ine)2.672.055.47
Heroine with Tattoo2.502.175.43
Co-worker Heroine2.502.045.09
Friendship Ending2.502.045.09
Non-Binary Love Interest2.002.464.92
Pixel Art2.671.774.71
Talking Animal2.002.294.58
Lesbian Heroine2.501.824.55
Instrumentalist Heroine1.502.964.43
Girl x Girl Romance2.671.614.31
Alien Protagonist1.502.864.29
Hacker Heroine1.502.714.07
Idol Heroine2.001.813.61
Smoker Heroine1.502.403.59
Date Display2.331.503.48
Game Jam2.331.383.22
Adult Protagonist2.671.032.76
Colored Name-tags2.001.272.54
Only Adult Heroines1.671.512.51
Model Heroine1.002.412.41
Princess Protagonist1.002.372.37
Female Protagonist2.670.721.91
Nameable Protagonist2.000.911.83
Multiple Endings2.000.661.33
Protagonist with a Face2.000.651.30
No Sexual Content2.000.581.16

Traits (173 total)

Mahou Shoujo Role72.224.61
Coming Out Engages in23.373.71
Ring Clothes51.973.52
Boxing Engages in23.173.48
Afro-textured Hair23.173.48
Infiltration Engages in32.503.47
Teasing Subject of61.673.26
Stargazing Engages in22.963.25
Flirting Engages in51.813.24
Makeup Body61.563.03
Carpenter Role14.002.77
Sweatpants Clothes22.522.77
Employee Role22.512.75
Extraterrestrial Role22.452.69
Shop Clerk Role22.442.68
Ex-girlfriend Role22.422.65
Lock Picking Engages in13.832.65
Whiskers Body13.802.64
Tattoo Artist Role13.802.64
Boxing Gloves Clothes13.762.60
Investigation Engages in31.862.57
Mahou Shounen Role13.682.55
Homosexual Role31.832.54
Chain Jewellery Clothes22.302.53
Gender Dysphoria Subject of13.582.48
Pendant Necklace Clothes41.532.46
Playing Cards Items13.462.40
Pet Owner Role22.172.38
Friend Role61.212.36
Teasing Engages in41.462.35
Dark Body31.692.35
Flirting Subject of22.142.35
Crop Top Clothes31.682.34
Phasmophobia Subject of13.362.33
Studs Clothes13.342.32
Belt Clothes51.282.30
Earrings Clothes41.422.29
Hair Tie Clothes41.412.27
Hispanic Role13.212.23
Transwoman Personality13.192.21
Jeans Clothes31.582.19
Asymmetrical Blunt Bangs Hair13.142.17
Bassist Role13.132.17
Asexual Role13.122.16
Video Camera Items13.112.16
Coworker Role21.922.11
Filming Engages in13.042.11
Korean Role13.022.09
Cross Earrings Clothes12.982.07
Multicolored Hair21.862.05
Short-tempered Personality21.852.04
Beaded Necklace Clothes12.922.02
Motorcycle Items12.831.96
Wig Hair12.831.96
Side Tail Hair21.741.91
Dropout Role12.751.91
Pet Collar Clothes12.741.90
Coach Role12.731.89
Wavy Hair31.361.88
Workaholic Personality12.711.88
Unpopular Role12.711.88
Non-Binary Personality12.701.87
Multicolored Eyes Eyes12.691.86
Hacker Role12.681.86
Band Member Role12.671.85
Shorts Clothes21.681.84
Pink Hair31.321.84
Pet Role12.641.83
Healer Role12.621.82
Multilingual Role12.611.81
Arm Warmers Clothes12.611.81
Perfectionist Personality12.611.81
Mentor Role12.581.78
Ex-boyfriend Role12.571.78
Rebellious Personality12.561.78
Young-adult Body90.771.77
Pink Eyes21.611.77
Multiple Earrings Clothes12.551.77
Tube Top Clothes12.531.75
Sleeveless Sweater Clothes12.531.75
Model Role12.521.75
Curly Hair12.511.74
Puffy Personality12.511.74
Toned Body12.451.70
Thigh Band Clothes12.441.69
Bandanna Clothes12.401.67
Cigarette Items12.401.66
Choker Clothes21.511.66
Unnatural Sclera Eyes12.391.66
Amber Eyes41.021.65
Necklace Clothes21.501.65
Disguise Engages in12.371.64
Sarcasm Engages in12.361.64
Eccentric Personality12.291.59
Womanizer Personality12.291.59
Long Hair70.751.56
Jacket Clothes21.421.56
Famous Role12.251.56
Gym Shorts Clothes12.231.55
Ambitious Personality12.231.54
Fur Body12.221.54
Cat Role12.221.54
Hairpin Clothes21.391.53
Nature Lover Personality12.191.52
Slit Pupils Eyes12.161.50
Executive Role12.161.50
Torn Clothing Clothes12.151.49
Singing Engages in12.131.48
Insightful Personality12.111.46
Half-orphan Role12.111.46
Violet Eyes31.041.44
Short Body12.071.44
Idol Role12.071.43
Watch Clothes12.031.41
Furry Tail Body12.031.40
Sunglasses Clothes12.011.39
Wristband Clothes12.001.39
Ringlet Hair11.991.38
Princess Role11.991.38
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes11.991.38
Sharp-tongued Personality11.981.37
Beret Clothes11.981.37
Slim Body100.571.37
Dress Clothes21.241.37
Cravat Clothes11.921.33
Cardigan Clothes11.891.31
Pendant Earrings Clothes11.871.30
Strict Personality11.841.27
Tattoo Body11.831.27
Hat Clothes11.821.26
Mature Personality11.821.26
Nameable Role11.801.24
Hair Ribbon Clothes11.781.23
Bun Hair11.781.23
Blond Hair30.891.23
Skirt Suit Clothes11.741.21
Ponytail Hair21.101.21
Hoodie Clothes11.711.19
Glasses Clothes21.081.19
Orphan Role11.711.18
Coat Clothes11.701.18
Protective Personality11.701.18
Stubborn Personality11.701.18
Parted to Side Hair21.071.17
Spiky Hair11.691.17
No Bangs Hair11.681.16
Wealthy Role11.661.15
Sweater Clothes11.641.14
Kind Personality21.031.13
Green Eyes21.011.11
Brown Hair40.681.09
Clothing with Ribbons Clothes11.571.09
Bracelet Clothes11.561.08
Teacher Role11.551.07
Sidehair Hair20.981.07
Vest Clothes11.531.06
Energetic Personality11.521.05
Straight Hair20.951.05
Orange Hair11.511.04
Student Role11.491.03
Blouse Clothes11.481.02
Blunt Bangs Hair11.400.97
Kid Body11.360.94
Skirt Clothes11.330.92
T-shirt Clothes11.320.91
Blue Eyes20.800.88
Parted in Middle Hair11.260.87
Ribbon Tie Clothes11.240.86
Short Hair30.610.84
Pale Body80.370.82
Twin Tails Hair11.120.78
Brown Eyes10.900.62
Black Hair10.810.56