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Age Rating

Novels (6 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
The Coffin of Andy and Leyley1937.777.74
Better Half237.737.30
No-good Noelle167.507.01
Candy Scabs226.586.47

Tags (127 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Black Comedy42.255.32
Living Doll Hero13.004.81
Brocon Protagonist13.004.42
Colored Texts62.114.38
Clone Protagonist13.004.15
Living Doll Protagonist12.504.00
Character Movement13.003.96
Fairy Protagonist12.003.92
Protagonist with Gothic Look12.003.81
No Hero(in)es32.173.78
Ponytail Protagonist22.503.78
Few Event CGs32.333.73
Dark Fantasy22.163.69
Brief Third-person Narrative Sections13.003.68
Yandere Protagonist13.003.60
No Quick Save/Load31.673.60
Monster Protagonist12.503.49
Unoriginal Soundtrack32.003.46
Apartment Building13.003.44
Fairy Hero12.003.43
Western-style Castle13.003.42
Religious Organization13.003.39
Living Doll Support Character12.003.32
Monster Support Character12.003.30
Bunnyboy Hero12.003.24
Suicidal Protagonist13.003.23
Descriptions of Violence22.253.17
NEET Protagonist12.003.16
No Auto Function22.003.13
Co-worker Support Character12.003.09
Urban Fantasy13.003.09
Drastic Character Development12.503.06
Protagonist with a Sprite52.533.03
Androgynous Protagonist11.502.90
Timid Protagonist12.002.82
Metropolitan Area12.002.80
Brother Support Character12.672.77
No Gallery31.832.76
Fairy Heroine12.002.75
Escape Game11.672.73
Game Jam32.002.69
Friendship Route12.002.68
Playtime Counter12.002.63
Androgynous Hero11.502.55
Child Support Character12.002.54
No Romance Plot22.002.54
Poor Protagonist12.002.53
Musician Hero12.002.50
Modern Day Setting in a Fictional World12.002.50
Lots of Character Sprites12.002.46
Breaking the Fourth Wall21.502.42
No Opening Movie41.082.41
Dialogue Based12.002.40
Third-person Narrative13.002.32
Ending List12.502.27
Bad Endings with Story22.002.25
Sister Support Character11.672.21
Interactive Adventure Game13.002.18
Pettanko Protagonist11.002.15
Modern Day Earth12.002.14
Only One Good Ending12.002.08
Colored Name-tags22.002.07
Branching Plot22.002.06
Game Over21.502.05
Poor Hero11.002.04
Hero with Freckles11.002.00
No Backlog12.001.98
Multiple Protagonists12.671.96
Hero with Gothic Look11.001.93
Mischievous Hero11.001.93
Meaningless Choices21.171.93
Orphan Protagonist12.001.92
Protagonist's Brother as a Hero11.001.91
Short Common Route11.001.90
Early Branching Plot12.001.90
Past Setting in a Fictional World12.001.87
Boy x Boy Romance Only12.331.83
Avoidable Death of Protagonist (obsolete)11.331.82
Inter-class Romance11.001.81
Only One Bad Ending11.501.79
Under the Same Roof13.001.75
Protagonist with a Face52.631.74
Only Good Endings12.001.72
100% Completion Bonus11.001.64
Food Discussions11.251.62
White Haired Protagonist11.001.60
No Sexual Content62.391.59
Gamer Protagonist11.001.57
Joke Endings11.001.55
Bloody Scenes11.671.55
Multiple Endings42.191.51
Royal Hero11.001.50
Few Choices12.001.47
Wealthy Hero11.001.47
More Than Seven Endings12.001.46
Second-person Narrative11.001.36
Fictional World11.001.30
Female Protagonist22.501.28
Other Perspectives12.001.24
Mother Support Character11.001.23
Adult Protagonist12.001.14
No Skip Read Text Option10.330.64
Male Protagonist32.170.61

Traits (226 total)

Living Doll Role175.57
Fairy Role165.01
Shaggy Hair484.23
Baggy Pants Clothes133.53
Teal Hair243.48
Long Beard Hair223.45
Shawl Clothes133.32
Magician Role373.28
Family Oriented Personality233.23
Sharp-tongued Personality343.20
Eccentric Personality233.19
V Bangs Hair483.11
Cannibalism Engages in123.11
Oversized Clothing Clothes123.05
Alchemist Role123.04
Planning Engages in142.96
Pointed Ears Body152.95
Freckles Body332.91
Unnatural Skin Tone Body132.91
Tailcoat Clothes122.88
Symbol Eyes122.84
Ankle Socks Clothes232.78
Hoodie Clothes142.76
Cleaning Engages in232.75
Infiltration Engages in122.75
Clinical Depression Subject of222.74
Shadowed Eyes222.73
Musician Role122.69
Low Self-esteem Personality332.64
Androgynous Body122.61
Wise Personality222.60
Servant Role122.57
Curse Subject of222.55
Formal Shirt Clothes332.53
Loose String Ribbon Tie Clothes112.49
Poor Role122.48
Energetic Personality242.45
Not Sexually Involved Engages in (Sexual)152.44
Jester Costume Clothes112.42
Teal Eyes132.39
Slit Pupils Eyes222.38
Thrifty Personality112.36
Itome Eyes122.33
Flat Chest Body122.31
Food Lover Personality122.30
Manipulative Personality222.28
Royal Guard Role112.27
Mantle Clothes112.25
Cloak Clothes122.23
Foreign Accent Personality112.23
Emotional Personality122.22
Supernatural Cloning Engages in112.20
Mittens Clothes112.19
Wavy Hair242.18
White Hair242.15
NEET Role112.14
Hard Worker Personality232.14
Curious Personality222.13
Old Body222.13
Social Anxiety Disorder Subject of112.12
Gorget Clothes112.12
Stutter Personality112.12
Vest Clothes332.11
Straight Hair382.10
Flamboyant Personality112.06
Timid Personality222.05
Spiky Bun Hair112.05
Pointed Hat Clothes112.04
Teasing Engages in232.03
Parted in Middle Hair242.02
Cursing Engages in112.01
Medication Engages in111.98
Ponytail Hair351.96
Cooking Engages in231.96
Bun Hair221.95
Self-harm Engages in111.95
Trousers Clothes241.95
Scarf Clothes121.95
Feather Accessory Clothes111.94
Confinement Subject of121.93
Rabbit Role111.89
Confident Personality221.89
Clone Role111.88
Adult Body231.88
Naive Personality221.88
Bun Covers Clothes111.87
Stubborn Personality121.87
Coat Clothes121.87
Small Breasts Body221.87
Shirt Clothes341.86
Title Character Role111.86
Childishly Violent Personality111.85
Cyan Eyes121.83
Intake Hair121.83
Ahoge Hair231.82
Olive Body121.82
Old-fashioned Personality111.81
Breakup Subject of111.80
Sweater Clothes221.80
Gloomy Personality111.79
Rebellious Personality111.79
Asymmetrical Sidehair Hair111.78
Moody Personality111.78
Shoulder-length Hair361.78
Young-adult Body391.78
Master Role111.77
Half Updo Hair111.74
Romantic Personality111.74
Slim Body4201.74
Apron Clothes121.73
Disappointment Subject of111.73
Criminal Role111.73
Witch Hat Clothes111.71
Suicide Attempt Engages in111.69
Hood Clothes111.69
Obsessive Personality111.68
Cook Role111.68
Bandanna Clothes111.66
Helmet Clothes111.66
Blue Hair231.64
Sarcasm Engages in111.64
Spoiled Personality111.62
Obedient Personality111.62
Daughter Role121.61
Smart Personality221.61
Polo Shirt Clothes111.60
Leggings Clothes111.60
Whimsical Personality111.57
Foreigner Role111.57
Disappearance Subject of111.57
Knife Items111.56
Attempted Homicide Subject of111.56
Short Bangs Hair111.55
Antisocial Personality111.54
Rubber Band With Beads Clothes111.53
Pragmatic Personality111.53
Grey Hair221.52
Gauntlet Clothes111.52
Yandere Personality111.51
Fainting Subject of111.51
Attempted Murder Engages in111.51
Gradient Colored Hair Hair111.51
Vindictive Personality111.50
Crown Clothes111.49
Lazy Personality111.49
Flirting Subject of111.48
Possessive Personality111.48
Odango Hair111.48
Parted to Side Hair231.48
Hotblooded Personality111.46
Shopkeeper Role111.45
T-shirt Clothes121.45
Robe Clothes111.43
Thick Eyebrows Hair111.43
Brother Complex Personality111.43
Sly Personality111.42
Furry Tail Body111.40
Secretive Personality111.39
Overweight Body111.38
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes111.38
Gamer Role111.37
Dress Clothes221.36
Selfish Personality111.36
Cold-hearted Personality111.36
Ojousama Role111.36
Friend Role121.33
Beard Hair111.32
Plate Armor Clothes111.32
Rude Personality111.31
Jealous Personality111.31
Pendant Earrings Clothes111.30
Unusual Hair Ornaments Clothes111.29
Short-tempered Personality111.29
Blue Eyes241.29
Honest Personality111.28
Moustache Hair111.27
Antagonist Role111.27
Flirting Engages in111.25
Hidden Eyes111.25
Cheerful Personality111.23
Sword Items111.23
Kemonomimi Body111.22
Long Hair441.21
Mischievous Personality111.21
Older Brother Role111.20
Protective Personality111.18
Father Role111.16
Teasing Subject of111.16
Shorts Clothes111.16
Kind Personality121.14
Collar Clothes111.14
Drinking Engages in111.14
Mini-dress Clothes111.13
Shy Personality111.12
Pink Eyes111.12
Grey Eyes111.11
Green Eyes221.11
Makeup Body111.09
Refined Personality111.08
Older Sister Role111.08
Teacher Role111.07
Sidehair Hair221.07
Choker Clothes111.05
Blouse Clothes111.03
Green Hair111.02
Mother Role111.02
Pale Body2141.01
Younger Sister Role111.00
Brown Eyes220.99
Black Eyes110.99
Jacket Clothes110.98
Short Hair340.98
Hairpin Clothes110.97
Tsurime Eyes110.95
Hosome Eyes110.94
Brown Hair230.94
Red Hair110.92
Belt Clothes110.89
Black Hair120.89
Ribbon Tie Clothes110.86
Friendly Personality110.85
Red Eyes110.83
Violet Eyes110.72
Amber Eyes110.71
Blond Hair110.61
Teen Body110.43