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Traits (84 total)

Spy Role12217.54
Office Worker Role12196.93
Unarmed Fighting Engages in15346.81
Theft Engages in14146.64
Receptionist Role886.58
Sexual Harassment Subject of14166.33
Lazy Personality15155.95
Guide Role665.62
Assault Engages in995.49
Sloppy Personality665.47
Accident Subject of6125.47
Planning Engages in15175.31
Domestic Violence Subject of665.11
Sadist Role665.09
Yandere Personality995.02
Short (obsolete) Body14144.90
Mischievous Personality15154.83
Half-Skirt Clothes554.58
Pink Eyes14144.36
Docile Personality664.01
Pink Hair15193.96
Cook Role443.89
Pervert Personality993.80
Blunt Bangs Hair14143.79
Violent Personality353.79
Servant Role443.76
Cosplay Engages in663.72
Kid Body14143.68
Smart Personality9113.64
High Heeled Shoes Clothes553.59
Revenge Engages in443.37
Cooking Engages in793.25
Mother Role583.22
White Hair9103.20
Cold-hearted Personality343.15
Twin Tails Hair14143.03
Hard Worker Personality663.00
Wrinkles Body332.97
Tareme Eyes14142.96
Pacifist Personality222.86
Naive Personality442.75
Old Body332.69
Avoidable Murder Engages in122.63
Rude Personality332.61
Blue Hair782.61
Assault Subject of222.54
Gloves Clothes552.54
Teacher Role242.49
Red Eyes672.48
Waist Length+ Hair15212.47
Bun Hair332.46
Blond Hair10152.45
Blue Eyes11192.40
Green Eyes992.33
Curtained Hair552.32
Dress Clothes552.22
Unlucky Personality112.13
Big Breasts Body552.12
Clumsy Personality222.12
Homicide Subject of122.00
Waitstaff Role221.99
Nameable Role221.98
Engineer Role111.92
Skirt Suit Clothes221.91
Avoidable Suicide Engages in111.88
Dark Body221.86
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes551.85
Black Hair881.77
Long Hair991.73
Rape Attempt Engages in (Sexual)111.72
Slim Body15191.71
Computering Engages in111.66
Wounding Subject of111.47
Young-adult Body551.38
Over The Knee Socks Clothes111.34
Jealous Personality111.31
Antagonist Role111.27
Cheerful Personality111.23
Mysterious Personality111.17
Parted to Side Hair221.17
Wealthy Role111.15
Shy Personality111.12
Pale Body15191.11
Friend Role110.84

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