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Novels (6 total)

TitleVotesAvg ScoreRating
Papikon ~Futago no Musume wa Doukyuusei?!~77.146.35
Maid-san She See38.006.34
Answer Dead46.006.30
Candy Girl46.256.24
Kidou Houshinki25.006.24

Tags (102 total)

NameNovelsAvg ScoreWeight
Shooter Game13.003.92
Living Doll Heroine13.003.61
Harem Ending with Theme13.003.55
Family Life Comedy12.803.50
Mind Screw13.003.40
Pistol Combat13.003.31
Unavoidable Heroine Rape22.843.21
Musume-type Heroine12.003.20
Catgirl Heroine22.003.14
Oneesan-type Heroine22.503.09
Ninja Protagonist12.002.96
Rival Heroine12.672.90
Homunculus Heroine12.002.85
Airhead Heroine22.002.78
Fairy Heroine12.002.74
All-girls School13.002.69
Arrogant Heroine13.002.69
Non-blood-related Daughter Heroine11.502.66
Rabbitgirl Heroine12.002.63
Modern Day Tokyo12.002.61
Dungeon Crawling Game12.002.50
School Life Comedy13.002.46
Lesbian Heroine12.602.43
Modern Tsundere Heroine12.602.43
Heroine with Chinese Dress12.002.42
Heroine with Wings12.002.40
Teacher Protagonist13.002.38
Nun Heroine12.002.35
Childhood Promise12.002.33
Prostitute Heroine12.002.32
Knight Heroine12.002.27
Miko Heroine13.002.25
Episodic Story13.002.24
Descriptions of Violence12.002.23
Heroine with Heterochromia11.672.17
Elf Heroine12.002.16
Widow Heroine12.002.15
Demon Heroine12.002.15
Twin Tail Heroine31.892.10
Tentacle Rape22.002.09
Heroine Twin Sisters12.202.06
Heroine with Intake Hairstyle12.002.05
High Amounts of Rape13.002.01
Maid Heroine13.002.01
Student Council President Heroine12.001.94
Protagonist's Sister as a Heroine12.001.92
Protagonist with Voice Acting13.001.89
More Than Seven Endings13.001.86
Christian Mythology11.001.84
More Than Seven Heroines12.001.81
Harem Ending12.801.81
Modern Day Japan13.001.81
Heroine with Glasses22.211.79
Photographic Backgrounds12.501.78
Under the Same Roof12.801.75
Kouhai Heroine12.001.74
Only Virgin Heroines13.001.72
Early Sexual Content13.001.69
Group Sex of One Male and Several Females22.901.66
Lesbian Sex21.601.60
Unlockable Routes12.001.57
Multiple Endings32.871.55
Urination Fetish13.001.54
Object Insertion12.001.54
Bad Ending(s)12.001.31
High Sexual Content13.001.27
Multiple Penetration12.001.21
Osananajimi Heroine12.001.21
Perverted Protagonist11.001.20
Only a Single Heroine12.001.18
Anal Penetration21.501.10
Sexual Content42.231.07
Sexual Blindfold11.001.06
Kyonyuu Heroine12.000.91
Sitting Sex11.000.74
Male Protagonist22.800.72

Traits (203 total)

Cape Clothes1114.15
Tentacle Rape Subject of2104.07
Choker Clothes483.57
Miko's Dress Clothes153.31
Miko Role143.23
Maid Role142.94
Demon Role232.86
Maid's Headdress Clothes252.85
Ankle Length Hair132.81
Horns Body232.75
Thigh-high Boots Clothes232.71
Beret Clothes232.66
Fisting Subject of (Sexual)122.64
Maid's Dress Clothes252.63
Rape Engages in132.59
Boku Personality132.56
Tominagi Subject of (Sexual)352.54
Rope Bondage Harness Clothes122.50
Garter Belt Stockings Clothes142.48
Mask Clothes122.47
Slit Pupils Eyes122.47
Tarot Cards Items112.42
Book Items122.39
Olive Body232.37
Peeing Engages in (Sexual)242.35
Mary Jane Clothes222.32
Dress Clothes362.31
Teal Hair122.31
Cyan Eyes232.31
Grey Hair242.28
Shinto Priest Role112.24
Glasses Clothes372.23
Ribbon Hair Tie Clothes462.23
Thigh-high Stockings Clothes492.20
Turtleneck Shirt Clothes222.18
Garnet Eyes232.18
Cleaning Engages in122.18
Slicked Back Hair122.17
Red Eyes352.15
Tentacle Rape Engages in112.13
Waist Length+ Hair5162.13
Antagonist Role222.12
Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)4152.12
Cravat Clothes122.11
Over The Knee Socks Clothes122.10
Pink Hair342.10
Fisting Engages in (Sexual)112.10
Necklace Clothes132.10
Green Eyes472.08
Blue Hair352.06
Twin Sister Role122.02
Green Hair331.99
Cowgirl Subject of (Sexual)371.99
Sixty-nine Engages in (Sexual)241.99
Tentacle Body111.99
All The Way Through Subject of111.98
Bun Hair221.97
Scarf Clothes121.94
Arrogant Personality221.93
Twin Tails Hair551.93
Coat Clothes121.93
Quickie Fix Subject of (Sexual)351.92
PE Teacher Role111.91
Pajamas Clothes121.87
Brown Eyes371.87
Backpack Items111.87
Miniskirt Clothes351.86
Violet Hair441.85
Longsword Items111.81
Naizuri Engages in (Sexual)111.78
Catsuit Clothes111.78
Hair Ribbon Clothes221.78
No Panties Clothes111.76
Masturbation Engages in (Sexual)131.74
Childhood Friend Role331.74
Boobjob Engages in (Sexual)241.73
Hand Fan Items111.70
Peeing on Others Engages in (Sexual)111.69
Circlet Clothes111.69
Sailor School Uniform Clothes121.69
Twin Blowjob Subject of (Sexual)111.69
Polo Shirt Clothes111.68
Sports Swimsuit Clothes111.66
Spoiled Personality111.64
Orange Hair121.63
Pinafore Dress Clothes111.63
Heterochromia Eyes111.63
Goatee Hair111.62
Leotard Clothes111.62
Shrug Clothes111.61
Violet Eyes241.61
Vibrator Subject of (Sexual)121.59
Butterfly Subject of (Sexual)331.59
Sidehair Hair241.58
Peeing Subject of (Sexual)111.58
Secret Identity Role111.57
Twin Blowjob Engages in (Sexual)121.57
Blue Eyes461.55
School Uniform Clothes2111.54
Whipping Subject of111.52
Rubber Band With Beads Clothes111.51
White Hair221.51
Headband Clothes121.50
Ponytail Hair231.50
Pantyhose Clothes221.50
Chinese Dress Clothes111.50
Doggy Style Subject of (Sexual)341.48
T-shirt Clothes221.47
Turtleneck Sweater Clothes111.47
Bell Clothes111.47
Furry Tail Body111.47
Red Hair221.47
Shoulder-length Hair341.47
Boobs on Glass Subject of (Sexual)111.46
Kitsuneme Eyes111.44
Short Hair4101.44
Knee-high Socks Clothes221.44
Opposite Gender Voiced Personality111.42
High School Student Role161.41
Shimapan Clothes111.41
Hazel Eyes111.40
Amber Eyes331.40
Old Type School Swimsuit Clothes111.40
Brown Hair571.40
Decorative Belt Clothes111.38
Old Body111.38
Uniform Clothes111.38
Shaggy Hair111.37
Sports Uniform Clothes111.37
Princess Role111.36
Nail Polish Body111.33
Cardigan Clothes111.33
Airhead Personality111.33
Clumsy Personality111.32
Fingerless Gloves Clothes111.32
Standing Sex Subject of (Sexual)221.31
Antenna Hair111.31
Cosplay Engages in111.30
Naked Apron Clothes111.27
Twin Braids Hair111.26
Naive Personality111.26
Blazer Clothes111.26
Kemonomimi Body111.25
Braid Hair111.25
Hoodie Clothes111.25
Object Insertion Subject of (Sexual)111.25
Evening Gloves Clothes111.24
Orphan Role111.24
Hat Clothes111.24
Makeup Body111.24
Detached Sleeves Clothes111.22
Sword Items111.22
Blond Hair331.22
Mole Body111.21
University Student Role111.21
Big Breast Sizes Body221.20
Pointed Ears Body111.20
Jeans Clothes111.19
Rope Bondage Subject of (Sexual)111.19
Group Sex Engages in (Sexual)121.19
Long Hair341.18
Spoons Subject of (Sexual)111.18
Black Hair231.17
Grey Eyes111.17
Footjob Engages in (Sexual)111.16
Teal Eyes111.16
Spiky Hair111.16
Sport Bloomers Clothes111.16
Sitting Sex Subject of (Sexual)221.15
Virgin Sex Engages in (Sexual)131.15
Sex in Classroom Engages in (Sexual)111.14
Shorts Clothes111.14
Bracelet Clothes111.13
Spiky Bangs Hair121.12
Teen Body361.11
Carefree Personality111.11
Intake Hair111.09
Older Sister Role111.09
Kouhai Role111.09
Pendant Necklace Clothes111.08
Straight Hair221.07
Slim Body361.05
Blouse Clothes111.04
Tall Body111.04
Teacher Role111.03
Kimono Clothes111.02
Bathroom Sex Engages in (Sexual)111.01
Younger Sister Role111.01
Seventh Posture Subject of (Sexual)111.01
Gloves Clothes111.00
V Bangs Hair111.00
Tsurime Eyes110.94
Average Height Body120.92
Watashi Personality110.92
Parted in Middle Hair110.90
Skirt Clothes110.89
Trousers Clothes110.88
Curtained Hair110.88
Ahoge Hair110.88
Missionary Subject of (Sexual)110.79
Pale Body360.78
Parted to Side Hair110.78
Tareme Eyes110.71

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